Suggestions on the innovative ways of conducting a beach cleaning activity

Suggestions on the innovative ways of conducting a beach cleaning activity
Start Date :
Dec 30, 2021
Last Date :
Aug 15, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Namami Tate Is a campaign brought to you by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Government of India. This campaign is part of the Government of India’s 75 ...

Namami Tate Is a campaign brought to you by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Government of India. This campaign is part of the Government of India’s 75 week celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mohotsav. Through Namami Tate, we are targeting cleaning of some of the dirtiest beaches of India with the help of the Government as well as fellow citizens. Beaches play a fundamental role in maintaining the health of the oceans and also provide habitat to a number of marine species.

However, last year, a group of researchers from ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE) found that the north-east Arabian Sea, just off Mumbai, contained an estimated 379 MT of marine debris of which plastics contributed to 40.6% of the total by weight. A major portion of this debris washes up on the beaches creating health, environmental, economic as well as social hazards. The fast-paced growth of the tourism sector combined with the lack of awareness on the part of citizens about the damaging impact of pollution is one of the leading causes of the abysmal condition of our beaches. The Namami Tate campaign aims to clean these beaches and protect our precious marine biodiversity.

The Ministry of Earth Sciences invites suggestions from the citizens of India about the innovative ways in which we can conduct this beach cleaning activity. We value your suggestions which would be instrumental in implementing this campaign.

The best entries from the citizens will be identified by the Ministry and will be featured on the MyGov page.

The last date to receive suggestions is 15th August 2022.

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N INBALAGAN 4 days 2 hours ago

plastic usage in any way and for any purpose should be banned in the beaches.
No shops ...stalls should be allowed in the beaches.
All such shops ...stalls should be allowed along the roadside only ,away from the beach.
Big size dustbins must be erected in the required quantity in the beach and periodical clearing system has to be

SaroopSharma 4 days 3 hours ago

Planted more than 2000 forest trees in my mission to save environment in our area purpose for environment and for also human and living organisms this thing were done by me I really done something for nation and every one

JayashreeJeevagan 4 days 3 hours ago

You should find always root cause, why it is happening, some body throwing and cleaning required, but if some body not throwing, cleaning not required, we should concentrate throwing person and system should be there for proper disposing to avoid cleaning activities

Sundar Krishnaiyer 4 days 3 hours ago

Beaches should be clean and there is an idea for sports council in beach and maintaining by them..beach cricket food ball basket ball kabadi volleyball and athletic acadamis give practice in beach should increase immunity and the sand hard and the practices will give more effort in different from other outside autholtic council..Yoga center also be a choice for good for health..Every student having strong mind to practice sports and also cleaning of beach area.

PARTHA CHAUDHURI 4 days 10 hours ago

The Primary target of Namami Tate would be to free the beaches from the menace of plastics. More than local people, many of whom have economic interest in keeping the beach clean, it is the tourists that do most of the damage.
To make the tourists sensitized to the issue, every hotel thriving on such tourists must display at the back-wall of the Reception Counter, the rules to be followed while enjoying the beach. Along with the key of the allotted room, a card containing a list of restrictions in using the beach must be handed over to the tourist. Inside the room the same notice would be displayed.
Every hotel must have a counter to sell low-cost bio-degradable bags and plates/glasses to the tourists for taking to the beach and after use, dropping them at a designated place.
A few environment-conscious volunteers may by turns do beach-watching to discourage violation of the rules. Such voluntary work should be officially acknowledged and rewarded from time to time.

Shashi Bhushan 4 days 10 hours ago

प्रत्येक जनप्रतिनिधि अपने जन्मदिन मे पेड लगाए (औषधिये ,फल) जब जनप्रतिनिधि शुरू करेंगे तो आम जनता का प्रभाव पड़ेगा भारत के आबादी 135 करोड है तो 135करोड पेड लग जाएगा प्रत्येक वर्ष..और ये मनुष्य का स्वभाव हो जाएगा

ManishaSantoshGhule 4 days 12 hours ago

Central gov and all'my system my villege is pour because no light 🕯️ no water 🌊 because city citizo weste water

giten Shalini chiman solanki 4 days 20 hours ago

Firstly stop all vendors who selling the food products on beach and also stop stalls near to beach 80% beach will be clean by self only.

Srikanth Reddy Korada 4 days 21 hours ago

Central Gov't and all States Gov't need to start clearing the waste in Ocean, Rivers & Water Storage Canal with Solar Trash Skimmer. Message to all the citizens, Do not litter any kind of waste in Ocean, Rivers & Water Storage Canal. Lets bring back the beauty of Ocean, Rivers & Water Storage Canal with our Swachh responsibility.

#swachhsurvekshan2022 #swachhandhrapradesh #SwachhBharat

CsRamakanth 5 days 11 minutes ago

madam/sir Instead of collecting the waste we should concentrate on banning plastic aluminium sachet packaging food, snacks and beverages at beaches pilgrimage places and tourism areas . IN This activity we have to take the initiative and take lunch boxes always in our backpack so that food purchased for snacking can be packed in our own lunch boxes. If no lunch boxes are not brought then they should eat the snacks in the premises of catering shop hotel restaurant