Ideas on changing Government rules and regulations for easing lives of citizens

One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of ...

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One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of daily routine, must be made as seamless as possible and as citizen friendly as possible. Among other things, this has translated into reforming many rules and regulations and in an overwhelming number of cases completely doing away with such antediluvian rules which had not only outlived their utility, but in many cases were frankly anti-people. The mandate has been clear - between the citizens and the governments, the rules and processes must defer to ensuring the ease of living of citizens.

Consider for example the earlier rule of seeking gazetted officers attestation to validate one's documents before appearing in exams. That rule is now history. Trusting the citizens was the mandate and self-attestation is now the new rule. Or consider the move to scrap interviews for non-gazetted Group D, C and B government jobs. In one stroke the entire industry of 'recommendations' has been shut down and pure merit has become the norm.

What are other such outdated and ill-conceived rules, regulations or practices that hinder the normal day to day lived experience of the people? In day-to-day governance issues what are the processes or system that can be simplified or simply done away with? Which are processes that serve the exact opposite purpose they are intended to serve? Rules, regulations and laws that serve no useful social purpose but merely create unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy and therefore need to go?

MyGov invites citizens, members of civil society, journalists, students, teachers, police officers, government employees, Parliamentarians, academics experts, bureaucrats, social media influencers, Think Tanks and all other interested people to give their considered view on the subject.

You may submit your opinion by either writing in the comment box below, or by attaching a PDF document, or through a Youtube video.

The last date for submitting your opinion is 30th January, 2018.

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Aman Mishra's picture

Aman Mishra 1 min 45 sec ago

Aapne india ko cashless india banane ke baare me jo socha hai wo bahut hi achha hai. lakin agar iski suruwaat agar chhote paimaane par kar ke dekhe to saayad achha result aa sakta hai. Isliye pahle bharat ke kuchh bade city jaise ki mumbai,delhi,banglore etc. me ye try kiya jaa sakta hai.or phir dheere dheere pure desh me.

Mitaleeben jagdishbhai patel's picture

Mitaleeben jagdishbhai patel 7 minutes 18 sec ago

Hello sir,india need to improve on scholarship. Now a day i saw who students are need the scholarship but they can't get that and another side who doesn't need they can tack this because of our government rules. Gov. Think st sc students belong to very poor home but it not true they are not from backward class they are coming from hifi society and they get scholarships just because of our gov give them.another side obc cast students are in big trouble because they have no chance for scholarships


VINOD KUMAR JAMAR 9 minutes 2 sec ago

Dear Modi Sir,

I would like to draw your attention towards misuse of Law, particularly where burden of proof has been reversed e.g. anti dowry Laws / sexual abuse laws / protection of Domestic violence Laws. Statistics shows that more than 90% cases are false and have become tool to extortion and blackmailing of male member and his family. These laws were promulgated to help females but fact is that most of the victims are female relative of male members like Sister/mother. Pl look into it.

Nagalingam DM-Acct VAPL-CORP's picture

Nagalingam DM-Acct VAPL-CORP 26 minutes 22 sec ago

Dear sir,

Now India goes Digital India, but Indian Railway Reservation System for online reservation allotted Seats / sleeper seats for different coach for their family members/friends and colleagues.

In future indian railway reservation system , first confirm to passengers to availability of seat after allotting seats to passengers request in same coach.

Ajesh K Agrawal's picture

Ajesh K Agrawal 29 minutes 5 sec ago

Buyer always confused regarding comparision of price between two packs of the same product. If standard packing is must for every vender then customer compare with other product price. But vender supply some product of 1 lLtr other product packed of 965 ML it seams like 1 Ltr. To avoid this kind of confusion regulation are needed to fixed packing of 750 ML then only 1 Ltr. Must not allow in between the same. Better to standardize packing of 1ML,2 ML,5/10/25/50 ML,75ML/100/250/500/750 and 1L only

Vinay Kumar's picture

Vinay Kumar 59 minutes 22 sec ago

Sir, provision for online application for certificates such as Birth, Death, Caste, etc shall be made so that citizens could avail these facility without any friction with system. Sir, I have seen touts taking 1000 of rupees from poor people for this. Again, the system could be designed like our passport issuing system.

Vinay Kumar's picture

Vinay Kumar 1 hour 5 minutes ago

To improve ease of living of citizens, certain changes in government rules & regulations shall be made. Every citizen needs to have a marriage certificate as per hindu Marriage act for there marriage, but it is a pain to obtain marriage certificates in almost all states. Touts charge you any amount as per their wish. The application process can be made online like Passport issuing system with facility of appointment at a particular date & time at the Registry office. Fee payment online.

Mayank's picture

Mayank 1 hour 29 minutes ago

As per current drug regulations, its compulsory to keep product information sheet along with every medicine. Now why it is compulsory? because it contains VIMP information about medicines ie dose/sideeffects/indications/incompatibility with food and other drugs/to be taken with/without food, etc. Now the Qn is, current practice is to print it in English!! Why cant we revise the rule to print in Hindi also along with English for the ease to understand. It will hardly have 5 paisa increase in cost

Vishwdeep Raj's picture

Vishwdeep Raj 1 hour 37 minutes ago

Hello sir,
The first most important thing to rebuild is our education system. All people says that no any government do anything for our educational system and i also think so but except you because i believe that you will surely change the older education system.
we don't use an older smarthphone then how can we use the older education system.In the present day we go to college to gain degree only not for education, teachers are also not curious to teach is in image attached-

Rajesh prajapati's picture

Rajesh prajapati 1 hour 41 minutes ago

सर हमारे इलाके मे रेलवे लाइन बहुत ही कम है आज बुलेट ट्रेन तक उपलब्ध हो रही पर हमारे यहां तो रेलवे लाइन का ही अभाव है हमारी सुनने वाला भी कोई नहीं,फतेहपुर-रतनगढ़ लाइन का तो सर्वे भी हो गया पर काम शुरु नहीं हुआ,फतेहपुर-सालासर-सुजानगढ़ रेलवे लाइन हो जाए तो लाखो सालासर यात्रियों को फायदा होगा,कृपया संज्ञान ले और जनहित के ये कार्य शुरु करवाएं🙏