Ideas on changing Government rules and regulations for easing lives of citizens

One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of ...

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One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of daily routine, must be made as seamless as possible and as citizen friendly as possible. Among other things, this has translated into reforming many rules and regulations and in an overwhelming number of cases completely doing away with such antediluvian rules which had not only outlived their utility, but in many cases were frankly anti-people. The mandate has been clear - between the citizens and the governments, the rules and processes must defer to ensuring the ease of living of citizens.

Consider for example the earlier rule of seeking gazetted officers attestation to validate one's documents before appearing in exams. That rule is now history. Trusting the citizens was the mandate and self-attestation is now the new rule. Or consider the move to scrap interviews for non-gazetted Group D, C and B government jobs. In one stroke the entire industry of 'recommendations' has been shut down and pure merit has become the norm.

What are other such outdated and ill-conceived rules, regulations or practices that hinder the normal day to day lived experience of the people? In day-to-day governance issues what are the processes or system that can be simplified or simply done away with? Which are processes that serve the exact opposite purpose they are intended to serve? Rules, regulations and laws that serve no useful social purpose but merely create unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy and therefore need to go?

MyGov invites citizens, members of civil society, journalists, students, teachers, police officers, government employees, Parliamentarians, academics experts, bureaucrats, social media influencers, Think Tanks and all other interested people to give their considered view on the subject.

You may submit your opinion by either writing in the comment box below, or by attaching a PDF document, or through a Youtube video.

The last date for submitting your opinion is 30th January, 2018.

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Kapil Sharma's picture

Kapil Sharma 17 hours 47 minutes ago

namaskar sir
we are proud of having you as our PM.
I have a great suggestion about petrol price hike.
Please implement GST on petrol and deasel, price will come down.
The loss of revenue can be balanced by improving the price rates of wine.
₹100 per quarter will give u so much revenue as you will be able to cover up all losses & no one will oppose you even opposition.
you will get a lot of support from the people of india.

Jai Hind.

Sanjay Bhatt's picture

Sanjay Bhatt 21 hours 1 min ago

Rigid and Bookish Govt. Officer should be creative and take decision keeping humanity and positivity in mind. They should understand that they are not just ROBOT but Human being. For example according to Digital India Concept Paytm and other Air Ticket service provider are valid everywhere but not in Govt. Offices because It's not written in the DOPT rules. I Feel that Hon. PM also should talk on his "Man Ki Baat" about rigid and Negative attitudes of Govt. Officers.

Amitabh Pandey's picture

Amitabh Pandey 23 hours 4 minutes ago

Education dissemination should be separated from competency evaluation (i.e., degree or certificate oriented education). If govt standardize competency evaluation exams (e.g., 10th and 12th board exams) then education will truly become outcome oriented. People can learn from anywhere and opening schools will not require huge money, licenses and corruption. As in the ancient times, good teachers can become a school themselves preparing pupils for standardized competency evaluations.

Tushar habib's picture

Tushar habib 1 day 48 minutes ago

in sab mushakilonka hal nai nikal ta he tab tak janata konsi party pe bi bharosa nai karegi CM ka kam sirf kisan ka karja maf karna he nai raita he har koi taklif me he sabi ko in sab samassya vonka hal nikal Na chiye or bi me kucha aise karname bolna chata hu Modi ji lekin isa pe nai Bol sakta or kuchi dino me chunav hone vala he hame is bar kisi hal me bi Karanatak me Bharati janana party prachanda sarkar chiye modi ji or ham app ke Sat he or me kucha galat bola hu to muje maf kardijiye

Tushar habib's picture

Tushar habib 1 day 51 minutes ago

lekin bina kam kiye har maine ex tarik ko sellery ajati he in samasya vonke bare me koi kucha karta nai he or aja Kal To sare kam tender bess par milrai he isme to sirf kam karna he pagar lene ka bat he nai he isa me contractor he faida le raha he har taraf se garib logonko fasaya jaraja he or me bolna chata hu app tender Bess jo kam dete he unko sallery govarnment se Mile q ki roj iske vajse strick hote tendar banda karo karke q ki garib jaise imandar logonko dhoka horaha he or jab tak sarkar

Tushar habib's picture

Tushar habib 1 day 52 minutes ago

Modi ji App he bolo ise rokna chiye ya nai Chiye hame una paiso ko rokna chiye q na hum unahe paiso ka vikas keliye kam aye una paiso se Ham pradhan mantri avasa yojana keliye kam aye ise 1000 garib logon ko ghar Mile ga ya kucha naya yojana banaye usaka labha pure desha vasi yonko Mile ex ma bap app ne bache ko banko me se kidar bharse karja nikal ke padaya raite he lekin una yuva vonko job ai milta he to vo kidar se karja chuka payange Modi ji imandari se Kam karne valonko kam nai milata he

Prashant Mishra's picture

Prashant Mishra 1 day 53 minutes ago

आदरणीय मोदी जी,
आज नियम कानून पर आप ने जो हम लोंगो की राय मांगी यह काफी अच्छी बात है। मैं आपको वरियता के ऊपर कुछ बदलाव के लिए बोलना चाहता हूँ। मै सबसे पहले चिकित्सा से सुरु करता हूं आज प्राथमिक चिकित्सालय मैं अगर कोई एक रुपये के पर्चे पर दवाई लेता है और उसको फायदा नही होता या बड़े इलाज की जरूरत है तो उसको उसी पर्चे पर इलाज में प्राथमिकता दी जाए जिससे कि की सरकारी बड़े होस्पिटल केवल वीआईपी के लिए है ये भ्रम दूर हो और जो बच्चा अपनी सुरूआत की पढ़ाई सरकारी स्कूल से करता है उसको भी वरीयता मिले
जय हिंद

Tushar habib's picture

Tushar habib 1 day 1 hour ago

Modi ji me Karanatak Hubli se bolraha hu Modi ji aja kal ke dino me insan ko sube se ratak kam karne ke Bad bi 300.ya 400 pagar nai milta he lekin kucha logonko bina kam kiye bina kam gaiye 50.000 60.000 sellrry lete he Kay aise harkato pe sarkar kucha bol sakti he ham jaise garib logon ko imandari se kam karne ke Bad bi ek ek rupai ka isaba lete he Modi ji lekin bina kam gai bina kam keye aise logon ko kucha nai bolsakti he sarkar sal me isvaja se 1000corado rupiya faltu me bar Bad horai he

GURURAJ_100's picture

GURURAJ_100 1 day 1 hour ago

Dear Sir,
There is an urgent need to revamp the RTO to reduce the extent of middlemen and corruption that plagues the system. Transparency and accountability should be brought in and strict rules should be implemented to avoid induction of rash drivers on the road. The RTO should also be more proactive in monitoring and preventing vehicles that cause air pollution from plying on our roads.