Share inputs to instil confidence in society about our traditional knowledge and practices

Share inputs to instil confidence in society about our traditional knowledge and practices
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Mar 03, 2022
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May 31, 2022
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India has a rich legacy of practices and knowledge touching different spheres of life and a scientific heritage traversing various Science & Technology (S&T) domains. The ...

India has a rich legacy of practices and knowledge touching different spheres of life and a scientific heritage traversing various Science & Technology (S&T) domains. The traditional knowledge of India is available in various forms such as classical texts, manuscripts and/or as oral communication that has been passed on over thousands of years. This valuable knowledge is often part of our daily practices as well. Some of the traditional practices are livelihood means of the concerned knowledge holders. Our traditional practices exist in synergy between human needs and nature, often balancing resources and requirements in a local context. However, with time, India’s Traditional Knowledge Systems are eroding rapidly, and the nation has also been witnessing erosion in people’s faith towards our traditional knowledge. A grave concern is the mindless attitude of some to mimic non-Indian cultures and disdain for our traditions. It’s important to recognize that traditional heritage is an integral part of any country’s development and progression. This calls for necessary attention and action from the concerned stakeholders in the country to build further on our scientific inheritance. Only a well-informed and balanced society can drive the advancement of the country.

Under the visionary leadership of our Hon’ble Prime Minister and President, CSIR Society, Shri Narendra Modi, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is spearheading the efforts to collaborate with the relevant partners from across the country and implement the national initiative SVASTIK (Scientifically Validated Societal Traditional Knowledge) for communicating India’s traditional knowledge to the society. CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (CSIR-NIScPR) is the nodal organization to implement this national initiative.

The prime mission of the initiative is to conserve scientifically validated traditional practices, and instil confidence in citizens regarding the scientific values of our traditional knowledge/practices.

We invite the suggestions of academicians, researchers, subject-matter experts, students, NGOs, and the public on how to instil confidence in society about our traditional knowledge and practices. This will help us in our mission to inculcate a scientific temper and instil confidence in citizens by stimulating the Science-Scientist-Society connect towards our traditional knowledge and practices.

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The last date to share your ideas and suggestions is 31st May 2022.

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Vinita Jindel 48 minutes 7 sec ago

My thoughts are regarding our antique education system. The same rote starting with useless baba black sheep rhymes which does not teach any morals.
Nursery education should instil compassion, cleanliness, love to their country, respecting all elders and basic Indian culture and qualities. Tolerance and helping each other should be part of the projects.
Practical application of our rich culture and history should be part of the school curriculum. English as a language is good but we don't want English citizens in our country.

Arushi Singh B 2 hours 7 minutes ago

Elders are known to be storehouse of traditional values, skills and morale. Present paper is an attempt to discuss the traditional knowledge of elderly people, their role and highlights many areas where it can be useful for elderly themselves. Some insights are offered for strategic utilization of traditional knowledge and experience of elderly to address the need and improve the quality of elderly life in terms of socio-psychological, cultural, economic and health aspects. This valuable traditional information can be made accessible, affordable and adaptable to the specific needs of elderly people. Presently, the loss of biological diversity and erosion of traditional knowledge systems (TKS) are issues of great concern. Most of these systems of knowledge are unique and are often known only to a few individuals or communities. This traditional knowledge includes mental inventories of local biological resources, animal breeds, local plant, and crop and tree species. Traditional knowledg

sainath jaywant girme 13 hours 34 minutes ago

I think to maintain confidence for good governance online submission is first stage of documents, The second stage is to give more people with IT sectors reliable apps to give them jobs and online jobs easily availability to overcome jobless conditions from society. Thnks

madhao patil 14 hours 15 minutes ago

Sir, Namaskar
Yogic Physical Cuture is priceless gift of our ancestors to mankind for leading a quality life irrespective of space and time.
Our ancestors gained deep physiological insight by experimenting body as a tool.
Unlike Western Physical system which aims at superficial visible muscles building Yogic exercises tone up body muscles. They lay long lasting healthy foundation for both body and mind. Introduce Yogic Physical cuture in school curriculam.

anupam singhal 16 hours 46 minutes ago

आदरणीय प्रधान मंत्री जी, एक बात और, उ. प्र. मैं जो राशन कार्ड से सक्षम व्यक्तियों का नाम हटाया जाना सराहनीय कदम है।
परंतु क्या आपको यह महसूस नही होता कि समस्त लोक सभा और विधान सभाओं के सदस्य भी सक्षम है और इस प्रकार से वो भी किफायती/ छूट के भोजन / राशन के हकदार नही है।
आपने समस्त बुराइयों पे आघात किया है अब 2024 में आपसे अपेक्षा रहेगी कि विधायिका के बुरे/ जन विरोधी नीतियों ,जैसे नेताओं की पेंशन और सुविधाओं पर भी कुठाराघात होगा ।
ये कार्य करने की भी क्षमता आपकी ही है कोई और शायद नही कर पायेगा ।

anupam singhal 17 hours 2 minutes ago

आदरणीय प्रधान मंत्री जी सादर नमस्कार, to provide an easy access of good and a cheap education by way of internet to many people who are not able to afford the very costly education in primary and intermediate level. It would be turning point if it's added in our new education policy.
Special Emhasis should be on making good and responsible citizens, for this a subject of moral science and values and our rich heritage must be included in curriculum.

Vikas Mahajan 20 hours 32 minutes ago

आदरणीय प्रधान मंत्री जी
आपके नेत्रत्व में भारत देश में कई महत्वपूर्ण उपलब्धिया हासिल की है ।प्रत्येक क्षेत्र में निरंतर प्रगती हुई है । आपके कार्यो से हर भारतवासी का सर गर्व से उचा हुआ है । विदेशों में भी भारत की सांख बढी है । आत्म निर्भर भारत, स्टार्ट अप इंडिया,आयुष्य मान भारत जैसी योजनाओं से भारत की युवा पीढ़ी को कुछ नया करने का अवसर मिला है ।

Sitanshu Kumar Khatua 20 hours 35 minutes ago

The best Investment in our Planet is obviously Tree Plantation as Trees greatly contribute to the environment by providing oxygen, supporting wildlife, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil and climate amelioration. Unfortunately, in our bid to modernize and progress we have been systematically destroying forests and depleting the earth's resources. The consequences of all that mindless destruction are global warming, erratic weather patterns, increase in the frequency and volume of floods, melting of glaciers, desertification of once fertile area, loss of soil productivity, extinction of several species, imbalance in the ecosystem and nonavailability of forest products. This is why it is imperative that we plant trees to maintain the ecological balance and ensure harmony in our biodiversity. It is high time we should increase awareness among all for making a healthier, liveliar and greener Planet. Thanking you.

CHOUGULE prakash Dnyandeo 20 hours 36 minutes ago

शासकीय अच्छी कल्पना.जो माहीर लोग किसी कामे,पारंपारिक पदार्थ बनानेवाले,खेतीका पारंपारिक ग्यानी पाने वाले बुजुर्ग आदी है.उन लोगोंके ज्ञानका फायदा नए युवक यवतीयोंको देने के प्लैटफोर्म मुकर्र करने के पर्याय हो.

CharithraU 21 hours 29 minutes ago

Namaste prime minister modi sir,
Today I want to tell you on promotion of traditional food of India internationally. In food recipies it has medicinal tactics dosa, idle,rice recipies,sambar,curry etc which makes good impact on health. In beverages such as tea, coffee and cashaya and different mix powered drink which is powdered in house example as I mentioned before cashaya powder prepared in house also has medicinal tactics.Hope it makes good impact and good promotion.
Thank you
Your faithfully
Charithra U