Inviting Suggestions for the Draft National Youth Policy

Start Date :
Jun 08, 2022
Last Date :
Jul 15, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

The Government has reviewed the existing draft National Youth Policy, 2014 and prepared a new draft National Youth Policy (NYP). The draft NYP envisages a ten - year vision for ...

The Government has reviewed the existing draft National Youth Policy, 2014 and prepared a new draft National Youth Policy (NYP). The draft NYP envisages a ten - year vision for youth development that India seeks to achieve by 2030. It is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and serves to 'unlock the potential of the youth to advance India'. The draft NYP seek to catalyze widespread action on youth development across five priority areas viz. education; employment & entrepreneurship: youth leadership & development; health, fitness & sports; and social justice. Each priority area is underpinned by the principle of social inclusion keeping in view the interests of the marginalized sections.

The Department of Youth Affairs seek comments/views/suggestions on the draft NYP from all stakeholders.

Please refer to the policy document: Draft National Youth Policy

The last date to share your ideas and suggestions is 15th July, 2022.

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Murali Kumar 1 hour 5 minutes ago

Modiji, Youths are our National Pride. But our Colleges are stuffed by a few political organisations propogating misleading arguments on color creed gender caste inequality to rise negative thoughts against & shout against indian ancestoral culture& tradition,family beliefs, Dietyworship, parenting,obedience, religious faith,indian laws, even Indian Constitution.Central Government should frame laws to prohibit such Youth Organisations stuffed with anti indian ideology with negativity as freedom.

SHRAVAN KUMAR 10 hours 30 minutes ago

sabhi yuvaon ko rojgar ke avsar prapt hone chahie tabhi Desh Ka Yuva berojgar nahin hoga
desh ka bhavishya yuvaon hota hai !

Bharathi Biligiri 12 hours 37 minutes ago

Kindly make the policy rules to be considered on purely merit basis.

Rural and lesser privileged area youth to be given weightage.

Encourage higher studies or Developmental Projects through Financial and other required assistance.

Younger Generation To be given prioroty in various Innovative sectors as per requirement and suitability.

Youth with specialization in a particular segment need to be employed to those work areas only for optimum results.

Time to time upgradation in Remuneration and Designation through regular assessment and evaluation exams.

Free/Nominal fee skill building courses to be offered in those fields which has present and future demand and need.

Create awareness about all New schemes.

Strict action against any person if proven guilty or involved in illicit activities.

Such persons who are violating the Law, Disturbing the Society, intentionally Causing trouble to surrounding environment, supporting illegal deeds are to be heavily penalised and punished.

Kumar Nitin Singh 13 hours 29 minutes ago

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Kumar Nitin Singh 13 hours 31 minutes ago

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Dr Usha Shukla 13 hours 38 minutes ago

विवेकानंद के देश में ऐसे युवा हों...
1-चुनाव के लिए दीवारें गंदी करने वाले व्यक्ति को वोट न दें।
2-महिलाओं को कमतर दिखाने वाले को चुनाव आयोग बैन कर दे।

Parvez Hussain 13 hours 59 minutes ago

Youth policy main objective should be centered towards Nation building activities - NCC ,NYC ,NYV recruited youths should be absorbed according their qualifications and their experience ..There should clear weightage of NCC cum NYK ,NYC/NYV high qualified youths over common youths in state as well as in center govt jobs ....
Let youth like me not to go waste
Having degrees of higher qualifications PG ,B.ed ITI Diplomas in COPA , stenography ,LAB Technician Diploma plus experience in serving nation for two years as NYV/ NYC both at DC office budgam as well as in my block..

Rakesh gupta 14 hours 41 minutes ago

In Drafting national youth policy should consider for

* Entrepreneurship Development for Youth.
* Loan and financing facility upto 10 lakhs at no morgage like Mudra Yojna, MSME loan, startup finance.
* Loan Emi payment made in easy for 3-5 years period.
* Digital world Mobile and computer applications software and hardware should avail on economy rates.