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MyGov Idea Box
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Jul 15, 2019
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Dec 31, 2022
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An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building ...

An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building a New India by 2022. (This forum is meant for those themes and topics which are not a part of other discussions on MyGov and yet may hold importance for citizens)

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CsRamakanth 2 hours 21 minutes ago

sir in all of your announcement of yoga/programmes you must mention Patanjali who was first Rishi who imparted the knowledge and practice of yoga

Shubham Ashok Sonawane 2 hours 27 minutes ago

This is to inform that we indian people's are not taking care of our nation. Nowadays we are facing problems of pollution such as water pollution, Air pollution, soil pollution. Due to pollution many people's are getting affected with lung cancer, heart diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, etc. And also there is huge problem of cleanliness. Prime minister Narendra modi ji had started the "SWACCH BHARAT ABHIYAAN" on 2nd October 2014. Still people are throwing garbage on road and public places. I am trying to plant 1 tree in 1 day. Now I had planted more than 50 trees in our society. My humble request to government is put fine of ₹5000 on people who are doing pollution or throwing garbage on public places.

Krishna Pandey 2 hours 33 minutes ago

good evening sir,
sir apne desh me badhte corruption aur rishwatkhor officers ko aap office me rehkr nhi pakad sakte sir mein chahta hu ki ek new team bnani hogi jiska name srtf {Special Rapid Task Force} ye force ka kaam hoga ki ye force ye dhyan degi ki kis police station me fir darj nhi ki ya us fir pr action nhi liya toh hamari ye {SRTF} team uss police station ke officer pe strict action legi jisse hamare desh me corruption aur rishwatkhori ko khatam kr skte hai , isse hamara desh corruption free bhi hoga aur saari duniya me desh ka name bhi hoga , apne desh india corruption free me no.1 rank pe aayega aur ek new mukam bhi hasil hogi.

HARSHIL KUMAR 2 hours 34 minutes ago

Government should look into the GST Rate which is higher than any other countries. We should at least review the same it was too much high like18 and 24. Indirect taxes are higher than direct taxes. We Indian are could not control the same. The petroleum and Gas and Electricity the pillar of Revenue are not under the roof of GST, than what is the meaning of One nation One tax. We Indian are spending too much in our consumer needs and petroleum needs. It is really unbearable condition and both Government are takes some steps as soon as possible. We are spend almost 20% or more behind it hence Government are reduce the rate of Excise Duty and VAT. I requested to Government that After completed the 5 Successful years & accumulated so much revenue this there must be included in GST so Overall Development are possible. I eagerly waiting for that day when Power, Gas & Petroleum product are cover under the GST not Excise or VAT, till than it was not One Nation One Tax.

HARSHIL KUMAR 2 hours 44 minutes ago

This is to inform heavy heart that We Indian are not much worried about the environment and we should only consume the things which provide by Nature but nothing doing any things. I humble request to the Government that Please save at least Rain Water and establish Rain Water Harvesting System as much as we Can. Whenever I read the news about the Global warming I am worried about my nation and the person who lives in. As personally I Save water as much as I can till the end of life and Donation of my blood each year at least one time. My request is so simple do not ignore the Global Warming and Take steps as promptly as we can. I will be Happy if, we are not facing the problem like basic needs, like Water and Electricity. I specially recommends Solar energy and Electrical Vehicle for all my friends and relatives who are afford it easily. My Goal is so simple like speared love among society and save Water as much as I can.

HARSHIL KUMAR 2 hours 51 minutes ago

I live in Ahmedabad the metro city but when we step out of the home the road standard are very low. Just out of my newly home the road are made just before 15 days and the after it, the same had been digging by AMC for gutter line. I don't know why it was happened. Is there no qualify civil engineer? One more issue the Cows and Dogs are wandering everywhere like near Sabji Mandi and on Footpath on the Road, near by surrounding. I saw it since my childhood and after 40th age the same standard are shown. We should at least doing something as earlier we can. I given my purely suggestion to Government, Now its your turn to do something batter for Civilians.

HARSHIL KUMAR 2 hours 59 minutes ago

Government should improve the rural Education system, Hence it is very poor as compare with nearby town or city. The Rural Population are more than city or semi rural area so, Education is big concern, it will be uniformly for each and every children. I hope Government should take proper action after admitted the students in RTE. In City are the standard of education are very good in private school as compare of the Municipal school or Government school. I hope the next 10 years we are very near to educate each and every child. If We arrange the election for single person in nearby Junagadh we should reach each children. I know it is very toughest task for Government but if Private sector doing go why Government not take charge for the same. It is my humble request to Prime Minister, We are paying higher fees in City for primary education, as per constitution it is free for all, but You know people are fearful about the Government school. Please do something extraordinary.

VinodKumar 3 hours 8 minutes ago

Make all electrical lines underground. It will save lives, reduce maintenance costs, reduce theft, dangling cables looks unsightly. About time we do this. Needs to be drilled down to local authority level to do.