MyGov - FAQ

What is MyGov

MyGov is an innovative platform to build a partnership between Citizens and Government with the help of technology for growth and development of India. Through this platform, the Government aims to encourage Citizen Participation towards Good Governance by seeking their ideas, suggestions and grass roots level contribution. Citizens can participate in this unique initiative of nation building. For the very first time in the history of this country, citizens from across India will come together to share their expert thoughts, ideas and suggestions with the Government in areas related to various policies, programs, schemes etc. MyGov aims to empower citizens to work hand in hand with the Government.

How can I join MyGov

Register on to participate. You will be asked for personal details such as name, email id etc. You will also be required to mention the kind of skills you have & the issues on which you may like to provide inputs.

Please note that MyGov do not share any personally identifiable information volunteered on this site with any third party (public/private). Any information provided to this website will be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

For Government Employee

If you are a Government Employee having or email Id, you can use the credentials for the same to log in without having to provide any other details. .

For Public

For the larger public, registration and sign up on MyGov can be done through your valid email ID and your 10-digit Mobile number. While logging in, either the registered mobile number or email id can be used. Every time you  enter your Mobile Number or Email ID, a One Time Password (OTP) shall be sent to your email as well as mobile number registered with MyGov. You do not need to remember any password for logging in.  Alternatively, you can Sign-in by using your email id and password as you maintain with MyGov. 

What are the modes of participation?

The platform consists of various focus Groups where citizens can undertake tasks (both online and on ground) as well as share their insights through various tasks, discussions, polls, talks and blogs related to the particular Group.

Groups:  Collaborate with Government!

Explore & choose from an array of topics on public and national importance on which Government and its respective agency would like to hear from you. Make yourself part of these groups and express your valued views and proposal on these issues. The Government would seek your active engagement and participation in addressing issues mentioned as group topics in the portal. A citizen can only be part of 4 groups at one particular time.

Discuss: Express Yourself

Express your valued insight and views on theme based discussions on the MyGov. It values your views and the Government is keen to hear from you to improve on its policy initiatives. Therefore, involve yourself in the discussions and contribute actively to the process of policy formulation.

Do: Devote your time for nation building!

Become an active stakeholder in the governance process. Not only in the formulation part of it but also in the implementation bit. The Government through the MyGov Portal provides you with the opportunity to partner the government in its policy implementation drive through the group based and individual tasks which are earmarked on this task. Take up the tasks and help the Government in taking its policy goals and implementation forward through your individual action.

Successful completion of a task will enable citizens to earn credit points and a chance to share their ideas with the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

Blog: Stay updated and don’t miss out on important MyGov initiatives

MyGov blog is an important attribute of this portal which helps you stay up to date with the initiatives and activities of the government in the MyGov Portal. It provides you with a good idea of the burning issues in hand helps you chart and prioritize your engagement through this portal.

Talk:  Stay Connected!

MyGov portal also gives you the opportunity to connect and engage with government representatives through live chats. This is a unique platform which helps you to exchange views and ideas on real time basis. At the same time it also provides the government institutions a direct link to the citizens to educate and take forward their initiatives.

Poll:  Tell us what you think!

MyGov Polls gives the citizen the right to cast his/her opinion on particular policy issues through online polls, giving the government a good idea about the effectiveness and reception of its policy initiatives. It also helps the Government in decision making by the gauging of public opinion. This is an effective tool enabling the citizens to directly contribute to the decision making process.

Why should I participate?

MyGov is a unique platform for citizen engagement through participatory governance. By registering in MyGov, you get the opportunity to share your views and ideas on issues of public importance through discussions and also directly take part in the governance initiatives through the tasks which are earmarked on this portal to address issues of public concern. Most importantly MyGov also enables you to take part in various initiatives towards public good and lets you to voice your opinion on the policy initiatives of the Government. MyGov makes you an agent of change and gives a golden opportunity to contribute in the journey towards nation building and towards attaining 'Surajya.'

What are the benefits of participating?

Get credit points by posting views on Discussions, completing Tasks that you volunteer for, and sharing ideas and viewpoints on social media. MyGov through its various features and initiatives provides you a readymade interface to connect with the government on a regular basis and contribute towards policy formation and governance. Incentives based on credit points will be announced in the future. Periodically, select volunteers/achievers can get to meet and present their views directly to the Ministers and/or even to the Hon'ble PM of India.

Moreover, MyGov gives you an opportunity to help in nation building making you an integral part of participatory governance.

How can I report a post which is inappropriate?

In case you find a particular post or content inappropriate or unsuitable in nature you can report the particular comment by clicking on the spam button which is attached with each and every discussion or task post. Once reported, the particular post will be removed from the website if five MyGov users in all report the post for its inappropriate content.

How can I Send Feedbacks

Any query, of generic nature, related to content, design, service or technological issues with respect to MyGov platform can be sent to through this customized Feedback interface.

Facing problems regarding registration or log in?

In case you are facing any problem regarding the registration or login process, please do get in touch with us through this form. We would be more than happy to get back to you and help in solving issues you may face while browsing and/or participating through MyGov, as we value your participation in MyGov.

Did not find your suggestions on the platform?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us with the same we will address your issue at the earliest as we value your participation in the MyGov Platform.

Task Feedback

If you are facing problems with regard to the task which you have accepted please get in touch with us through the feedback form. We would be happy to revert back to you. In case you have suggestions about tasks which can be included or want to provide us insight with regard to an existing task please get in touch with us through this feedback form.

Discussions Feedback

To provide us feedback regarding the discussion threads or report a problem which you are facing in the discussion mode please let us know through this feedback form.

Any other issue

Apart from the above mentioned category if you are facing any other issue with regard to the site, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Let us know about your problem with brief description of the issue which you are facing. We would be happy to revert back to you.

If you wish to submit your feedback or query related to any specific content not related to MyGov and is pertaining to any Ministry/Department/Government body other than related to MyGov, kindly get in touch with the concerned Ministry/Department/Government body directly or visit their respective websites. MyGov will not respond to such queries/issues.