Consultation Paper On Transparency in Publishing of Tariff Offers

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The TRAI has issued a consultation paper on 27.11.2019 on “Transparency in Publishing of Tariff Offers”. Considering the dynamics of the telecommunication sector, consumer ...

The TRAI has issued a consultation paper on 27.11.2019 on “Transparency in Publishing of Tariff Offers”. Considering the dynamics of the telecommunication sector, consumer faces situation of lack of information and misleading information. Further, the information accessed by the consumer is mosr of the time unclear or hard to find and even if the consumer is able to access information, it is difficult to assess and compare in the marketplace. All these factors affects the ability of consumer to make informed choice which serves their needs.

The TRAI through the consultation paper desires to explore newer consumer protection measures to enhance transparency in information communication such as mandating provision of cost calculators, introduction of unique id of tariffs to bridge the gap between tariffs reported and published, framework of display of tariff on websites etc. The following questions are being posed for comments of stakeholders. The complete consultation paper is available on TRAI website.

The last date for receiving the comments as extended is 23rd January, 2020.

Click here to read the consultation paper on “Transparency in Publishing of Tariff Offers”

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shramad timblo 5 days 19 hours ago

Take the Right Telecome call means to the Edit,up to the govt to sort out AGR mess .Government should take responsibility to support and nurture industry to sustain not only developement but also competation.
Government should also adopt a solution oriented approaches in this issue of adjusted gross revenue that the companies have been asked to pay .

Lokesh Kumar Lodha 5 days 19 hours ago

आदरणीय, govt. ऑफ इंडिया के समक्ष
यही निवेदन करना चाहूंगा की TRAI जो कि टेलीकॉम कंपनिया है जो कि अपनी मनमानी कर रही हैं।
जैसा कि माननीय आप को विदित होगा कि आज की आवश्यकताओ को देखते हुए इंटरनेट एक मूलभूत जरूरत हो गई है और इंटरनेट के बिना कुछ भी संभव नही है।पर इन telecom कंपनिया की मनमानी से जो एक middle class family से है वो व्यक्ति इनका वहन नही कर पाता है
"जो दो वक्त की रोटी के लिए दिन - रात एक करता है।"बल्कि आवश्यकता उसको इस वजह से क्योकि आज के इस युग मे इंटरनेट के बिना राशन तक नि मिल पाता ।

SWAROOP S M 5 days 21 hours ago

As a consumer the considering India where middle class people are more they would actually see the cost .. means less cost more benifit. TRAI should be transparent enough to give the details and a fair reason for hiking the price. It Should be made all transparent to make people understand the scenerio.

NIRBHAY KUMAR 5 days 22 hours ago

सरकार को गरीब जनता का खयाल रखते हुए अधिकतम टैरिफ दर फिक्स करना चाहिए और इनकमिंग हमेशा जारी रखने का आदेश देना चाहिए। इसके अलावा नई नई कंपनियों को मौका देना चाहिए और पुरानी कंपनी जैसे बीएसएनल को बढ़ावा देना चाहिए और अपने नेटवर्क को मजबूत करना चाहिए।
जय हिंद जय भारत

MOHAMMED ABUZER V 6 days 4 hours ago

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a consultation paper for fixing a floor price for voice and data services on telecom networks. Through the paper, the regulator has sought stakeholder views on issues such as the methodology to fix a floor price and ensuring equity.