Smart City Erode

Smart City Erode
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Erode City Municipal Corporation has been selected through a competitive process for SMART City Mission initiative of Government of India. In the next phase, Erode city has to ...

Erode City Municipal Corporation has been selected through a competitive process for SMART City Mission initiative of Government of India. In the next phase, Erode city has to compete with 98 other cities from across the country to make it into the Top 20 cities which will be taken up for the first round of funding. The Stage II involves the preparation of an Area Development Plan and a Pan-City Initiative under the SMART City Proposal (SCP). The detailed guidelines are provided in

Citizens and stakeholders are requested to post their views and suggestions on how to make Erode a Smart one. The citizens may organize their thoughts on the following topics

1. What should be the Vision for Erode?
2. What are the strengths, areas of Improvement and solutions across the following sectors

(a) City Spatial Structure, Transportation and Green Spaces
(b) Energy, Water, Waste Water and Environment
(c) Housing, Health, Education, Security, Law and Order
(d) Citizen Engagement, Smart Solutions and IT-led service delivery

Citizens can also reach us through the official site of Erode Municipal Corporation or through the Facebook page which is the official page for smart city challenge.

Let us work together in making Erode a Smart City!

The last date to submit your comments is 30th November, 2015.

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KARTHIKEYAN S_6 4 years 7 months ago

1.Erode-kokkarayanpettai road to be converted into SH upto solar with overbridges at railway crossings as inner ring road.
2.Eco friendly dustbins to be provided at shopping areas every 100 feet.
3.Separate sewer lines along perumpalam and sunambu odai can be constructed at sides
4.50 new Volvo buses can be introduced in corporation limit with transit app it must track all this 50 buses.
5.Parking structures to be constructed in manikundu or PS park,VOC park, Sampath Nagar.DETAILS IN FILE

Madhumitha_4 4 years 7 months ago

Dear sir, first & the foremost is energy &utilisation , I really hate wasting of power so every industry ,even houses should maintain the proper power factor to avoid wastage if energy so similar to energy meter power factor meter should be provided &I should be properly maintained, second is the transport unnecessary occupying of govt land in & around roads should be get cleared ,goods travellers should not be aloud inside city during peak hours that is school & office timing, plants should be

SUCHITRA RAGHAVACHARI 4 years 7 months ago

Sir, the problems that plague the town are the availability of round the clock power, good roads, waste disposal - sewage system and availability of better housing facilities. Civic issues need to be tackled aggressively, a clean city will do wonders for a potential new age business - textile hub.
The hospitality sector also needs to be encouraged with increase in rooms & improvement in facilities.
Internet - wifi connectivity should also be enhanced.
Transport - traffic regulation is needed

SUCHITRA RAGHAVACHARI 4 years 7 months ago

Sir, in recent times there has also been a keen interest in the education enterprise, which have seen a great many school exam toppers from institutions based in these parts. This model, though with occasional complaints, needs to be strengthened as many "non-city" children get an opportunity to compete at the highest levels. This requires more guidelines & better supervision, and can become a model scheme like the one in Bihar - preparing students for IIT.

SUCHITRA RAGHAVACHARI 4 years 7 months ago

Sir, Erode has been a business - textile centre for long. Though the textile industry has faced some setbacks, they have always bounced back, have been up to date. They generate employment, bring in investment & forex. This should be the focus, as it can bring about improvement in lives of the common man. Industry however, requires better & continuous power, IT connectivity, design houses, e-auction / e-retail hubs, training centers, improved road & rail connectivity.

JAGDISH PATHAK 4 years 7 months ago

In respect to smart city concept,business,economic,infrastructure development are OK, but, the real development of social harmony,human development,cultural development, etc.things are very important for peace,harmony and fruitfull helping nature of people.For that,there should be YOGA,SPIRITUAL,PRAYER CENTRE in CITY.There should be no crime & no accused,Jail should be paid & luxurious with all accommodation like AC,bed-sofa,pure bhojan-breakfast,TV but no mobile-net as per jail manual strictly

Saravanan_98 4 years 7 months ago

7. All houses shall have rain-water harvesting system. All houses shall connect the kitchen/bathroom water to rain water harvesting system.
8. Main road shall have parking bay for Autos, Toilet facility.

Saravanan_98 4 years 7 months ago

4. All commercial shop/establishments shall have at minimum of 15% of their total usage space for vehicle parking for customers. (Ex: Total area = 1000 sq.feet, minimum 150 Sq for parking requirement)
5. All multi floor houses/housing community complex shall have parking facility for owners and minimum parking facility for visitors.
6. Every house shall grow atleast 1 tree to make revolution. The house tax benefit shall be given if more trees are planted by individual inside the house area.

Saravanan_98 4 years 7 months ago

To make any city as SMART city:
Erode - Smart city Idea:
1. To maximize the public transport, every citizen can get public transport in 500 to 1 KM distance walk.
2. All the bus road shall have minimum of 50 feet width. All the encroachments in main road shall be removed.
3. The housing plan/permit shall be given by CMDA/Municipal Corporation, only if the road width is more than 30 feet and the area of land is more than 100 Sq/ft.