Vidyanjali - (School Volunteer Programme)

Vidyanjali - (School Volunteer Programme) is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education & Literacy to enhance community and private ...

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Vidyanjali - (School Volunteer Programme)
Last Date- Dec 31,2017 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Vidyanjali - (School Volunteer Programme) is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education & Literacy to enhance community and private sector involvement in Government run elementary schools across the country under the overall aegis of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

This programme has been envisaged to bring together people willing to volunteer their services at schools which really need them. The volunteers will act as mentors, confidantes and communicators with children.

In consonance with this objective, MyGov in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resource Development has developed a mobile application for schools and other educational institutions to engage interested citizens in volunteering for such on-ground engagements.

The application will enable interested volunteers to connect with government educational institutions including schools to mentor students. This mobile application would act as a nexus between the volunteers and government bodies under a Volunteer Management Program. Through this mobile application, mentors can interact with institutions directly and can contribute in the institution’s activity with relevant knowledge and skill set.

The application is an interactive mobile platform which facilitates communication between the two stakeholders helping institutions to post their academic and non-academic requirements seeking suitable volunteers for the specified role. The prospective volunteers, users of the application, would be able to show their interest based on the available volunteering opportunities viewing the list ordered basis fetched user location. The application would boast of a separate dashboard for institutions and volunteers both, which would be inclusive of a map enabling feature of locating both the institution and the volunteer. The exact locations of volunteers and institutions would be view-able through pin markers on the map.

The volunteer application would allow two-way search from the end of both the stakeholders. A volunteer would be able to seek activities and show his/her interest in the listed activities. Similarly, an institution would be able to search for volunteers who are using the app meeting their requirement, request for a volunteer, review a volunteer profile, and schedule a meeting for further action and appointment.

Hence, the application would help connect keen volunteers with educational institutions for being able to associate and work with the institution on need basis plugging in the vacant spaces. This would not only bring satisfaction to the volunteers but also make the students’ experience seamless. An application to this effect would serve as a successful and innovative alternative to resolve temporary issues of missing or incompetent human resource faced by educational institutions.

List of Schools for Vidyanjali Launch

Click here to download Vidyanjali Mobile App

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Rajinder Kumar Sharma's picture

Rajinder Kumar Sharma 21 hours 2 minutes ago

I am a Retired Educationist, specialised in the Audio Visual Media in Formal Education from British Council, London, and having 40 years of experience in this field of education (Teacher Trainer) in Govt. As well as in Private Sector. I am still engaged and working as Freelance Teacher Trainer.
I would love to work with this project and do free and dedicated service in the field of Education.
Thanks and Regards
Rajinder Kumar Sharma

R SAI KIRAN's picture

R SAI KIRAN 1 day 1 hour ago

I think school children should be taught the basics of personal finance. Some basic idea should be given from the secondary level like how to manage their pocket money, value of compounding, investing etc. This will result in inculcating savings habit from the childhood itself and resulting in more financial freedom. If children are groomed from this early stage, they wouldn't fall in the trap of indebtedness. I hope it helps. Comments and feedback would be appreciated.

Pranali Bartakke's picture

Pranali Bartakke 1 day 2 hours ago

Awareness is most important. If we aware someone for particular thing they started doing things for better life. college students are able to teach primary school students. programme should be arranged such that any one interested student should be able to give one day teaching / any activity to students for one day in a month.


VIMALAN JOTHINATHAN 1 day 4 hours ago

Honorable Prime Minister Ji, it is a very unfortunate that the schools in Kerala (Except a few KVs) do not celebrate Independence day or Republic day of our country. The children need to be imbibed with patriotism from their early age to understand the difficulties and sacrifices our great leaders. The Government under your regime must and should make it mandatory for all schools and colleges in the whole country to celebrate Independence day and Republic day in their schools and colleges.

MOHD RASHID_17's picture

MOHD RASHID_17 1 day 5 hours ago

Books material's price should be verified & set by Govt at district level because private publisher shows their monopoly over price. Its should be stop.

Yogesh Kumar's picture

Yogesh Kumar 1 day 6 hours ago

Modern Study beings started at the highly motivated to the ruler areas of the most important to the backwards areas of the country