Inviting suggestions for relevant theme for BIRAC Innovation Challenge Award

BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) is a Section 8 'Not-for-profit Company' under the Companies Act, 2013 set up by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of ...

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Inviting suggestions for relevant theme for BIRAC Innovation Challenge Award

BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) is a Section 8 'Not-for-profit Company' under the Companies Act, 2013 set up by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, and Government of India as an interface agency to promote industry-academia partnerships in the field of Biotechnology. BIRAC over the last five years has initiated several schemes, networks and platforms that help to bridge the existing gaps in the industry –academia innovation research and facilitate novel, high quality, affordable product development through cutting edge technologies.

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BIRAC plans to launch BIRAC Innovation Challenge Award which will be a competition that will bring solutions and breakthroughs to a problem that is currently intractable. This award will help solve the problem in a defined time frame and develop an affordable product/solution which is of global excellence. The envisioned areas for the Challenge draw upon the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Good Health and Sanitation. The indicative areas for suggesting themes for BIRAC Innovation Challenge Award are:

Health: Foster healthy lives and promote well-being of society through development of products especially in medical technology (Devices and diagnostics) which can alleviate healthcare challenges in India. Indications are: reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, end the epidemics of communicable diseases.

Sanitation: Ensures that communities have access to equitable sanitation & hygiene for all and end open defecation.

We invite you to please suggest themes based on the above mentioned areas under which we can launch a challenge to develop functional prototypes leading to globally excellent products & solutions which will render an affordable, faster and impactful solution to critical issues.

Last date of submission is 15th August, 2017

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JAGDISH PATHAK 20 hours 8 minutes ago

Hon.PM and team has great historical concept of GST, but, during the initial period, some rectification or improvement is necessary in revenue interest as well as public interest and also for control over evasion of tax, As per provision of GST, turn over below threshhold limit e.i. 20 lacs need not to pay tax or registered, but, incase of IGST,the goods sales to other state, exemption limit of 20 lacs is not available,so, 20lacs exeption limit should be given to all the person,best wishes

vivek singh's picture

vivek singh 1 day 41 minutes ago

India is diverse country, we are working on leukaemia which is major problem of children so we have discovered the new formulation for the treatment but we don't have a fund to executes our research work so my suggestion is, to give the fund who's work have potential to give new path to the society, and have value of commercialisation but also focus from basic to translational research, which will be very much promising for India.

Miranj Kansara's picture

Miranj Kansara 1 day 1 hour ago

With the increasing rates of medicines, poor people often go helpless and opt for counterfeit medicines which sometimes may lead to health problems. And on the other hand the fortunate ones are often spared with extra unused medicines which they dispose off. Now that the gov is asking for a separate dry and wet waste why don't an another division be made. Medical waste. This waste medicines not only are usable but also of good company. Gov hospitals can give them for free to the needy. #MyGov

Sunil kumar's picture

Sunil kumar 2 days 6 hours ago

Please promote quality research in India I m doing but worried about future research programs of labs for research purposes in 50% partnership with private sectors they will mentain quality .our govt system in research is very corrupt I my university lab also poor performance lab assistants and unaware professor play with our future and degrade the system.
Govt should walk with private sectors in research sector #promote research in india

Kamal Sharma's picture

Kamal Sharma 2 days 18 hours ago

Noskar sir, may kamal or may ak bat batane chu ki, har roj may fb may dektahu ki koyi na koyi kho jate tho aiskeli up ak madhom khuly (app //website) banaye joki ...joldi kisi ko miljaye. admi yaa bacha ka famely vi or jisko mila o vi jake bo website/app may photo number ke sat dorkhast kar sake............. Or jaldi miljaye

Tanwi Sawant's picture

Tanwi Sawant 2 days 22 hours ago

Its been observed that there are many Biotechnology graduates and post graduates move out of India for relevant jobs with appropriate remuneration. Hence more entrepreneurial opportunities in Biotechnology should be developed in India to prevent brain drain. Companies from Pharma, Healthcare and Agriculture sectors are still not accepting Biotech professionals in their processes easily so I believe this is the need of the hour!

sup bee's picture

sup bee 3 days 58 minutes ago

Some affordable technology to identify genetic markers to detect any genetic abnormalities hence to reduce mortality towards severe gene defects. Current screening technology are expensive are available only in particular markets.

Abhishek Bajpai_7's picture

Abhishek Bajpai_7 3 days 58 minutes ago

Health - A national speciality center for cure of all sorts of communicable disease to be set up. Also, pharma companies should develop vaccines which are able to cope large group of these diseases in two or three doses.

Sanitation - Initiative to be taken by government to build toilets also for disabled. Like in foreign countries they have toilets for disabled. But in our country especially villages have no toilets for them. So toilets to be designed that helps them also.

Mrinal Mishra's picture

Mrinal Mishra 3 days 1 hour ago

the NGOs and Companies working in each city could be provided technological support in settting up water treatment kiosk covering small areas ..and laterintegrating this kiosks to a bigger channel before realeasing it into river.a model could be designed to build one kiosk over a small area and releasing dirty water from drains and factories(or industries) could use it on a sharing basis and can be treated here before getting connected to a bigger drainage system and finally into river.

Mani_69's picture

Mani_69 3 days 4 hours ago

Mobile Toilet Finder: A map-based mobile app which will direct the users to the nearest Toilet, including those inside mall etc. It will also allow the user to give a feedback and rate the toilet on its cleanliness.