Inviting Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2023-2024

Inviting Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2023-2024
Start Date :
Nov 24, 2022
Last Date :
Dec 10, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

To foster the spirit of 'Jan Bhagidari' , the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance invites suggestions from citizens every year, to make the Budget-making process ...

To foster the spirit of 'Jan Bhagidari' , the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance invites suggestions from citizens every year, to make the Budget-making process participative and inclusive.

The Ministry looks forward to your ideas and suggestions for the Union Budget 2023-2024,

Please share your ideas and suggestions that can help transform India into a global economic powerhouse with inclusive growth.

The Ministry of Finance and MyGov looks forward to your valuable suggestions.

As you know, in the past, many suggestions shared here have been incorporated into the Annual Budget.

Participate in good governance. And help your country soar even higher!

The last date for submissions is 10th December 2022

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Athikala prasad rao
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Athikala prasad rao 27 minutes 7 sec ago

Government shall prepare budget and giving importance to all sectors so as to meet targets laid by Sri Narendra MOdiji to make India 5 Trillion $ economy by 2024-25.

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DEB KUMAR SUR 27 minutes 44 sec ago

Quality and Safety - Existing roads , highway needs lots of investment. Make a PPP model for making roads more safer.
Equipment manufacturing - Most equipments in Diary, Pharma, chemical, Glass , health care sectors are being imported from China . We must build our own capabilities.
More IITs and IIMs - Every states need more IITs and IIMs.
Ban Mobile Import- Totally ban Chinese mobile import .
Population Control - Rape and other crimes are results of unequal population growth. Make a strict law.
More Metro projects in North Eastern states.
Export of more goods.
promote Agriculture and make it popular.

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DeepakS 29 minutes 40 sec ago

Every middle class family has dream of having a car. Please provide tax relaxation for car loans or purchase. This will improve car purchase from salaried class

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K RAVI KUMAR 35 minutes 8 sec ago

Dear FM,
The Service class is burdened with so many taxes and it is becoming difficult to save something for the family liabilities and retirement
1. The salary we receive is already taxed at source.
2. The amount we receive after TDS, if invested anywhere for future. The gains are again taxed at the same rate . Even the EPF which is a retirement fund is now taxed.
3. With increasing inflation and the interest rates of various schemes are decreasing. The savings are depreciating day by day.
4. The prices of Gas/Petrol and GST on various household necessities are also increasing and it is very difficult to manage the houses.
5. We are solely dependent on their salary and investments. We don't have any wealth, and don't get any social security, pension etc.
6. Taxing the income multiple times and added burden of inflation is eating away the savings.
7. Since long it was expected that the Income tax bracket will be raised to minimum 5L, but it is being differed.

Prashanth H R
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Prashanth H R 53 minutes 30 sec ago

Kindly concentrate on small small things along with big decisions. Middle class peoples suffering a lot after you removed LPG Subsidy.need to upgrade all government schools with best coaching facilities for the future India.

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Hemanth 56 minutes 34 sec ago

11) Irrespective of any conditions, 1 Rupees Tax should be paid by all the citizen, once Tax is filled, Government should return 2 Rupees to each Citizen Bank Account.
--> This will include all the citizen in the Tax and Banking system. It will facilitate GOI services and actions easier.
--> It will increase financial literacy among citizen
--> It will make every included in nation building
--> Make people more responsible and aware towards GOI
--> People will take more seriously GOI initiatives

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DIDARDIDAR SINGH 1 hour 3 minutes ago

1. Plz improve educational infrastructure.
2. Increase basic tax exemption limit.
3. Infuse more money in Healthcare sector.
4. Any one scheme which enables all members of unorganised sector to get a respectable pension.
5. Strengthen railway sector.
6. More priority to public transport.

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RajanKumar 1 hour 10 minutes ago

Sar income tax ke dayre ko badhaya jaaye ya phir ho sake to ham force member per itni meherbani jarur kare ki hame is incometax ke dayre se bahar Kiya Jaye ...