A comprehensive paper on cleanliness in your country of residence

A comprehensive paper on cleanliness in your country of residence
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Cleanliness, be it in the city or the villages is an important focus area for the Government. This task enables NRIs to share best practices adopted in the field of cleanliness ...

Cleanliness, be it in the city or the villages is an important focus area for the Government. This task enables NRIs to share best practices adopted in the field of cleanliness that can be considered in an Indian context.

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Hemant Kukde 5 years 7 months ago

In Bharat the task of everyday cleaning is mammoth. All Indians wish that their area be clean but collection, pick up and disposal of accumulated rubbish is not effective. The local councils should have trucks (on call or regular basis) that can collect and compress the separated waste and take it away. I am sure the local seniors (retired persons) can take turns to keep vigil and direct people to dump rubbish in separate large containers. The local councillers should visit areas to monitor.

Parvathy Sabareesh 5 years 7 months ago

24 hrs round the clock waste disposal is carried out in all parts of the city. plants based on the climatic conditions are planted in road to provide beauty n shade. residential areas are planted with neem trees for cooling effect and to fight disease naturally, even though only rough rocky hills are everywhere, gov is putting their best effort to make it greener.

Anuj Shah 5 years 7 months ago

Before the government its responsibility of citizen to maintain cleanness by not throwing rubbish on the roads or ground.
here in USA, at a bus stop near my college people always threw rubbish on the ground, I saw it happening
for around three or four days, and I was surprised to see a dustbin on fifth day and since then I see that area crystal clear. So the conclusion is that government monitored that the area is not being clean due to lack of a bin which came in notice.

Devesh Chauhan 5 years 7 months ago

We should implement garbage recycling. We should make this task compulsory in school and corporate. In school/Corporate dedicated hours for cleaning surrounding areas. That will enable need to keep things clean in every citizen as they learn from school. Community service for those who are caught for littering.

Vinutha Shreekrishna 5 years 7 months ago

Respected Sir,
To maintain cleanliness we have to keep big garbage bins to every 10 house and separately for waste and recycling products written on it. Since people are not serious about that, wordings should be very bold. Every 2 days that bins must be emptied and if waste is not dumped properly into the bins by any particular 10 household, fine must be collected for all 10 house.
And dust bins in each and every corner of the streets, parks, temples and in front of all buildings.
Thank you

Lily Agarwal 5 years 7 months ago

periodical community engagement, through schools and education institutions, where parents and students give 4 hrs on weekend, not instead of productive work time. to clean, plant, paint, sort out, construct, repair, and enjoy a kebab/pakora w tea and chat at the end, also set up by involved families and institutions. public parks, pavements suburban streets can be cleaned and beautified by the people for the people, with local govt involvement/investment. Dignity of labour I learnt in OZ.

Lily Agarwal 5 years 7 months ago

Also, councils should employ local cleanliness and hygiene inspectors, who issue fines to residences, concerned local bodies, waste collection operators for slackness. Some level of legislation which gives framework for dos and donts. Public liability laws etc. In rural areas same kind of principal but through panchayats and local communities. Change the habits by giving monetary consequence, payable to a govt debt collection body via internet or bank. This money can be invested back into projec

Lily Agarwal 5 years 7 months ago

In Australia local councils collect waste weekly. Each residence is supplied with large bins for recycling greens, paper, kitchen waste, bottles. We pay council rates annually. pvt enterprise can be encouraged to get involved. Bins all over the streets and heavy density areas, with advertisements on them, revenue means for operator, also part employed by residential/commercial associations, Proper waste collection trucks, proper planned waste dumping sights, where waste processed professionally

Keyulkumar Dave 5 years 7 months ago

Dear All, I live in Thailand. As if any one has came in contact with Thai People they will ask a question "Do you like Thailand?" I am writing this because it shows the mentality of the people. They love their country just like their home. If we are keeping our house clean, we should keep our country clean. To start with first clean our streets near house, near shops, slowly cover whole country. With this we need disposal arrangement of waste. Needs identified places for bins at public places.

Prasanna Guntur 5 years 7 months ago

1.Hygine--compulsory subject is school
2.college and Universities to form groups that participate in community hygine programs
3.colleges and Universities to conduct camps and training in Cities and villages to bring awareness
4.non compliance by building societies,companies,local groups to be HEAVILY fined
5.Youth participation and more programs like "swach bharat"