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My Salem - My Pride
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Salem, the fifth largest city in Tamil Nadu is also known as ‘Steel City’. Salem city has been selected as one of the smart cities under the ministry of Urban development, ...

Salem, the fifth largest city in Tamil Nadu is also known as ‘Steel City’. Salem city has been selected as one of the smart cities under the ministry of Urban development, Government of India’s Smart Cities mission.Salem is now required to formulate its own unique vision, mission and plan under the Smart cities Challenge. This has to be done in consultation with the city residents and stakeholders. Salem city Municipal Corporation requests all its citizens of Salem city to share their views, opinions and area improvement suggestions to make the city Salem as a smart city. Your valuable views and suggestions are important to transform the city as a smart city to improve the quality of life for each one of their citizens in Salem City.

Kindly, post your views by 30th October, 2015.

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NAVEEN KUMAR_115 4 years 8 months ago

step 1: before starting first it is necessary to clean the city as clean as possible
step 2: then it is necessary to install dustbins, trees, solar powered lights.
step 3: Then it is necessary to provide good roads, covering potholes.
step 4: It's essential to preserve the heritage sites and maintaining is important.

KG RAVICHANDRAN 4 years 8 months ago

salem is one of the most popular city in India. Steel, aluminium, limestone, electricity, Mango, sandalwood, silver, sago, magnesium and many more products are obtained from Salem. It is the most important city in India. Textiles has a major role here. But the city has to develop in all areas such as widening of road, bus terminals in different aress, fly overs, foot overs, subways, speciality hospitals, proper waste removal, water feedingetc., Airport must be operational.

Karthik_198 4 years 8 months ago

8)International flight services needed to be started to and from Salem Airport
9) City limits needed to be expanded upto Ayodhyapattanam, Since it acts as a gateway to salem from northern districts.
10) Proper sewage facilities should be made possible
11) Separate bus stands should be available at Ayodhyapattanam and Seelanaickenpatty.
12) More Grounds and sports complex needed to be constructed in and around Salem city.
13) River Thirumanimutharu needed to be cleaned.
14)hospital facility

Karthik_198 4 years 8 months ago

Following areas need improvements:
1) Road facility needs to improve a lot . Very poor roads including NH roads.
2) Bus stands should be clean , neat and should have proper toilet facilities.
3) Long lasting problem is a bus stand. Need some more bus stands.
4) Digital display board buses needed to be started similar to Cbe,Chennai asap.
5) IT Park should be constructed as soon as possible.
6) Go green - Plant more trees in and around the city.
7) Needed flyovers near Bazaar street.

Sulthan 4 years 8 months ago

Salem is such a nice place, we need the following improvements.

1. Vacant area near new Bus stand should be used for expansion of New Bus stand.
2. New Malls can be build beyond the city area to control traffic, parking and Pollution problems.
3. Daily express train from Salem to Hyderabad should be started. (Bus takes just 12 Hours)
4. Yercaud should be improvised and more tourist spots should be added.
5. Roads are not yet laid almost all places of salem, it should be completed soon.

Pramesh Sivaramakrishnan 4 years 8 months ago

1. Need fly overs near AVR Circle (5 Rodas), TMS Shed.
2. Ban Plastics.
3. Implement basic facilities like underground sewage, proper roads, etc.,
4. Reduce Air pollution by increasing public transport facilitation in and around the city.
5. Proper utilization of vegetable market area.

Parthasarathy Srinivasan 4 years 8 months ago

1.Need more fly overs, which should reduce traffic.
2. Try to implement 2 bus stand or increase the space for the bus stand.
3. Long time wait one IT park in Salem.
4. Need one SIPCOT in Salem .

christopher paul 4 years 8 months ago

a proper industrial estate that can be used by popular steal and cement company will increase the industrialization of the city and would help employment of salemites . The recommended place for the estate may be along side NH-47

christopher paul 4 years 8 months ago

Roads must be improved in Salem drastically proper flyovers ROB's and FOB's must be created in and around the city.The planned grade separator five roads is pathetic it can be designed as a three tier elevated rotary type bridge
important roads must be expanded and attractive road medians need a proper map guidance along the road is also recommended