Using Available Financial Resources as a Tool for Efficiency

Using Available Financial Resources as a Tool for Efficiency
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Jun 10, 2015
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Aug 11, 2015
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This discussion theme is in continuance to our first discussion titled ‘Health System in India: Bridging the Gap between Potential and Performance’. To review what others have ...

This discussion theme is in continuance to our first discussion titled ‘Health System in India: Bridging the Gap between Potential and Performance’. To review what others have commented on this subject earlier in the first discussion, visit our Blog.

How can we maximize health returns using available financial resources as a tool for efficiency?

1. Issues

1.1. There is fragmentation in spending due to multiple schemes and vertical programmes implemented independent of each other, leading to duplication and redundancies.

1.2. Low priority is accorded to primary care in State health budgets while evidence shows that increased investments in primary care yield better value for money than investments in higher levels of care.

1.3. The “fee for service” mode of payment for service providers in current private insurance schemes leads to unnecessary treatments, thereby escalating cost.

1.4. Current insurance schemes involve high transaction costs due to insurance intermediaries.

1.5. There is an inability to control provider induced demand in current insurance schemes.

1.6. The lack of coverage for out- patient care in current insurance schemes leads to fragmentation of care, pushing up care towards secondary and tertiary levels.

1.7. Allocations of funds to States under the National Health Mission (NHM) is based on population, area and special category States rather than health outcome indicators or health lag.

1.8. Some States do not contribute their stipulated share for Centrally Sponsored Schemes such as the National Health Mission.

2. Suggestions

2.1. There is a need for horizontal integration and creating a single pool of resources for service delivery so that districts may plan and implement effectively an agreed Essential Health Package according to need.

2.2. States require to prioritize strengthening of Primary Health Care in their health budgets.

2.3. Moving towards Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) mode of provider payments in insurance schemes may be considered using pre-fixed package rates as it incentivizes providers to reduce costs and take greater responsibility.

2.4. The formula for allocation of NHM resources to States may include outcome criteria such as Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Mortality Ratio, anaemia and malnutrition.

2.5. States need to increase their share in Centrally Sponsored Schemes such as the National Health Mission consequent to Union Budget 2015-16 allocations.

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rohit sharma 8 years 5 months ago

consolidated all separate programs in on one which cover 80 % of the issues. mobile van with GPS are best solution for reducing the cost for separate scheme. Mass based health insurance care & treat ments scheme like recently launched can be used by gov. Health services should be put in concurrent list as right of citizen & let each state bear half the burden & with this they also will need to increase their budget. income tax payer should be given benefited for increase insurance coverage. people below poverty line having ration cards should be given health cards for 50-50% insurance premium & their gov can take decision for increasing coverage for no. of common diseases. people should have option to increase Premium for the no. of diseases covered. money can be utilized for other bpl perons coverage. health insurance should be also automated to mobile & in this local post office can play big role. complaints & issues redress al system should be made available via app. in all national languages also in voice to text. private investigation agencies can be employed for checking the claims.

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Saji Namboothiri 8 years 6 months ago

Designer Currency system can generate big revenue. The govt will print your photo on 100000 currency notes of Rs 500 if you pay 10000000 for that. The govt will earn a big sum by this system, similar to the postal department has already implemented this system successfully.
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madhu mandan 8 years 6 months ago

finance must be use for public it is necessary; first it. every state police force have enough tools to fight with enemy i feel very sorrow when hear that in this month punjab hamla police man martyer by fighting without any buletproof jaket..

Shyam sundar varadhan
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Shyam sundar varadhan 8 years 7 months ago

New roads once laid are dug by electrical/ sewage/ phone agencies for their work. A road agency with all stakeholders to be constituted to ensure all under road works to be done before laying . once laid the contractors must guarantee for atleast 10 years and the concerned govt officers also to be made accountable.This will save huge huge money. Also new roads should not be laid for the next 10 years. Such should be the quality of them. Public who damage roads also have to pay. JaiHind

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DESH RATNA 8 years 7 months ago

Respected Prime Minister,
Heard today's MAN KI BAAT .
Sir , the roads are built when Great financial resource is incurred to get the same built and be operative.BUT the correct usage of the road after it is built is not being taken as we all in our mentality are biased towards DAY AND NIGHT timings.In nights roads are used by only those who find it unavoidable.If MyGOV just thinks how to use Roads in night ,25% more returns can be extracted from Available resources.

pushpendra Lodha
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pushpendra Lodha 8 years 7 months ago

Govt. has put approx 450 essancial drugs under price control and feel proud, the proud moment will come when these essential drugs will be provided free for all and it is possible, India market is approx 30000 cr for these drugs and actual manufacturing cost approx 6000 to 8000 cr which is significantly less amount what govt. pay for medicine of only govt. employee, our PM emphasise more on production/manufacturing and i beleive this message will reach to him and somthing better can be done.
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Chanchal MAl Chordia 8 years 7 months ago

Laughing Therapy is Best Resources for Health Available anywhere & at any Time that include No Extra Financial Resources.

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Avinash Patwardhan 8 years 7 months ago

There are many inactive accounts in Nationalised banks. lots of funds are lying idle in these accounts. They should be pulled together and used for social service. This should be done after informing the account holders.This will bring a lot of finds in circulation.