TRAI Invites Suggestion on Consultation Paper on ‘Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC)

TRAI has taken several initiatives to curb the problem of Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). However, from the analysis of complaints received on regular basis and ...

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TRAI has taken several initiatives to curb the problem of Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). However, from the analysis of complaints received on regular basis and feedback from various sources, it is observed that problem of Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) still exist. Need was felt to identify the issues and make necessary changes to address the issues.

Some of the key problems identified in this regard are:
• Customers are receiving unsolicited communications despite registering the preference for not to receive such communications, choices for customers to register for preferences are very broad and limited, new types of unsolicited calls like calls from auto-diallers, robo-calls and silent calls which a customer may find irritating.
• It also takes long time to take action against the UCC complaints.
• Lakhs of SMS headers have been taken by different content providers for transactional message purposes. Companies, by any means, take consent of the customer and start sending messages on regular basis. Such consents are used in perpetuity without any time limit. No robust mechanism to keep the record of consent so that it is non-repudiable and easily accessible.
• Number of intermediaries between registered telemarketers and content providers who are either not registered or not entered into the agreement with access provider. No process for content authentication by customer.

In view of the above, regulatory framework for UCC is required to be reviewed for appropriate changes in the framework or for introducing new entities or processes required, if any. Accordingly, TRAI has issued this consultation paper to have wider consultation with all the stakeholders. This consultation paper deliberates following issues:
• Analyses of present preference registration system and explores ways and means to make system more effective and efficient. Explores options to provide more choices to the customer for preferences.
• Registration System for related entities. It explores the possibility of registration of new entities like Content Providers, Aggrgators and Intermediaries.
• Suggests introducing new entities for Header Assignments, consent recording etc.
• Issues related to UCC Complaint handling and suggests to make system more efficient e.g. by reducing time-line.
• Suggests alternative options to make system more effective e.g. by enhanced functionality of Signature Solution, introducing honey pots, Scrubbing as a Service etc.

Full text of the consultation paper can be viewed here.

Last date for submission of comments on the consultation paper 16th November, 2017.

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anand's picture

anand 5 months 1 week ago

In order to give a sense of accountability, whenever a complaint is registered against an unsolicited call or message, a complaint ID should be provided to the complainant so that he may track the action taken against the violator.

Furthermore, there should be a system to analyse how many complaints are received from various persons for the same company or entity. Accordingly depending on the extent of such complaints exemplary fines may be levied.
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Girish Elchuri's picture

Girish Elchuri 6 months 5 days ago

There are service providers for sending mass SMS or email who don't respect DND registrations of the users. Suggest the following to curb this menace:
* Provide a simple on place or one message registration for the consumers that they don't want to be disturbed.
* If any complaint is received, along with organization sending the message, also the service provider who is sending it must be punished
* The punishment must be massive and thus there is motivation to respect the law.

Abhishek Bajpai's picture

Abhishek Bajpai 6 months 4 weeks ago

An online portal to be established so that user can register the complain of operators which are still sending them calls even if they have registered to not send them.

And online system of registering with operators to not send them un-wanted sms or calls to be done.

Tanmoy Kumar Bharati Bharati's picture

Tanmoy Kumar Bharati Bharati 6 months 4 weeks ago

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Shailesh Gupta's picture

Shailesh Gupta 6 months 4 weeks ago

please check almost all the sites ask for our personal information to register and use the information.the personal informations are 'very personal' and should not be used for any other purpose and there should be a mandate for a simple note acknowledging the submission of personal information.also some departments ask for some information , while other departments ask for different information , hence the informations should be asked in a similar way by all the departments / authorities.

Madan Rajput's picture

Madan Rajput 7 months 1 day ago

The calls for credit cards, Personal loans are on the rise and they know more personal information. The privacy is a very serious issue here and there should be some law to protect people's privacy. Apart from all of these the calls for telemarketing like Ervamatin, Yantras are becoming big nuisance. If certain amount of complaints are received these connections should be revoked by the service provider.