Share Your Ideas & Suggestions on Aspects of Stress-Free Exams

Last Date Nov 01,2019 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

On the September 2019 episode of Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon students, teachers and parents to share their experiences and suggestions on aspects of ...

On the September 2019 episode of Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon students, teachers and parents to share their experiences and suggestions on aspects of stress free exams.

We invite you to share your experiences and suggestions on aspects of stress free exams. You can submit your suggestions either directly in the comments box or upload a PDF document.

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Debarpita Banerjee 43 minutes 14 sec ago

The exam stress is basically because of two factors:
1. Excessive burden on marks: Every person in our society is always concerned about marks, but they never want to see the real the quantity and quality of the real knowledge gained. This puts extra pressure on students as they think that they will be good only if they score good. If the mindset of the society is changed, then the stress will automatically go down.
2. The major emphasis on theoretical knowledge rather than practical one.

Preethi G 1 hour 3 minutes ago

Fear on examination comes due to the lack of knowledge in your subject's topics. It will be disappear when you make clear about the topic ,it was taught by the teachers. It makes you to learn easy before the examination. when u have a clear Idea on your syllabus, you won't get fear .

Akhash Kumar 2 hours 48 minutes ago

the issue of exam stress is caused more by the teachers and our society than the actual exams itself . people brand a person based on marks . this has to stop . a person's value is not determined by a single day . continuous and casual is a great way to reduce stress. a test match is always less exciting than a T20 . so people are less anxious. people who are consistent thrive . making the exam objective is an excellent step so people need not concentrate on memorising .

Harshit Lalwani 3 hours 14 minutes ago

Exams can be stress free only if students live to give them.
• Only if students love the subjects they study, they can't find studies interesting.
• An engineer does not need to know about what kingdoms do 'porifera' belong.
• It is felt that education upto class 8 is enough for the basic subjects and students must choose a stream right from class 9.

Tauqeer Alam 3 hours 21 minutes ago

Johar sir, mai aik startup ideas say Johar mineral water &food industry kar raha hum Jiska selannyas aap hi kay hath hon say how,ahobhagy hamary startup ko sabka sath sabka vikas ka arth samjha sakun Johar mineral water project say jo bhi profitable inkam ayga uska 80% present education field may donate karunga, vidhes ki noukri chord kar kuch karna cahta hon, jo sabka sath sabka vikas ko sirf samjhnai ki bat hai,ham khud ba khud no 1 mai jo aap ki souch ko dharatal par la sakun

Akhil 3 hours 24 minutes ago

HON'BLE Prime minister,
Sri Narendra Modi sir.

for a stress free exams we should
1.Teachers should be free to students.
2.Parents & Teachers should talk freely with students
3.Students should not be fear to ask doubts in their subjects

Janakiraman 3 hours 25 minutes ago

அவரவர் வாழ்க்கை தரத்தை உணர்ந்தால் மட்டுமே போதும்....

Harishankar Poddar 3 hours 34 minutes ago

Dear Sir,
For stress free exam we should implement some educational reform in the education system as 1.Students should write an essay every day in every subject.
2.Do Speech, Group discussion and interview in every subjects.
3. Guidance and counseling should also be available for all students by teachers.
4.extempore creative activities should be compulsory. These all things make exam stress free.
Thanks and regard.
Hari Shankar.

Harshita namdev 3 hours 53 minutes ago

we should make a strategy for exam and a proper timetable
we should study by taking break after some time
try to study with fun
during exam take nutritional food
give some time in physical exercise
decide aime when you can study more effectively
study in a silent place
while giving exam think that you know everything and this exam is going to be best
don't be stressed think that this is a par of life

Dharshini.V 4 hours 14 minutes ago

A stress free exam needs more of a learning than studying.
1.A teacher or parents must compulsorily have a counselling session with kids.
2. Conducting fun games or puzzles in the area of subjects and awarding them with marks.
3. Conducting an improvement test to better them and selecting the best marks.
4. Analysing kids mistakes and correcting them
5. Encouraging and appreciating them when they think out of the box concepts.
6. Inculcating habits of yoga, music, dance, meditation would help.