Give Suggestions & ideas for effective use of Media in promoting Indian Culture and Heritage

Give Suggestions & ideas for effective use of Media in promoting Indian Culture and Heritage
Last Date Mar 18,2016 18:00 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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The mandate of the Ministry of Culture is to preserve, promote, explore and share India’s culture and heritage along with ethos and values for the benefit of mankind. For ...

The mandate of the Ministry of Culture is to preserve, promote, explore and share India’s culture and heritage along with ethos and values for the benefit of mankind. For achieving this Mission, the Ministry undertakes the following activities:

• Maintenance and conservation of heritage, historic sites and ancient monuments
• Administration of libraries
• Promotion of literary, visual and performing arts
• Observation of centenaries and anniversaries of important national personalities and events
• Promotion of institutions and organizations of Buddhist and Tibetan studies
• Promotion of institutional and individual non-official initiatives in the fields of art and culture
• Entering into cultural agreements with foreign countries

The functional spectrum of the Ministry ranges from creating cultural awareness from the grass root level to the international cultural exchange level. Details about several Schemes which are administered by Ministry of Culture for providing financial assistance for promoting cultural activities are available on the Ministry’s website (

Also, various organizations under the Ministry of Culture organize cultural programs and events from time to time.

The Ministry has decided to invite suggestions from the public regarding innovative ideas for effective use of Media in promoting Indian Culture and Heritage.

It is requested that the individual suggestions may be limited to about 200 words.

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satadipa chakraborty 4 years 6 months ago

The top most news channels can broadcast minimum 10-20 minutes of daily show on focusing of Indian Culture& Heritage of different villages town or state,part by part2)The travel agencies of a place can poster through different communication system(bus,train)about the culture history of that places.This can help the tourist.In every state tourism department can provides information of the state culture &Heritage through website in details communication system.In education there should be a subje

KANCHI VIVEK_GUPTA 4 years 6 months ago

releasemore documentary films, engage artists lke benoy behl to capture cultural heritage on firm . showcase on tv and upload on youtube. indian diplomacy is doing a good job.

prassad rao kalayru 4 years 6 months ago

*conduct cultural events reflecting Indian culture by comparing other world cultures and show case the importance of Indian heritage through social network platforms.
*broad cast research oriented Indian heritage and cultural films by highlighting the achievements of Indians.
*produce and air short films on the Indian culture and heritage.
*focus on the usage of names associated with our culture and heritage in all its operations.
* Encourage Heritage tours with media involvement.

Mahavir Kapshe 4 years 6 months ago

Let Tourism Department promote a Website providing details of all small and big Tourist Attractions in an around towns, villages which could help people plan their travel. For this Department can invite common people to upload the pictures and videos with information of Tourist attractions on the lines of Wikipedia.

sangeeta_srivastava 4 years 6 months ago

As we know media play a very strong role to portray the country Image at worldwide, but unfortunately Indian media is more focus to portray the negative image by airing talk show of different party parliament members, Rape Cases, Celebrities break-up news etc. It should be mandatory for every news channel to allot at least 5 min in every new for heritage & Culture, state based short documentaries and information regarding culture and heritage.Organize Promotion Programs.

ANAND NAGARAJ 4 years 6 months ago

We believe in rituals and customs. Most of the tv channels telecast the programme and the conversations hurt the beliefs of our hindutva. Such things should not be repeated.

Sandeep Biswas 4 years 6 months ago

1. In social media, the videos and pictures of Indian Culture and Heritage along with there significance has to be published.
2. Every transport places i.e., railway stations, airports, bus stand has to engaged with these videos and pictures
3. Many news channels also host different tourism programs. So the Ministry of Culture can pursue them.
4. As State gives ad of their tourist places. Ministry of Culture can follow the same
5. Like Mann Ki Baat, Sanskriti Ki Baat can be introduced.

Ashvin Shah 4 years 6 months ago

Central Government should pass a law that all the private news channels have to give at least 20% of their air time to government to telecast their achievements and air the programme which promotes culture and nationalism in people?This should be the stipulated condition while issuing the licence to that channels.

Swati Tripathi_2 4 years 6 months ago

There should be more channels like Epic, they are doing a great job. Bring back the old gems like Bharat-ek Khoj, the serials like "hum log" and "Buniyad" and "Vyomkesh Bakshi" , let today's generation know the hardship people went through to provide us this lavish lifestyle. Encourage people to share their own videos, stories while visiting Indian monuments and also share videos/pictures of those who try to harm them.

Shashwat Shriparv 4 years 6 months ago

Videos on Indian Culture and Heritage should made and media must give some airtime compulsorily, those videos can be displayed at all railway station, buses, airports and such public places. People should be encouraged to make videos and there should be some national level competitions and prizes. Should be displayed in movie theaters. Wide screens must be built at public places and these video must be broadcasted.