Inviting suggestions from the public on PCRA's Mandate

Inviting suggestions from the public on PCRA's Mandate
Last Date Nov 23,2016 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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The Oil crisis of 1970s brought into sharp focus the need for conservation of petroleum products due to the enormous hike in country’s import bill. The Government in response set ...

The Oil crisis of 1970s brought into sharp focus the need for conservation of petroleum products due to the enormous hike in country’s import bill. The Government in response set up the Petroleum Conservation Action Group (PCAG) in 1976, which reported that a conservation potential of about 20% existed in major sectors of the economy. PCAG was subsequently reconstituted on 10th August’ 1978 as Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) with a vision to become a center of excellence for conservation of hydrocarbons & environment protection for sustainable development, of our inherent strength.

Petroleum Conservation Research Association is a registered society set up under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India (MoP&NG). PCRA is a national government agency engaged in promoting conservation of petroleum products & energy efficiency in various sectors of economy.  It helps the government in proposing policies and strategies for petroleum conservation, aimed at reducing excessive dependence of the country on oil requirement. 

PCRA aims at making oil conservation a national movement. As part of its mandate, PCRA is entrusted with the task of creating awareness amongst the masses about the importance, methods and benefits of conserving petroleum products & emission reduction. It sponsors R&D activities for the development of fuel-efficient equipment / devices. The other major activities being carried out by PCRA are Driver training programs/Workshops on fuel efficient driving, Model depot projects for State Transport Undertakings for efficient operations, Energy Audits for energy conservation & energy efficiency potential, ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management System, Perform-Achieve-Trade(PAT) for designated consumers to reduce specific energy consumption, Fuel oil diagnostic studies to identify energy efficiency opportunities, Development of fuel economy norms for Heavy Duty Vehicles, workshops/ exhibitions, consumer meets, education films/TV spots, hoarding/ electronic display, distribution of printed literature. Over the years, PCRA has enlarged its role in improving productivity in use of various sources of energy, for the purpose of achieving environment protection and sustainable development.

The demand of petroleum products in the country is growing steadily and Govt. Policy as spelt out in India hydrocarbon vision 2025 considers issues such as energy security, use of alternate fuels and interchangeability of technology as vital to ensure that mix of energy sources used in economy is optimal and sustainable.
Towards its mission for efficient energy utilization and environment protection, PCRA is working with the support of Public Sector Oil & Gas Companies, Government & Non-Government Organizations, Research Institutes and Laboratories, Educational Institutes, Consumer Associations and other organizations.

Revisiting the Mandate

PCRA has made all endeavour to deliver on its mandate for nearly 4 decades. With changing time, it is imperative to revisit our mandate so that it is in synchronisation with challenges of the day and future.
In view of the above, PCRA solicit the opinion/suggestion of the People of India to add/delete so that the spectrum of its mandate can be widened.

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inderjeet kumar 4 years 11 months ago

Sir my suggestion is about Cash limit withdrawal to all Indian citizen...You should increase by 20k @ least..So that people can not go bank every alternate day for money withdrawal...

Middle class & Lower middle class is affecting due to low cash withdrawal limit...

Ask banker to sort out ATM non working issue in most of ATV..

RAJESH KUMAR Mohapatra 4 years 11 months ago

As you have blocked all the illegal web content download most of the downloading sites are blocked which is great step towards the clean India from Information and Broadcasting department. So as a next step please block all the Adult/sexual content sites in our India and lets set an example to world in clean Internet access. #ModiJI #CleanINDIA

Saksham Mishra 4 years 11 months ago

At a time when Germany after observing the exhaustive nature of petroleum has pledged to use non-petrol/diesel cars by 2025,we are sleeping with all horses sold.Why should we wait for the resource to deplete and fetch a higher price in order to stop its usage?We should start looking for alternative fuel for all forms of petroleum products not just petrol/diesel.If we keep sleeping,we shall soon face huge import bill as the resource will begin to deplete and fetch a higher price.We better wake up

Saksham Mishra 4 years 11 months ago

One main reason that we are late to adopt latest technologies is that we refuse to change as per the need.Now when we know that petroleum will be exhausted by 2060 for sure,we must start to look for alternatives for petroleum.Our main aim should be on vehicles.So instead of just conservation,we must go for an alternative.Some foreign company(I dont remember name)has used the abundantly available hydrogen gas(derived from water) to run vehicles.Should we not invite such initiatives to India?

Saksham Mishra 4 years 11 months ago

Additionally the govt. shall finance R&D to develop alternatives to petroleum products in diesel.It comes in news that some person has used water as fuel in car and so on.The government should start a competition inviting innovations for an alternative fuel that can be used in place of petroleum products.Say if we get a way to use water in place of petrol,the import value will go down.Now the govt may provide subsidy for changing the vehicle mechanism so they can use water instead of petroleum.

Saksham Mishra 4 years 11 months ago

Saving of petroleum which gets wasted due to people's ignorance to switch off the ignition at traffic lights is not possible. In order to conserve the resources, research must be started in this field to make the petroleum products more efficient.
As for industries, proper audit by govt. is required of how much petroleum products are actually used by the industry and what is the amount wasted and then we can find out a way to minimize that.

Dhruvesh Rathi 4 years 11 months ago

1. Along with the expiry date to currency notes, setting maximum limit for cash handling per person (say 10 Lacks per person) may help.
2. In order to increase digital payment, govt should make retail businessmen and service sector players to keep card swiping machines to retain their license. This will encourage the digital payment (debit/card) in retail sector, and reduce dependency on cash in daily life.
3. Govt. should end tax on Card payment.

jai Hind

Sanyuktha Meena 4 years 11 months ago

Print money with date of expiry (like 5 years ) along with year of printing. The money notes should get exchanged with bank during expiry which will be getting accounted in default. Pros of this process:
1.people start saving amount in bank account rather than in home which increases the banks asset
2.leads to transformation from cash economy to digital economy.