Inviting Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2023-2024

Inviting Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2023-2024
Start Date :
Nov 24, 2022
Last Date :
Dec 10, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

To foster the spirit of 'Jan Bhagidari' , the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance invites suggestions from citizens every year, to make the Budget-making process ...

To foster the spirit of 'Jan Bhagidari' , the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance invites suggestions from citizens every year, to make the Budget-making process participative and inclusive.

The Ministry looks forward to your ideas and suggestions for the Union Budget 2023-2024,

Please share your ideas and suggestions that can help transform India into a global economic powerhouse with inclusive growth.

The Ministry of Finance and MyGov looks forward to your valuable suggestions.

As you know, in the past, many suggestions shared here have been incorporated into the Annual Budget.

Participate in good governance. And help your country soar even higher!

The last date for submissions is 10th December 2022

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Subham Singh Rajput 34 minutes 36 sec ago

I am thinking about business how to start business.because i have no money to start a business . please help me and get a idea to start business the help of government

Dinesh Kumar sahu_55
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Dinesh Kumar sahu 40 minutes 36 sec ago

Thank you mam or my trustable govt for giving an opportunity to make contributions in Union Budget.

In rural areas there are many graduate students are unemployed. Although they have degree still they have been spent year by year to find a govt job , still some can't. Especially the students living in rural areas are victims of this.That's why if a sceme pass is done for students of rural areas, then it's will be very helpful.

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BidyutKumarLaichan 41 minutes 15 sec ago

बजट पे यूथ केलिए कुछ स्कीम लाए यूथ खुस तो लोग खुस मतलब नवीन पटनायक जैसे रेगुलर जॉब दे के जीत गया वेसे ही युवाओ केलिए neyi नौकरी की अवसर केलिए स्कीम लाइये सब इलेक्शन जीत जाओगे

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TRIPATH CHHAYRAPATI 41 minutes 20 sec ago

INDIA is a country, wherein the main source of direct income is agriculture. The agricultural cultuvation is widely distributed throughout number of states, districts, villages. The main ingredient for a good cultivation is water. But unfortunately we still depend on good monsoons in each part of country for good cultivation.

Government has done well in terms of roads, etc for a smooth transportation. Government is also increasing the budget for infrastructure year on year.

But now I suggest the government to develop dedicated water corridor throughout the country. I mean a target to link all dams, rivers of India with eachother so that we can divert the excess water to the state where there is drought or weak monsoon.

Usually the center helps the drought affected state by transfering the money. Out of which we are unsure whether the money transfered is completely used by state for purpose sent. Why cant a center be able to divert the required water to the state.

Sanjeev Kulkarni_11
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Maithili Kulkarni 41 minutes 55 sec ago

Respected Ma'am, thank you for all the initiatives that your team has taken all these years in making atma nirbhar Bharat. Our country is no longer a snake charmers country but most respected country in the world, this was possible only because of all the steps taken by the central government to take it to the higher level. keep up the good work, we pin lots of hopes on this government.

Concerning the upcoming budget please introduce more initiatives for better savings , lesser burden on the middle class families since they are the one who face lots of issues. Come up with more tax saving initiatives for investments made in the stock market so that more number of people invest in shares and stocks which will in turn help India to grow.

Thank you
Sanjeev Kulkarni

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Piyush Atole 43 minutes 36 sec ago

ज्यादा traffic वाले ग्रामीण सडक पर मजबूत cement रस्ते का निर्माण,रस्ता extend करे,उसपर भी चाहे तो कम दर वाले
टोल लगाए।

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Reena yadav 44 minutes 46 sec ago

मेरा नाम रीना यादव है मैं प्रतापगढ़up जिले से हूं इस बार बजट में नासे संबंधित जितने भी सामग्रियां हैं सब पर टैक्स टैक्स का बोझ बढ़ाया जाए ताकि उत्पादन में कमी आए और अन्य जो जरूरत जरूरत वस्तुएं हैं उन पर टैक्स कम किया जाए साथ ही न से संबंधित जितने भी सामग्रियां हैं उनका जो उत्पादन करता है जो बड़े उद्यमी हैं उन पर भी टैक्स लगाया जाए