Inviting Global Ideas & Suggestions For LiFE - Building an Environmentally Sustainable Future

Inviting Global Ideas & Suggestions For LiFE - Building an Environmentally Sustainable Future
Start Date :
Jun 15, 2022
Last Date :
Jul 31, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

India is one of the leaders in sustainable development and clean energy. With the Hon PM Narendra Modi-led government’s reform-oriented, environment-friendly policies, the ...

India is one of the leaders in sustainable development and clean energy. With the Hon PM Narendra Modi-led government’s reform-oriented, environment-friendly policies, the country has time & again shown that sound environmental policies can pave the way to a sound economy.

At the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in 2021, PM Shri Narendra Modi announced the ‘LiFE’, a mission to bring individual behavioural change at the forefront of the global climate action narrative. LIFE or Lifestyle for Environment along with the ‘Pro Planet People’ movement, aims to strengthen the efforts to overcome climate change.

LiFE will replace the prevailing 'use-and-throw’ thinking with an environmentally conscious lifestyle. The Mission is to create a global community of ‘Pro-Planet People’ (P3), who with their shared commitment will adopt and promote environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Individual Efforts Are Key to Climate Commitment

India's traditional knowledge strongly positions it to lead the narrative of addressing climate change. Like many other mass movements, LiFE aims to inspire climate action based on the mantra of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’.

MyGov invites you to share your ideas and suggestions on how to adapt to an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

1. Reduce
2. Reuse
3. Recycle
4. Renewable
5. Recover
6. Re-design
7. Re-manufacture

Few examples for the above:
Reduce - Electricity, Fuel Usage
Reuse - Old Clothes, Electronics, Building materials, furniture
Recycle - Plastic, newspapers, cartons, boxes
Renewable - Solar, Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal & Biomass
Recover - Forests, rivers, soil, mountains, wildlife
Redesign - Green buildings
Remanufacture - E-waste for new purposes

Our civilisational values have taught us the importance of living in harmony with nature. Today, let’s come together to protect our environment & take forward Mission LiFE - Lifestyle for Environment.

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Deepali Hingne 7 hours 44 minutes ago

cn not we do
recycling of thinking thoughts
u know water
just a water management we didn't need to do hard work
just observe nearby your ares
or travel or to spend holidays
at that places u cn acquire knowledge

or govt cn do with tourism
seperate the spots /places
according to its value
research point of view do/run compain
& 4 those ideas - appreciate
this will help of
to reduce tention between state

do cross- state knowledge hub
where with help of technology
people didn't have to invented
just has 2 discover
means 2 that - in r ancient country
everything scientificly did it
we just 2 study observe
& make human life precious & humanitarian

eg in water if u see water engeneering
in castel forts how they ...
do study or cn run on people fun
& that information by technology

& by reuse plastic-gadgets
do 4castle forts -protection renovate
even study point of view
it's information will be on screen
ground level ...

Deepali Hingne 7 hours 54 minutes ago

1 st we have to minimising product of harmful 4 nature then utilised whatever left
& less consumption
means limited when needed
at least avoid unnecessary - purchasing waste

u know what
we never follow rules regulation
we didn't want - duties responsibilities
just consumption
how this work
in foreign countries - people beside their
opinion conflicts they always keep nation at first
they never - made their society dirty
follow management of garbage
never harm their country - public property
as own property

i think
my gov app
do one
public property my own property
people should run compain
take a pledge
public property my home property

this cn be done only when
at your top u kept country 1st
nation 1st theory

don't give 1st preference 2
person leader or party
your only 1st must be
society country

if your society country will safe secure
automatically your family will safe

Deepali Hingne 8 hours 5 minutes ago

now it's rainy season v
why not try use plastic/gadgets / all types of waste material
use to save water
& to clean healthy water - in river well
in urban areas - flat system
made ponds made up pipe line by waste plastic

_ in urban or village - toilets needs
so reuse reusable things - made
4 water sufficiency - nearby areas
made up of ponds - & it's pipeline will store water

_when we see pictures by village remote areas
insufficiency of water
why not construct there pond well
by waste made things
this month when here in - mn ki bat
bavdi - store of water system in use of stairs
this also cn be do

why not people conserve preserve
how that constructed that time study this time
& discovery few things
4 water
use empty places 4 it - join by pipeline

Deepali Hingne 8 hours 14 minutes ago

idea suggetion
a thought came 2 mind that
by reuse plastic crush plastic & use to make road - told
then u know smooth road
causes to accident
& u know r country people
no follow rules ets
so if
after 4/5 kilometre if that smooth road
should be made just little bit hard
means to at least
automatically - try to control speed
automatically they will follow rule
cause by self senses
or with help of technology
or by strict law - they won't
& this very fine hard surface made by
even reuse - gadgets or even by clothes also
or use plant like " pareli" -
those even natural plants related waste things
actually we use speed breakers or sine board
but people didn't take seriously
they didn't understand besic thing
self care/help automatically secure
family & another person also
& u know by few road side
doesn't having barricades -
so this will help & even moutain ares

Rudresh Hudad 9 hours 16 minutes ago

to purify sea water or salty water solar still can be used. solar still can purify sea water with the help of sun light. it has no maintenance coast or does not require electricity. coastal towns and villages can use this technique instead of reverse osmosis water purifier.

Dr Nevin Cheruvathery Gopi 9 hours 42 minutes ago

1. Promote solar energy for every use in each house
2. Biogas plant may develop to reduce the wastes and make use of it
3. carbon emissions through vehicle should strictly monitored
4. more research may carry out for developing best solar panel roads.
5. each one must invite one tree for his or her life time. Tree investment plans for tax saving

Neelesh_99 10 hours 34 minutes ago

Respected PM and Government of India. Tones of Agro waste is either dumped in land fields or burned which cause pollution similar way Banana tree is also part of agro waste hence in India Banana tree can be used  to manufacture a Biodegradable sanitary pads for women and it can also be used for manufacturing Biodegradable baby diapers, adult diapers and they are eco-friendly. Such kind of projects can be run by Khadi Gram Udyog to train students and small scale enthusiasts so that India can make better use of Agro waste. please try to implement it in India. Check Youtube link for more details.