Share Stories of Digital Entrepreneurs

Share Stories of Digital Entrepreneurs
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Aug 31, 2022
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Sep 30, 2022
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As mentioned by the Prime Minister Shr. Narendra Modi ji in 92nd episode of Mann Ki Baat on 28.08.2022, new Digital Entrepreneurs are rising in the country driven by a force of ...

As mentioned by the Prime Minister Shr. Narendra Modi ji in 92nd episode of Mann Ki Baat on 28.08.2022, new Digital Entrepreneurs are rising in the country driven by a force of passion and opportunities, bringing positive changes. Facilities which were once available only in big cities, have been brought to every town and village by these Digital India Entrepreneurs. These are innovative minds of new India who took initiative transform their own enterprises with the help of internet and also helped others to thrive and prosper in Digital India.

Share inspiring stories of Digital Entrepreneurs around you who brought positive change with help of internet

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CHANDA NAGARAJU 6 days 17 hours ago

In this 21st century’s digital era, the advanced technology has changed the way we live our lives. Electronic media or social media to be precise is the necessity for everyone these days.
Rohit Arora is the founder of the digital marketing agency Dropout Digital.
Rohit and Kunal hail from different regions of India, this duo met on Facebook in 2018 and started their journey as digital serial entrepreneurs. Rohit Arora and Kunal Dron are the real sources of inspiration for many youngsters who want to pursue their dreams.
They have employed more than 25 people, and have separate departments for SEO, Website development, creative content writing, and social media marketing to increase the efficiency of their business.

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Rajya lakshmi Devarapalli 6 days 18 hours ago

Digital entrepreneur means your ideas for India. Your achievements by Digital platform and so on. Irrelevant to the topic.

Kumar Nitin Singh
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Kumar Nitin Singh 6 days 19 hours ago

Dear Sir,
It is a modest request that, I Kumar Nitin Singh, Son if Late Kumar Bhartendu Singh Son of Late Kumar Surendra Singh Retd. Deputy Secretary Bihar Vidhan Sabha At Patna 1987, Bihar Legislative Assembly Retired from Bihar Legislative Assembly Patna 1987 A.D.
Kumar Nitin Singh is Born in Sabha Sasaula Kala, Block/Police Station:-Suppi, District -Sitamarhi Bihar India Pincode:-843315 When Kumar Nitin Singh was Six Months Old his Grand Parents Late Lakshmi Devi and Late Kumar Surendra Singh Bring him the 25 No. Quarters Located Near the 36 turn in Kumar Surendra Singh brought of Land in Khajpura, Aashiana-Road, Patna Bihar in 1979-80. They Start Building houses from 1985-86 Session Kumar Nitin Singh Used to Come with his Grand Parents to do visit to get homes built. Kumar Surendra Singh didn't even a taken a rupee from his Two Sons to Built a House. When the Name of Lakshmi Devi appeased in the Permission List of the Registry in the 1990 Session. Then Ku

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httpswwwfacebookcomproblemsplus 6 days 19 hours ago

Dear Digital Designer,
Rain ☔⛱️
TIE 🪢🧢👑💖 UP...!

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Menaga d 6 days 22 hours ago

story of my grandfather .he is aged above 100 .he is still very healthy and active .all is because he worked hard at farm and ate healthy food .like millets ragi ect and also they use to eat at particular time .so he is my inspiration to lead a good n healthy life his name periyappa .all his co friends were died ..he used to say that .talk less and work more .

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Adv Praveen Pratap 1 week 2 hours ago

भारतीय रूपये के अवमूल्यन पर भी विचार करना उचित होगा, क्योंकि इसका संबंध भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था एवम् भविष्यात्मक अर्थव्यवस्था से है। क्योंकि हमारा नैतिक दायित्व है, कि देश के भविष्यात्मक पहलुओं पर भी विचार करें।
सर जी भारतीय रूपया पूर्ण रूपेण परिवर्तनीय होने का शायद यह सही समय हो सकता है।
सर यह आपकी स्वयं की नीतियों का हिस्सा भी हो सकता है।
सर आप स्वयं ही जीनियस हैं,
मैंने तो मात्र सुझाव प्रस्तुत किया है।
जय माता दी।
जय भारत
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Rajiv Jain 1 week 15 hours ago

Dear sir
The works seen in the field of digitalized India is just some %.we have to do lot of work in the field taking help from experience.
Very good effort put by Govt.
Need more information about the latest version.

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Bhgban Singh gurjar 1 week 19 hours ago

बैंको द्वारा कौशल रखने वाले युवाओं को
अपना उधम स्थापित करने के लिए बैंक
लोन नही देता मैंने प्रधानमंत्री स्वरोजगार
स्रजन योजना में जिला उधोग विभाग
श्योपुर से अपने गाँव में एक कंप्यूटर सेंटर
स्थापित करने के लिए dic से आवेदन
किया था लेकिन बैंक के कर्मचारी सिर्फ
अपने 10% से मतलब रखते है उनके
लिए युवाओं का कौशल कोई मायने
नही रखता.