Inviting Global Ideas & Suggestions For LiFE - Building an Environmentally Sustainable Future

Inviting Global Ideas & Suggestions For LiFE - Building an Environmentally Sustainable Future
Start Date :
Jun 15, 2022
Last Date :
Jul 31, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

India is one of the leaders in sustainable development and clean energy. With the Hon PM Narendra Modi-led government’s reform-oriented, environment-friendly policies, the ...

India is one of the leaders in sustainable development and clean energy. With the Hon PM Narendra Modi-led government’s reform-oriented, environment-friendly policies, the country has time & again shown that sound environmental policies can pave the way to a sound economy.

At the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in 2021, PM Shri Narendra Modi announced the ‘LiFE’, a mission to bring individual behavioural change at the forefront of the global climate action narrative. LIFE or Lifestyle for Environment along with the ‘Pro Planet People’ movement, aims to strengthen the efforts to overcome climate change.

LiFE will replace the prevailing 'use-and-throw’ thinking with an environmentally conscious lifestyle. The Mission is to create a global community of ‘Pro-Planet People’ (P3), who with their shared commitment will adopt and promote environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Individual Efforts Are Key to Climate Commitment

India's traditional knowledge strongly positions it to lead the narrative of addressing climate change. Like many other mass movements, LiFE aims to inspire climate action based on the mantra of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’.

MyGov invites you to share your ideas and suggestions on how to adapt to an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

1. Reduce
2. Reuse
3. Recycle
4. Renewable
5. Recover
6. Re-design
7. Re-manufacture

Few examples for the above:
Reduce - Electricity, Fuel Usage
Reuse - Old Clothes, Electronics, Building materials, furniture
Recycle - Plastic, newspapers, cartons, boxes
Renewable - Solar, Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal & Biomass
Recover - Forests, rivers, soil, mountains, wildlife
Redesign - Green buildings
Remanufacture - E-waste for new purposes

Our civilisational values have taught us the importance of living in harmony with nature. Today, let’s come together to protect our environment & take forward Mission LiFE - Lifestyle for Environment.

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Sudhir N Dalvi 38 minutes 11 sec ago

Augmented reality in Agriculture - the market is likely to grow around 50% during the forecast period of 2021-2026.

It plays a versatile role in enabling field check & detection of a pest or insect. It also defines properties of soil & crops to be sown in a particular piece of land. Predictive analytics with help of Artifical Intelligence would help farmers to make right decisions in fluctuating environment.

The USA governments are keen on increasing the adoption of modern farming equipment, strengthening the region's hold on the AR industry share towards agriculture. Modi ji cost of AR is not going to be affordable to Indian farmers. Please invest into this future increasing agricultural productivity.

subodh bansal 1 hour 22 sec ago

Just like in sports, Government provide every possible help. So players can play on behalf of country and win medals for Country.

Same way Government must supports and help Change Maker and ideas developer to solve national problems.

Divakaran Narayanan 3 hours 18 minutes ago

Human Race is superior to all because
of the rational power bestowed by
Almighty We must study think
and analyse before we proceed to do
anything Just like the food we eat
determined our health and charactor
and brain power At the same time
We are vegetarians based on our
digestive system we are not carnivorous
or omnivorous

K JAISANKAR 4 hours 50 minutes ago


LiFE is for Life. Sustainable life is our priority. Use of resources with responsibility is essential. Violators are needles to be spared. Once stringent rules are made, they are to be followed with all respect and to be used if needed. Let We and Implement Agencies join hands to ensure LiFE is really for Life.

Deepali Hingne 7 hours 26 minutes ago

thought came 2 mind
sorry 2 write here not related
u know
child abuse/kidnaping & now verious form of crime by technology
as medical field in high
but both having good & bad side also
to prevent heinous crime against child
to rescue them
& 2 bring them mainstream of society
with education
in modern era everything gonna changed
getting/absorbing knowledge at age also reduce by early ages
eg-previous yrs a perticular thing could be understood at age of 16 but now that
understand of things comes 2at age of 14or 12
so but condition has not changed
eg- poverty,violence ets
so those who got by illigal activities send2 rehabilitation centre if they r good no problem
but if not
if to rescue them from illigal activities/druges
train them in r/home
teach then rescue method
to catch the culprits with them from them
cause youth of country half live in secure way & half not so as after 16 train them-as small cop
educate/defence life lead 2 good way

Abhishek Bhatia 7 hours 36 minutes ago

Government should promote that old clothes could be sold to manufacturers which may recycle them for making bags which will reduce the use of plastics.

Government should promote those manufacturers who sell there products in a refill manner.

like desi ghee plastic containers should be banned there must be a refill only people could use a utensil to get it which will reduce the use plastic and cost cutting will also be there.

Deepali Hingne 7 hours 37 minutes ago

idea thought came 2 mind
2 less road accident
do up2 half kilometres
rough fine road structure
cause people don't follow rules
not abide law strictly
not by technology
this road will made by crush plastic/palnt waste
pareli ets
road will show in map
eg that after 5/10 km ahead rough surface
so drive slowly
this will help in long straight route
wher people drive high speed if roads r empty
& especially will help in midnight drive
those people who
daily route traveling know very well
so help itself

compain or pledge
public property my home country
so who damage do apology

workers of party
hard cores of country

1st Country
& my responsibility
don't see bread money only

diversity as an business opportunity
so economy of my country my priority

Abhishek Bhatia 7 hours 40 minutes ago

1. Plant trees with more shelter which will help land to get a normal temperature with will reduce over heating.
2. It will help to gain ground water for a longer time.
3. There must some places or a sections within the cities with high density shelter trees so that the smart cities could be saved from the over heating.
4. The smart cities need electronic equipments which need air conditioning for maintaining temperature which would increase the presence of chloro floro carbon gases in atmosphere.So high density shelter trees will help to maintain a good environment so that less use of air conditioning will be needed.
5. High level of oxygen as well moisture in land will help to maintain a gained pressure in atmosphere which will lead to make climate good.

Deepali Hingne 8 hours 30 minutes ago

u know those who r
do work at ground level
preferable/appriciate that work
when u do work by anykind just think
that work is only 4 self & nation

self- individual development
& only 4 my country
automatically it will serve
to your family & society

but 4that give preference to society country
not 4 person leader or party
but who genuinely do u must support it
did understand 1 thing if it seems that person is not doing good still how cn support it
then just 4- bread & self greed
how cn people do this
so that why India - so much foreign came

thought when came 2mind
when a person do work 4 any party
their work at ground level
but what about those
who didn't go outside do ground work
still how cn he be a head of ..
why not get real life teaching 2 those
who genuinely - do work
must think 4 this
u r not being head just because u r belong2 that perticular family/party just by birth
do work -4 society nation