Inviting suggestion on the Draft Report on Circular Economy in Electronic Waste

Last Date Jun 15,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

MeitY is seeking comments from citizens on the Draft Report on Circular Economy in Electronic Waste. ...

MeitY is seeking comments from citizens on the Draft Report on Circular Economy in Electronic Waste.

It has drafted an action plan report which provides recommendations on feasible solutions of circular economy transformation in the e-Waste Sector based on best global practices.

The recommendation includes the entire value chain of the products including raw-material acquisition, design & manufacturing of components, consumption, end-of-life, and recycling, and recovery stages, secondary raw materials, circular economy evaluation indicators, etc. to ensure

•Security of critical materials
•Product-life extension
•Responsible disposal
•Strengthening Recycling Systems
•Sustainable Manufacturing Process

Click here to read the Draft Report on Circular Economy in Electronic Waste.

The last date to receive inputs is 15th June 2021.

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Amit Pandya 1 hour 57 minutes ago

Majority of people don't have idea about how much a small electronic component is hazardous or harmful to nature or human kind.


1. Standardization of hazardous level of each electronic equipment
2. Make compulsory to mention on every box how much hazardous component any devices have
3. Integrated incentive programe for teenager for collecting to disposal of ewaste in standard process (certificate from indian government)
4. Introduce ewaste subject in education from standard.

ARUN KUMAR GUPTA 3 hours 31 minutes ago

This JV would collect the waste gadgets and segregate the waste into different categories of wastes.
Plastic parts shall be sent to plastic recycling channel partner.
Metallic parts such as screws, clamps etc shall be sent to metal recycling companies.
Wiring harness and cables can be sent to copper recycling companies
Gold and silver can be retrieved using appropriate available technology.

ARUN KUMAR GUPTA 3 hours 39 minutes ago

Government shall form an entity similar to Common ETPs in industrial areas to collect the waste products from different channels of various OEMs, segregate and route the waste to right recyclers.
It is important as every OEM would not be able to invest in waste recycling separately as it would add to their operating costs enormously.
This entity can be a joint venture company of different OEMs.
This would make JV viable also as it would ensure waste volume from different OEM channels

ARUN KUMAR GUPTA 3 hours 57 minutes ago

The advantage with this system would be that different OEMs can get physically similar products such as mobiles, laptops, desktop computers etc as scrap at the end of life cycle.
It is important to note that a mobile or laptop of one company have similar components inside when it comes to scrapping and salvaging.

ARUN KUMAR GUPTA 4 hours 5 minutes ago

OEM of electronic items can form a separate entity to get the items collected at end of life cycle similar to what is being done in case of batteries.
Though, it may not look efficient initially, it can be made effective by following PDCA cycle with continual improvement.

ARUN KUMAR GUPTA 4 hours 12 minutes ago

Every OEM has a supply chain for sourcing the components going into manufacturing.
Similarly, every OEM shall develop a disposal chain for salvaging the material gone into the manufacturing of the product.
A single entity can never have expertise to retrieve different categories of wastes such as plastics, glass, conventional metals such as copper, steel and precision metals such as gold and silver.
Segregation of waste and to channelize rightly for increasing yield from waste is important.

ParomitaSenPurkayastha 7 hours 39 minutes ago

Namaskar Sir,
In my opinion the plastic waste generated out of gadgets can be utilised for making pavement blocks for roads, bridges,etc.The plastic when mixed with sand at a very high temperature (around 2000°C) forms a material which is 3-5 times stronger than conventional bricks.

kartik kukreja 10 hours 31 minutes ago

We have many idea to reduce electronic waste like plastic is very harmful for our nature but I have a great idea to reuse of plastic if we make plastic slippers and if we mix some plastic in making road material so these idea to safe our environment my idea is not utopian scheme it is true please share my idea . Thank you

Pandya Shyam Vipulkumar 12 hours 44 minutes ago

do provide a plan to make recycling of different electronic gadgets to make it popular among common people as most of the people are unaware of it...