Suggest Innovative ideas for the PMO's Mobile App

Suggest Innovative ideas for the PMO's Mobile App
Start Date :
Mar 03, 2015
Last Date :
Mar 23, 2015
12:00 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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MyGov is organizing a competition (the "Contest") for creation/ development of a Mobile Application ("App")for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). ...

MyGov is organizing a competition (the "Contest") for creation/ development of a Mobile Application ("App")for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

The Contest is open for participation to the Citizens of India only.

There are three phases in the contest:

o Phase 1 - the Idea Submission Phase
o Phase 2 - the Wireframe Development Phase
o Phase 3 – the App Development Phase

Last Date of Submission for Phase 1 is 23rd March, 2015 by 5:00 PM IST.

Suggested #Tags: #Information, #Interaction, #Broadcast


Idea Phase (Phase-I): Ideas selected by the jury will win an Android One device from Google and a Certificate of Appreciation from MyGov.
Wireframe development phase (Phase-II): The top 5 shortlisted teams will get Certificate of Appreciation from MyGov and an opportunity to be mentored by Google to build the mobile app.
App Development phase (Phase-III): The winning team will get a Sponsored trip to the Unites States of America to meet a team of Google Developers,subject to Terms and Conditions.

Please click here for more information on:

Procedure for Participation

Terms and Conditions

PMO App Idea Submission Clusters

PMO Mobile App Contest - FAQs

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Sashwata Sur
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Sashwata Sur 9 years 1 month ago

#interaction #Information

India’s greatest strength is the young who are willing to learn skills and work to improve their economic condition. Lack of employment opportunities for the skilled is its biggest challenge.
The PMO App can be the resource to guide and help people to be more economically productive locally within their communities where their living costs, hardships of displacement and commuting is least.

Please consider the attached document. Best Regards

Gaurav Rajput
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Gaurav Rajput 9 years 1 month ago

All schemes for people and their details,with proper Categorization.
What are the benifits for a scheme.
Whom to contact if i am elligible for a scheme,name of that person,email,contact no etc.
Where to report if someone finds any problem with any scheme.
if someone wants more information then what he will have to do.

y k maheshwari
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y k maheshwari 9 years 1 month ago

PMO will reach out to talented energetic youth of India using this mobile app.
#Information related to new projects,community services will get dissiminated to people.
#Broadcast - related to vision and new initiatives in each region will get communicated.
Citizens will be able to see what are sanctions in their area and provide feedback using #interactions.
Pl see the attached document for details and vote for this idea

Prabhu Shankar Ganesan
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Prabhu Shankar Ganesan 9 years 1 month ago

Hamara Bharath Desh - of the People, by the people, For the People

Submitted my Idea for this App for #information, #Interaction, #Broadcast. Refer the PDF attachment. There are lot of good suggestion, information submitted by fellow citizens - Ideas can be used for lot of other initiatives if not for this app building.

All the best for the evaluation.. Good to be part of this initiative...

Vivek Vaidya
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Vivek Vaidya 9 years 1 month ago

To be able to access important GOI Information and scheme related documents
Also submit RTI Queries and more importantly follow up on the same
Connect to the PMO with relevant information
PM's Relief Fund and to submit requests
Links to archives of the Mann Ki Baat
Social Media Updates

Please view the Image for more details.

Nitin Negi
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Nitin Negi 9 years 1 month ago

1) Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers
1.1) Few Personal Details
1.2) Vision For Five Years and Their Relative Accomplishments
1.3) Area of Resopnsibility, and subsequent actions

2) Parliament
2.1) About and History
2.2) Lok Sabha and Legislature
3.3) Current Session and Status of Previous Session

3) Prime Minister Office
3.1) Departments and there work culture
3.2) Staff and their access
3.2) Info For the Mission eg.Swacch Bharat

Aditya Makkar
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Aditya Makkar 9 years 1 month ago

Good evening,
Here's my version of the app. It's Simple, productive and follows the core concept. It will also take much less space on your devices yet it will empower you like no other. I have structured the idea prudentially with a try to make the app most effective. I would really appreciate if you have a look at the idea. It may seem simple, but I guarantee it'd would really be absorbing.
Thanks and Regards,
Aditya Makkar
#Information #Interaction #Broadcast

Nitin Negi
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Nitin Negi 9 years 1 month ago

1) Requests, Suggestions and Comments to an idea To PMO
2) Prime Minister Messages to Ideas and Two way Interaction Portal like Man ki Baat.
3) Direct interaction to Campagian like Make in India
4) Donations for PM Relief Fund or etc.
5) Monthly Discussion on a Specific topic