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An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building ...

An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building a New India by 2022. (This forum is meant for those themes and topics which are not a part of other discussions on MyGov and yet may hold importance for citizens)

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RAMDHIN PRABHUNATH YADAV 5 hours 14 minutes ago

Provision should me made to do online voting during elections.This will help in maximum voting even if people are away from their constituencies. Election commission should be strengthened with state of the art technology to maintain those servers, which will be independent of third party. Neccessary docs, voting card, aadhaar can be used for verification and OTP can be used through registered mobile just like banking sector are using this secured method.

jitto james 5 hours 42 minutes ago

Pure capitalist economies are having very liberal labor laws in favor of companies.In India we have very strict labor laws which is not attractive to Multi National Companies who outsource their manufacturing business. Thus i suggest government to establish special labor zones where the foreign companies can run factories where only the company's labor laws are applicable and any disputes are not changeable in the Indian courts. We can do it to attract us companies who wish to vacate China.

Sumit Kumar Gupta 5 hours 51 minutes ago

Pulwama 2 hone se bach gaya iski khushi manane ki bajaye iski badla kaise lena hai isko plan karne ki jaroorat hai.

Raj kumar 5 hours 58 minutes ago

I want draw your kind attention towards the rasion distribution specially in delhi last few days I noticed that man who has own house own company and earning good income, some person who had gov job they have ration card and taking ration. just i start work on that i saw 75% of people ration card are fake becz they are not eligible for that. There eating free ration which should have been on the plate of our poor brother and sister. Pls take any action So this benifit reach needed person.

Anjana 6 hours 22 minutes ago

Dear Modi Sir
I am really perturbed to hear that Kejriwal is letting in Rohingyas in Delhi. We have seen what Momota Di has done to WB.
PLEASE, stop this action asap. For our safety. We remember what this community was doing before, during n after Trump's visit.
WIshes you good health always

Ritesh Jain 6 hours 34 minutes ago

Time has come that we shift our focus on 'Made In India' products and for that we should amend our various packaging and label laws and rules and require products to clearly have 'Made In India' symbol (like a successful Veg symbol). This will promote the foreign companies to setup thier plants in India to sell thier products in India.

Nandakumaran_Moorkath 6 hours 37 minutes ago

Besides making 24 Hour work culture and abolishing the week-end culture and making rotational week-ends and heping to create millions and millions of jobs by taking to 24X7 work culture, we should follow the Japanese Model and perhaps stimulate domestic tourism with appropriate travel subsidies for all indians and asking to keep all indians have """ social spacing"""& hygiene& masks& gloves etc etc, WE CAN become the Economic Power House soon!

Vatsal Joshi 6 hours 45 minutes ago

Respected sir,
I would like to draw your attention to the NATS scheme under MHRD.Apprentices trained in government department must be given the opportunity to regularize (at least for current year).Finally it will be beneficial for the excellence of the country and the employment of the youth. Also startups are not so easy during this period.

Rajeev sharma 6 hours 48 minutes ago

my dear sir please. jhandhan gents account mai bi paisa daliye. jinka balance 500 se bi kam hai usme paise dalwa de sabi jhandhan accounts walo ne aapki ek awaz pe account khole the. ab aapki govt ko bi unki help karni chahiye. Har. Har. mahadev.

Jayashree Srinivasan 6 hours 52 minutes ago

Please make HOME SCHOOLING LEGAL. It is time that we have a defined education system where children get to choose what to study. Children can get exposure to more languages and more creative options including sanskrit, vedas, classical art and music to pursue their studies. Schools restrict children to one blocked curriculum with limited languages. School attending children are more tired, stressed than enthusiastic. Please open all the doors of knowledge for our future generation.