Inviting Ideas for PM Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat on 24th November, 2019

Last Date Nov 23,2019 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topics he should address on ...

PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topics he should address on the 59th Episode of Mann Ki Baat.

Send us your suggestions on the themes or issues you want the Prime Minister to speak about in the upcoming Mann Ki Baat episode. Share your views in this Open Forum or alternatively you can also dial the toll-free number 1800-11-7800 and record your message for the Prime Minister in either Hindi or English. Some of the recorded messages may become part of the broadcast.

You can also give a missed call on 1922 and follow the link received in SMS to directly give your suggestions to the Prime Minister.

And stay tuned to Mann Ki Baat at 11:00 AM on 24th November, 2019

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Fathima Thariq 41 minutes 41 sec ago

Dear Modi Ji,
I feel sir there is one issue that need to be solved soon because it is taking over our beautiful country in a faster phase,that is the rise of plastics evrywhre. I had to travel by train through a rural area and it came to my sight that the most beautiful of places and small lakes and ponds everywhere it has plastics especially small bottles and cover Kits, sir please do smethg about ths or it will destroy our beautiful country. Please bring a strict law regarding this sir

jgXXXXXXbh 1 hour 11 minutes ago

1)- shift some central govt and attached office out of Delhi.Ths will decongest city reduce pollution improve life of Delhi citizen.It also help development of smaller cities like Bhopal, Gandhinagar, Nagpur.In this age of internet it's easily doable Central govt office complex may be developed in tier two cities.
Tribal ministry in Raipur, Transport ministry in Nagpur, Electronic, IT and Telecom should be one ministry with Hyderabad office etc.
2)Adhar link land records to reduce corruption

Muthuselvam 1 hour 31 minutes ago

Respected sir,
SSC,UPSC and Central and State Government Public Sector Companies and Private Companies are recruiting employees through competitive selection. Writing separate exams for different companies costs money & is a waste of time.So the NTA must conduct the entrance exam for jobs. An Entrance Examination should be conducted for all companies, like the IBPS Examination.One India,One Exam.This is necessary to reduce transparency and reduce corruption in job placements.
Thankyou sir

KOTA KALYAN CHAKRAVARTHY 1 hour 49 minutes ago

In addition to my suggestion below any property deal should happen only through cheque including advance if any. Absolutely no cash. Also Aadhar and PAN should be linked.

Kiran Kumar Tavva 1 hour 51 minutes ago

govt can encourage farmers to cultivate banana trees plantation. Every one well known about the parts of banana tree is eco friendly and healthy.

KOTA KALYAN CHAKRAVARTHY 1 hour 51 minutes ago

Dear SIr, Black Money is rampant and major source is real estate. Deal happens at X value and registration happens at Y value. Y-X is black money. I am proposing an absolute remedy. Any prop deal including agri land should be informed to concern Govt authority who will display the details of deal in website and notice board. Anybody who wants to quote > deal value can deposit 10% of quote as EM and participate in bid. Bid will be open for fixed time, highest bidder gets the property. 100% fix.

MADHAVAN RAO 1 hour 53 minutes ago

Respected PM, Re- Water Conservation
Better Design of Taps is a Solution.
Taps fitted with AERATORS can restrict the flow to 3-6 Litres per minute(LPM), as the Aerators mix air with water and send.
Urban taps have flow rate of 12-18LPM against 3-6LPM.
The Solution is:-
1)ONLY Taps fitted with Aerators should be in use
2)Manufacturers should sell only Taps with Aerators
3)Old Taps (unable to fit Aerators) to be replaced
4) JUNE 2020 Transition period for all Taps in India

Dimpol Saikia 1 hour 53 minutes ago

With respect
Honorable Prime minister of India

with due to respect I am a citizen of india belongs from Assam Dibrugarh District. Sir , Our CM is very good working this time but some kind of person and some union has been demanding Business man for running their unit. but that money's has been goan on his own pocket.. This is not fare but this is truth. so sir I want to work for .... ....
at last Jai Hind

Kiran Kumar Tavva 2 hours 3 minutes ago

While opening Jandhan Accounts, banks could not activate the account until that fulfill of KYC likes in Mutual Fund process. Like mutual funds of Central KYC registration can also implement to Banks.

Sandeep Gangwar 2 hours 8 minutes ago

My Dear Modi ji, You are one of Great the great Dynamic personality, who has done herculine task in his tenure and many more yet to do. Article 35A and Ram Mandir was the great dicisions.
we need to solve few problems..
Skill based education system.