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An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building ...

An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building a New India by 2022. (This forum is meant for those themes and topics which are not a part of other discussions on MyGov and yet may hold importance for citizens)

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RAJENDERVAISHNAV 2 hours 34 minutes ago

महोदय, मेरा मानना ​​है कि आपको कर की दर 5 प्रतिशत कर देनी चाहिए। पूरे भारत देश में आपके पास जो भी संपत्ति है, उसे असली बताएं और किसी से यह नहीं पूछा जाएगा कि पैसा कहां से आया और फिर सभी की वास्तविक स्थिति भी स्पष्ट हो सकती है। जनता के मन में सरकारी नियमों और विनियमों का भय नहीं होना चाहिए।

RAJENDERVAISHNAV 2 hours 37 minutes ago

Sir, I believe you should make the tax rate 5 percent. Whatever property you have all over the country of India, tell it as real and no one will be asked where the money came from and then everyone's real situation can also be clear. There should be no fear of government rules and regulations in the mind of the public.

Ram k 3 hours 4 minutes ago

we have every chance to end pakistan cricket by taking away indian funding from it. yet, we continuously enable them by first playing with them & then getting beaten. sports ministry should look at accountability in cricket. it's sucking up all the media attention & funding without any accountability. it's clear Kohli has controlled captaincy through sponsorship power. sponsors shouldn't be allowed to contract players for more than a year. this gives them infinite power & stay in team forever.

Yazhini Krishna 3 hours 14 minutes ago

Respected sir, I have a request to change India. If we will do this work we will be an example for the upcoming generation that we can do anything. We should give them a corruption free India.

Yazhini Krishna 3 hours 19 minutes ago

Respected sir, I request you to take some ideas from all citizens especially from youths of India to develop our nation.

thilakraj_1 3 hours 33 minutes ago

To safeguard the environment and clean water it's high time to ban weaved plastic bags small and big bags in the country which are used in packaging of rice, cements etc. These bags are dumped and not reused properly, so bags are for rain and sunlight getting in to very small tiny pieces and flowed to the river and sea. Because of this human beings and animals consuming the water with plastic particles and inviting deceases. Its need of the hour to ban these kind of bags using and exporting.

amol salve 3 hours 55 minutes ago

धार्मिक जनगणना करणे के लिये बहुत खर्च होता है
ऊस खर्च को बाचाना है तो
आधार को update करना होगा जैसे की आधार मे नाम ,जन्म तारीख ,मोबाईल नंबर इसके साथ religion का कॉलम जोड देंगे तो धार्मिक जनगणना करणे का खर्च बच जायेगा .
धन्यवाद ...

Dr Basavaraju Manu 4 hours 54 minutes ago

All the over head electrical wires/cables must be covered with insulating materials to save the lives of human beings and animals from preventing them getting shock and killed/damage. All the transformer places must be guarded properly. The cost of doing this may be very very less when compared to the life of human beings and animals. Thank you.

Pradeep Pande 4 hours 56 minutes ago

National medical commission should
1.make it mandatory for medical practitioners to be a member of one of the professional associations like IMA, ASI etc.
2. Send instructions on various aspects of professional conduct to every medical practitioner by email like prescribe generic only.
3. DGCI's communications should also be conveyed like this.
4. IMA, ASI etc. should periodically issue guidelines for management of diseases and convey to all the members.

ARUN KUMAR 5 hours 9 minutes ago

this is the time to review the social status of x Gender. It is requested to considered thease community under tribal community so that their conditions may improve by way of entering in Government employment and in future they may able to sustain their rest life. presently they are engaged themself in begging activity on the streets redlight in railways biggies and sometimes the influencing all passanger for compulsory support. Another side India trying to prohibited the begging activity.