Health System in India: Bridging the Gap between Current Performance and Potential

Health System in India: Bridging the Gap between Current Performance and Potential
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This discussion is now closed. To view the summation of content from this discussion visit our Blog. The topic has now been furthered into nine new discussions along the pillars of ...

This discussion is now closed. To view the summation of content from this discussion visit our Blog. The topic has now been furthered into nine new discussions along the pillars of health systems strengthening. You are invited to contribute actively to these discussions.

Health Information Systems
Human Resources for Health
Availability of drugs, vaccines and other consumables
Public Health
Service Delivery in Health
Using Available Financial Resources in Health as a Tool for Efficiency
Stewardship and Governance in Health
Regulation of Drugs, Food and Medical Practice
Increasing Financial Resources for Health

India has made remarkable achievements in areas like Polio elimination, lowering fertility and disease control. However, our progress in health outcomes has been slower in comparison to other countries with comparable incomes and at similar stages of development. Impressive gains in per capita income should match with increase in life expectancy or health status. We now face a triple burden of disease. Out of pocket expenditures in India is high (70 percent of total health expenditure). This is catastrophic for the poor and pushes an estimated 37 million into poverty every year.

Health is a subject allotted to the State List, under the Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution. The Central Government is jointly responsible for items in the Concurrent List.We have one of the most expansive publicly provided networks of health facilities yet issues of regional disparity, access and quality remain. The private sector despite being utilized by the majority of the population also has issues of quality and cost.

Even though the Union Budget allocation for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 2015-16 has remained at the level of revised expenditure in 2014-15, an opportunity lies in encouraging States to spend more on the social sector with greater devolution of untied funds following the recommendations of the Fourteenth Finance Commission.

India is brimming with possibilities. Successful conduct of election, Census survey, projects in space and atomic sciences are some examples. India is termed as the “pharmacy of the global south”, providing affordable, life saving generic medicines to developed and developing countries. In the same way, there is potential for our health system to deliver optimal outcomes to the population.

The Twelfth Plan charts the path towards strengthening health systems so as to reach the long term objective of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). It is our belief that a Health System Strengthening approach is the solution to bridging the gap between our current status and potential performance. The Health Division of the NITI Aayog invites you to an open and informed discussion to elicit ideas for overcoming the enormous challenges in the sector with limited funds at hand and guide future action at all levels, in our system. Your opinion is important and valued.

Detailed note on the current status of health system in India

We invite your responses on these two questions:

1. How can we maximize health returns from available resources?
2. How can we increase investments in health?

This discussion is open for the next two weeks after which we will post a summary of the ideas generated on the forum. We will also follow-up with a more detailed note on the issues in health system and learning from best practices in the country as well as globally for further discussion. Informed briefs on the above mentioned questions will also be made available after the initial two weeks for more a targeted dialogue.

Comments made by our Division will appear as “NITIHealth”.

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abhishek rajoria 6 years 4 months ago

Many of us are quite unaware of healthy diet to follow instead depending on alopathy for health.

Long term exposure to bad quality of air deteriorate health standards which is quite common in old market areas of cities . Proposal : 1 tree per 1 street light

We eat whatever we like without thinking much .. Now its Maggie tomorrow it will be some other .. Think before you eat outside food.

Self medication is quite not advised. Avoid medication for minor fevers,headaches (weakens body)

Sandesh Y K 6 years 4 months ago

Creating separate portal page to maintain individual health history/record and Digitalizing health system in india by linking his/her Aadhaar card number as patient Id

Procedure,benefits are clearly mentioned in the attached PDF plz do read it for more information, and after reading it plz do comment ur opinion on this idea to improve it if needed

Laxminarayana Murthy N 6 years 4 months ago

We have to make safety a priority in all fields. Road safety can give a mind shift in safety to the people of the country. Please pass the road safety bill at the earliest. Please don't waste in implementing in one single strokefor the entire country. Please start 100% enforced areas and keep expanding over one year. please don't allow traffic violations to be fined by police. they should have only power to check documents. Please use CCTV- electronic filing of violations and use the money-expan

Ankur Singla 6 years 4 months ago

what about the facilities? Doctor got commission from Ultrasound or MRI center if they send the patients to their related center. Ex- actual MRI is done near about in Rs. 2500 in private hospitals but the centers take 5000rs in Patiala (Punjab) and 7000rs in Delhi near Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi and many more. So please first of all handle this issue so that poor people can afford this. Then tell about transforming India.

mukund dighe 6 years 4 months ago

we have a large number of private medical practitioners.with co operation of IMC invite them to volunteer to give free consultations for two hours every week.decide on one day of week and hours of consultation all over India. honour the doctors with a plaque from gov. of India such as 'Doctor Mitra'

Chanchal MAl Chordia 6 years 4 months ago

Effective Treatment of Diabetes is possible in Self Reliant Drugless Therapies.For more clarification please Visit

PUSHPENDRA SINGH KAURAV 6 years 4 months ago

today if i go to hospital for taking treatment for gas problem the doctor asked what is the problem if i say i have gas problem from 2-3 days, he never told my why i have this problem he simply write down some medicine & ask me to come again after 3 days. this type of doctors we have. they simply give you medicine but never explain why they are giving this type of medicine and why not other type. so we need such medical facility where they treat my problem but solve my doubt & guide to prevnt

yashkumar d.chokshi 6 years 4 months ago

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Chanchal MAl Chordia 6 years 4 months ago

Government must provide Facilities for Teaching,Training & Treatment Through Effective Drugless Therapies Like Acupressure, Magnet, Urine etc.For more clarification please go through our website

Abhijeet Waghmare 6 years 4 months ago

Just calculate how much government spends on health issues caused due to tobacco and tobacco products and compare that spend against how much earns because of tobacco products(cigarettes, bidi, khaini and alike). Government is banning certain products found to have lead and other chemicals in more than allowed limit! Why not ban tobacco and tobacco products. The ban on tobacco products will release the health system potential and resources which could be used for other health issues.