Citizen-Friendly Services

Citizen-Friendly Services
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Jan 07, 2016
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Mar 08, 2016
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LPG is a dominant cooking fuel of urban population and also, steadily penetrating in rural areas replacing other traditional sources of fuel which included fire wood, cow dung, ...

LPG is a dominant cooking fuel of urban population and also, steadily penetrating in rural areas replacing other traditional sources of fuel which included fire wood, cow dung, coal, etc.

There are nearly 17 crore LPG consumers in the country with average refill of 35 lakh cylinders per day. The reach of LPG connections as well as providing timely services to the consumers has always kept in pace with the technological innovations. Provision of timely services and attending the grievances of the consumers continues to be critical for consumers’ satisfaction.

Available Web as well as Mobile phone based applications are extensively used to enable the new customers to get LPG connections and the existing customers to avail services. The Ministry has been taking all measures to leverage the Digital India initiative to make it more consumers friendly.
Presently, following citizen friendly services are being offered for the prospective and existing LPG consumers.

•Book Cylinder through IVRS -– allows consumer to book refill through their registered mobile number.
•Track Refill – It’s both Web and App based facility which shows consumer last 3 booking & delivery date
•Know Your Distributor –Web based facility provides distributor name, address, contact no , Sales officers name & email id
•Talk to Us – connects to call centre managed round the clock.
•Request for 2nd cylinder – allows consumer with single cylinder connection to request for additional cylinder.
•Mechanic Service – allows consumer to register request for mechanic service.
•Surrender connection – allows consumer to register request for surrendering connection.
•Rate your distributor – allows consumer to rate distributor on 5 service parameters, which enables the consumer to ascertain the quality of services provided by the distributor.
•Bank Detail – allows consumer to update Bank details for becoming Cash Transfer Complaint to avail the subsidy under ‘PaHal’ scheme.
•Opt out of Subsidy – provides option to ‘GiveItUp’ of LPG subsidy.
•Feedback Status – allows consumer to check status of any feedback submitted earlier

Ministry further wants to bring new innovations/improvement in services provided with an aim to enhance ‘quality’ of the services provided and transparency in transactions. Therefore, suggestions/creative inputs are solicited from the all the stakeholders on improving the services using communication platforms.

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Yogesh Thandava 7 years 1 month ago

3. Sustainable Anti-Corrupt mechanism: You fine a violator and give 30 or 50 % to the reporter. (On the Lines of False Claims Act in USA), this will surely spur the interest in Citizens, reporters and others. Currently the news reporters are collecting money from Distributors for not reporting their illegality.
4. Even Distributors are facing many problems such are increased operating cost, unacceptable bribe/favour demands from local politicians and Govt Employees, which is forcing them to...

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Yogesh Thandava 7 years 1 month ago

We have to involve people wholeheartedly to improve transparency.In the era of capitalism we need to look at ways to promote citizen involvement in tackling corruption. To achieve this,
1.Incentive based corruption reporting: Provide Monitory or LPG Incentives for those who report corruption with proof.
2.Print receipt in Local Languages, I have requested the same to Regional Manager many times ,but invain; on back of that clearly mention, the frequent corrupt practices and ask them to report

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sheik ziyaudeen 7 years 1 month ago

Additional amount have been collected in every stages.
for new connection its compulsory to buy gas stove,lighter, stand etc.
If we apply for second cylinder then distributors demand to purchase cooker with deposit amt. delivery persons will not not deliver unless we pay Rs. 50 in chennai.
Major reason is complaints/ feed backs given to indane takes times to revert, but since lpg is our day today need we cant wait or fight with them.
we need support team need to sort issues within 78hrs.

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DEEPAK_SUDESH PRADHAN 7 years 1 month ago

It is not clear whether one has to submit any documents with plain paper application to continue getting subsidy on cylinder , if yearly income is less than 10 lacs Rs ? Where do I find answer ?

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Adethya Radhakrishnan 7 years 1 month ago

Sir decrease the income limit for cutting the LPG Subsidy from ₹1000000 to ₹ 500000. People purposely dont want to give their personal details. They simply open a bank account and attach it with LPG so that their real transaction Purpose cannot be identified. Make LPG refill online payment so that the delivery boys don't demand us money. Bring this facility soon. The government can save lot of its expenses.

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Dhyana Ranjan Dhir 7 years 1 month ago

Respected sir,
One suggestion for LPG subsidy : - Restrict the LPG Gas to 6 per year and put a clause, if any body give up the subsidy then he/she can get 12 LPG Gas per year. And also should have a provision for tax benefit for him/her of that amount.

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Subodh Taparia 7 years 1 month ago

Respected Prime Minister ji,
I will like to bring to your knowledge , how the rich people pay less for services than poor people in our country. For a money order the poor people of our country pay 0.05% as handling charges (Rs.250/- on a money order of Rs.5000/-.) Where as rich corporates pay just(Rs.40/- on funds transfer through RTGS for an amount on Rs.500,000/-). I think as a welfare measure pls reduce the amt to Rs.50/- for MO upto Rs.5000/-. and announce as a welfare scheme in yr speech

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Rosy_8 7 years 1 month ago

Respected sir,
When a common man seeks a new lpg connection, the distributor of gas agencies forces him to buy gas stove and other accessories from gas agency even if one has them already or wants to purchase from outside. Facing harassment a person ends up buying these accessories at high cost from the agency. I wish we may stop this blatant exploitation by the gas agencies. No doubt they have made everything online but still at ground level agencies have not changed

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Priya_328 7 years 1 month ago

hello, Modi ji aap se request hai ki aap UP or Bihar ki sabhi super fast train me 5 general compartment or lagwane ka order jari kr dijiye ku ki hm jaise below middle class logo ko bhot problem hoti h safar krne me aap bullet train chalwa rhe h bhot achi baat h lakin hm logo k liye itna kr dijiye ki train me 5-5 hi general compartment lagwa dijiye bhot bhot shukriya aap ka
Indian ...... iqbal khan

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Guru sowndarya devi_1 7 years 1 month ago

Dear sir,
There are people who cannot give up subsidy fully how ever they can give up subsidy for 1 month like birth day occasion or for 3 months in a year, 6 months like wise can you provide some scheme for that.
Thank you sir