Inviting Suggestions for the Draft National Youth Policy

Start Date :
Jun 08, 2022
Last Date :
Jul 15, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

The Government has reviewed the existing draft National Youth Policy, 2014 and prepared a new draft National Youth Policy (NYP). The draft NYP envisages a ten - year vision for ...

The Government has reviewed the existing draft National Youth Policy, 2014 and prepared a new draft National Youth Policy (NYP). The draft NYP envisages a ten - year vision for youth development that India seeks to achieve by 2030. It is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and serves to 'unlock the potential of the youth to advance India'. The draft NYP seek to catalyze widespread action on youth development across five priority areas viz. education; employment & entrepreneurship: youth leadership & development; health, fitness & sports; and social justice. Each priority area is underpinned by the principle of social inclusion keeping in view the interests of the marginalized sections.

The Department of Youth Affairs seek comments/views/suggestions on the draft NYP from all stakeholders.

Please refer to the policy document: Draft National Youth Policy

The last date to share your ideas and suggestions is 15th July, 2022.

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Chandrakant Vijay Birhade 1 hour 41 minutes ago

Government of India should be legalized part time and distance mode of education degrees after graduations for students and professionals those who take those postgraduation degrees be it related to any university under the rule of UGC because sometime people not take education in regular mode due to people prefer to take degrees by doing the work and sometimes people do not have that kind of financial stability to utilize all time by taking full time degrees when we do postgraduation and p.Hd education.This would be boost the working economy model and it should be strictly applicable to all private and public companies to grant such educational qualifications

Santosh Kumar chitimilla 2 hours 36 minutes ago

Sahasra 10 yrs old girl child from Telangana , Nizamabad district. Started to achieve various records from her childhood. Recently she entered in to Indian book of records by attempting on abbreviations on Indian banking and Indian economy.

Very Recently she entered in to Asia Book of Records by attempting in reciting 44 articles in Indian constitution in 2 minutes 27 seconds.

I feel this sort of child has to be encouraged by the government. So that they will inspire many others children and it will be a boost for the child for future achievements.

Shashi Bhushan 3 hours 27 minutes ago

सबके लिए छात्रावास बनाए लड़का लड़की का पृथक् पृथक् बनाए जाए पूरे देश को पक्का मकान बना सकते है तो विद्यार्थियों के लिए छात्रावास बना सकते है . पूरे देश को राशन खिला सकते है तो विद्यार्थियों को खिला सकते है .लाभ -----१, बच्चे accident से बच पाएंगे २.सरकार को बैग,जूते, का पैसा बचेगा ३एक ही किताब को दुबारा पढा जाएग ४.अपराध मुक्त समाज होगा ५,आने जाने का time बचेगा विद्यार्थियों का और उनका प्रयोग खेल,योग, सन्गीत, स्वाध्याय मे कर सकते है

Nitindra chandra Roy 4 hours 39 minutes ago

India is an old civilization. Every family has an profession and distributed by the society .They have a knowledge of those profession .Youth policy should be a a device to connect the youth with their own family profession. .They will get their own profession.

Dr Nevin Cheruvathery Gopi 13 hours 12 minutes ago

Strong education is very important for developing good youth. Quality teachers should available in educational institutions. The selection of teachers must be based on the quality not by donation they gave.
Youth should have exposure to show their talent in any field

KULDEEP VISHWAKARMA 14 hours 55 minutes ago

The priority areas are education, skill development and employment, entrepreneurship, health and healthy lifestyle, sports, promotion of social values, community engagement, participation in politics and governance, youth engagement, inclusion and social justice.