Suggestions are invited on the "Concept" and "Vision" of The Museum on Prime Ministers of India

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Government of India proposes to set up a modern museum dedicated to the ‘PRIME MINISTERS OF INDIA”, covering all Prime Ministers. They have been predominant faces of the Indian ...

Government of India proposes to set up a modern museum dedicated to the ‘PRIME MINISTERS OF INDIA”, covering all Prime Ministers. They have been predominant faces of the Indian Government. As head of the Council of Ministers, more importantly of its inner core, the Cabinet, the PM is mandated to lead governance and policy making. They have mostly made a great impact on the Indian polity over last seventy years of India’s independence. The institution of the Prime Minister has also come to represent the democratic legitimacy of the Indian State.

Since the institution of the Prime Minister is critical to Indian democracy, it deserves to be better explained. In fact, India’s democratic experience, unique as it is, has not been presented in the way it should be. On one hand the Indian Parliament has curated a museum highlighting its legislative experience and on the other, the Supreme Court has also established a museum depicting India’s legal heritage and the growth of our justice delivery system. It is high time that the story of India’s Executive, represented by the Prime Minister, is told.

It is unfortunate that the lives and works of many of our Prime Ministers has not been well documented. In fact many have received very little attention. While contributions of individual Prime Ministers have been different and obviously cannot be compared, it should actually be left to individuals to assess it; relevant facts, all at one place, will facilitate that process. This is what the proposed museum seeks to do. Through research and sensitive curation, this endeavour shall bring alive the personalities of our Prime Ministers.

India is the world’s largest democracy and we owe it to scholars and those with interest in governance, development and growth that they have a world-class facility where serious research is done on India’s Prime Ministers. Since the Prime Ministers have emerged as the fulcrum around which the union government revolves, individuals occupying the office have often taken on larger-than-life form. Separate museums dedicated to a few individuals who were Prime Minister have been set-up. It is simply not feasible to establish museums for each of the fifteen individual Prime Ministers that India has had till now. It is also unfortunate that the lives and works of many Prime Ministers has received little attention.

Before finalising the ‘concept’ of the museum on India’s Prime Ministers, we in the Government of India would like to invite suggestions and feedback from you on the kind of ‘vision’ one should adopt for this project. How to approach the very idea of the ‘Museum on the Prime Ministers of India’? Do you see merit in this idea? How should this museum be conceived? Your feedback will be very crucial for us in taking an informed decision on the ‘concept’ and ‘vision’ for the museum.

The best idea/suggestion would receive a cash prize of Rupees Ten Thousands only.

Last date of submission is 29th April, 2018

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Harwinderkaur 1 year 7 months ago

1The museum should highlight the strrugles of pm's how they reached the post especially those from poor background it would be motivating for young generations.
2. It should show the contributions of them for eg new schemes started in the period during which they were appointed which turned out to be successful.

Sharad Patil 1 year 7 months ago

Dear PM sir I am Sharad Patil now day's modi government is doing excellent work in so many department but sir now days also farmers facing some problems, i don't have any doubts on your schemes and also on your credibility, but sir there is some problems like 1. farmers not getting proper price for his cultivation (goods). 2. farmers can't take a benefit of gov schemes. 3. can we connect the farmers to the online with all the scheme government running. it so helpful for farmers make some softwar

Vijay Chandra 1 year 7 months ago

Sir I am Vijay Chandra from janjgir champa cg Mai Ek private school me class 10th ka student hu Mai Aap se khna chahta hu hmare school me Koi bhi prayogshala NHi hai jiske karan hmare Pdai me kami hoti hai so Plz hmare school ke bare me thora discuss krke hme Badiya education dilaye so Plz sir respected sir thank you for your time

rajeev dwivedi 1 year 7 months ago

पधानमत्री जी मै गांव मे सरकारी पैसे की लूट पर ध्यान आकर्षित करना सरपंच लोग मनरेगा योजना मे अपने घर खेती कार्य कर रहे है और फिर पेमेंट मनरेगा से ,आवास योजना में जो 30 से 40हजार लेकर और टायलेट योजना मे 50% पैसा पचायत अधिकारी को साथ लेकर घपले कर रहे जिससे सरकार की योजनाओं का फायदा सही तरीके से नही होता

Soumyajit Roy 1 year 7 months ago

In this museum there should also have the good architecture for making this museum which will make it more Premium and Best. On the Outside of this Museum there should plant trees & Flowering plants which will increase its Allover Beauty & make it beautiful.There should also Place a Large National Flag on the ground of the museum which will make a feel of Nationality and Make us more Proud that we are Indians. These are my Ideas. Thanks Soumyajit Roy.

Soumyajit Roy 1 year 7 months ago

On inside of this museum there should be the Pictures of Our Freedom Fighters like Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh,etc. There should also attach the messages of our Freedom fighters for our Country and also attach the messages of Prime Ministers for our India. This museum should be neat & clean there should also attach the message of Gandhiji for Swacch Bharat, There should also place our National Flag in front of Every Prome Ministers of India.

Soumyajit Roy 1 year 7 months ago

Respected Hon'ble PM Narendra Modi ji, I have the idea is that should assemble this museum by making it like an memorable momentum. At first design this museum as the best museum ever by using the idea of technology and Science. The Photos of all Prime Ministers should be attach on the wall as on Big LED display which will make it digital. The National Songs or National Best Music should also play there for all time like an background music which will make feel us National & proud.

anil_50 1 year 7 months ago

pm sir namaskar main aap ko apel karna chahata hu ki gao village ki tarf bhi dhyan de waha koi davlpment nahi ho raha kissan ki satithi dino din down ho rahi hai kipya dhyan de agar aap mujh se mil sakate hai to main aap ko esa idea de sakta hu jisse kissan ki kisamat badal jaayegi