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An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building ...

An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building a New India by 2022. (This forum is meant for those themes and topics which are not a part of other discussions on MyGov and yet may hold importance for citizens)

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Suman Kumar Ray 27 sec ago

सर क्यों ना हां सर गाड़ी का कागजात और हेलमेट सुविधा सड़क पर ही क्यों नाउपलब्ध कराया जाए


Sir, I have a thought which helps to reduce the weight of the School Books, which is the major concern in the society now, which is impacting most of the children's health. This can be implemented without any impact/without any financial loss to any one and without any major changes in the current process. 

We can reduces the school books weight up to 75% i.e to less than 1- 2 kgs. 

Once it is implemented, it will benefit to millions of children in our country.

DEVENDRA KUMAR 2 minutes 44 sec ago

भारत में सबसे ज्यादा घर में बची हुई दवाओं का एक्सपायरी डेट का ना देखना एके जाने का कारण होता है दवा कंपनियां जो भी गोली के पत्ते होते हैं पोस्ट में एक्स्ट्रा लार्ज आधा इंच का पत्ता अलग से बनाएं सच में एक्सपायरी वह मैन्युफैक्चरिंग डेट लिखी है जिससे उसको पालने की जरूरत ना पड़े तो बहुत सी दवाओं का बेकार जाने से बचने के लिए अच्छा उपाय हो सकता है कृपया इस संदर्भ में ध्यान दें

Madhu kumari 15 minutes 4 sec ago

Him Janet hain Ki bhrastachar Ko khatma
Karne ka prayash abhi tak safal nahi ho
Paya hai. So sarkar KO bhrastachar khatm
Karne ke liye attack vahan Karna chahiye
Jahan se naya bhrastachar Janma leta hai.

R.D Kale 15 minutes 30 sec ago

NP issue contd. At the same time we should not go on with importing large LWRs where not only enriched U fuel but also very large components and instruments need to be imported increasing our dependence on foreign suppliers in such critical and crucial areas.

Akshat 17 minutes 49 sec ago

Great initiative by our prime minister to stop use of single use plastic. Talking about plastic uses it had became a part of life process. We need to take on to the best alternative and then we need to promote it at a huge level with sentiments of people in this. Through this people will take it as its for there good. In the New motor vehicle act we did not gave people time to understand that its for them. So this must not happen with this initiative. First thing to make the best alternative.

omkar agarwal 26 minutes 9 sec ago

Drugs manufacturing companies of our country are using single use plastic widely, they are using plastic bottles for syrup, blister(plastic) packing for tablet and capsules and also for whole sale pack(which produce large quantity of single use plastic in environment and also effects the quality of medicine also So that they must be directed to use glass bottles for syrup based medicine and aluminium strips for tablets and capsules and not to use plastic in whole sale packing

R.D Kale 26 minutes 57 sec ago

Nuclear Power: The contribution of Nuclear Power in country's total electricity generation continues to be low , less than 3% despite many decades of NP development.
2. To be self sufficient in NP, we should give high priority to develop suitable Fast Breeders
3 However to sustain FBR programme there is an urgent need to accelerate commissioning of PFBR first.
4 In this regard a report prepared by me has been sent to PMO on 10 Sept and 1st Oct 2018 for further speedy action.
5 R.D.Kale