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Last Date Oct 31,2020 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Every year 27th September is celebrated as World Tourism Day. This year the theme of World Tourism Day is Tourism and Rural Development. Tourism helps rural communities hold onto ...

Every year 27th September is celebrated as World Tourism Day. This year the theme of World Tourism Day is Tourism and Rural Development. Tourism helps rural communities hold onto their unique natural and cultural heritage, supporting conservation projects, including those safeguarding endangered species, lost traditions or flavours. Tourism has proven to be a lifeline for many rural communities. The sector is not just a leading source of employment, particularly for women and youth but it also provides opportunities for territorial cohesion and socio-economic inclusion for even the most remote regions.
Our villages and the people who live there are a true custodians and manifestation of our culture.
As we work towards more sustainable development of our country, developing related hard and soft infrastructure and promoting tourism in rural India is much required.

Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with MyGov invites you to share your views ideas on Rural India- How it can leverage tourism.

Last Date for submission is 31st October, 2020

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JYOTI SAMANTA SINGHAR 47 minutes 56 sec ago

The product which is exclusively manufactured and hand made by native craftsmen could be exhibited and opened .

Ritik chouhan 1 hour 17 minutes ago

Rural India is something where you get these things :
1. Breathtaking beauty
2. Peaceful scenes
3. Raw delights
4. Social volunteering
5. Tiny tales
6. Sensational inspiration
7. Engaging history
8. People live like a family
Therefore, Villages are most precious in India.
One of the most important thing is that villages saves our culture and tradition.

deepak mittal_5 2 hours 32 minutes ago

rural area have many places which can be a part of at least local tourism.. which also tends to attract international tourism.

in village Salhawas of distt. jhajjar we have a water pumping designed well but if govt. renovate it add some fountain show type and do greenry it will be used as a tourist park.
in same nearby we have bhindawas lake which need development for international tourism..pincode- 124146

Dinesh Kumar 2 hours 38 minutes ago

Seeking opinion on subject is new dimension. PMO is complimented. Please have separate Brand as ‘Bharat ka village’. Prepare menu list of available monuments, unique cultural practices, construct housing suiting locally to attract tourists. This can be done by a selected committed youths getting educated in various institutes. A tremendous value added activity for rural India.

Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan 10 hours 30 minutes ago

My Place is Theni, Tamilnadu. People in my state knows my place is Rural and have very fertile places to visit. Likewise within my district there are lot of places which is an attraction for tourists. Government doesn't have a place where people can avail a reasonable stay and public tourism bus they can rent out. if Government promotes tourism development in such rural places by focusing on stays, travels which is affordable to all class of people will be my suggestion to leverage Rural tourism

Nayan P Bhavsar 11 hours 19 minutes ago

#अखं‍डभारत | દરેક ગામ કે જિલ્લાઓમાં જે જુના જમાનામાં રહેલા બાંધકામો કે ધાર્મિક સ્થળો હોય તેના ઈતિહાસ નો ઉલ્લેખ કરવામાં આવે અને તેનું મહત્વ સમજાવવામાં આવે. ગામમાં રહેતા લોકોને ગામ પ્રત્યે ગૌરવ થાય એવા કામ કરવાની પ્રેરણા આપવામાં આવે. ગામની બહાર એક સારું કોઈ સારું પ્રેરણાદાયી સંસ્કૃતિનો પરિચય કરાવતું સ્મારક બનાવવા માં આવે.

anand tiwari 11 hours 25 minutes ago

गाँवो के विकास के लिए सरकार को वहाँ के लोकल उत्पाद को अधिक से अधिक प्रचार प्रसार किया जाए फैक्ट्रियों का निर्माण जिले के अनुसार निर्धारित फैक्ट्रियो का निर्माण अधिक से अधिक वह की संस्कृति का प्रचार प्रसार लोक संगीत का प्रचार गाँव से रिश्ता रखने वाले महान विभूतियों के निवास को संग्रहालय बनवाना गाँव के रोड रास्तो संपर्क मार्गो से जोड़ना जिससे कम समय मे अधिक दूरी तय की जा सके

anand tiwari 11 hours 37 minutes ago

गाँव के विकास के लिए व पयर्टन को बढ़ावा देने के लिए सरकार को गाँव के धार्मिक स्थलों को भी देखने की जरूरत है जो कि प्राचीन समय के हो लखनऊ का मूसाबाग बाराबंकी का महादेवा मंदिर लखनऊ सीमा पर भावरेश्वर महादेव मंदिर मिश्रिख सीतापुर का दधीचि मंदिर ऐसे तमाम धार्मिक स्थल है जो कि धूल खा रहे है सरकार प्राचीन मंदिरों पर ध्यान नही दे रही इन्ही का विकास हो जाये सुन्दरीकरण जाए तो पयर्टन में काफी सुधार व जिनपे सरकार ध्यान नही जाता ऐसे धार्मिक स्थलों को ध्यान देने की जरूरत है पयर्टन को बढ़ावा खुद मिल जायेगा