Share your Experience about “Digital India-Transforming India”

Digital India as a program aims to transform India into a knowledge economy and society by using the transformative Power of ICT in all the sectors of the society. ...

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Share your Experience about “Digital India-Transforming India”

Digital India as a program aims to transform India into a knowledge economy and society by using the transformative Power of ICT in all the sectors of the society.

In last two years, DeitY, DoP, DoT and other departments of the central governments and various state governments have launched a number of services and products to benefit the citizens and businesses.

We propose to run contest on "Digital India-Transforming India". In this contest, people will be encouraged to share their experiences/ testimonials (through video) who all are associated with the program, either as a beneficiary or as a service provider. In general, people will be encouraged to speak on the following lines:-
• How Digital India and various services under the programme are impacting and transforming lives of common people?
• How various e-services are helping the people to solve their problems and finding innovation solution?
• How various portals and apps launched by Govt. are making life simple?
• How Digital India has helped you to provide better service to people and how it has impacted yourself worth and the motivation to serve better?

Services and platforms like Digilocker, Core banking in Post office, e-commerce by post office, My Gov, New services of BSNL & MTNL, New services from CSC, National Scholarship Portal, e-Hospital, Digital Literacy, MyGov etc. will be the main services for which testimonials will be collected.

These contests will run from 26th April to 6th May, on My Gov platforms. There will be cash prizes and other motivation to ensure that a large number of people are motivated to participate and share their views. The details of rewards and reorganisation are as follows.

All entries shortlisted after elimination of unsuitable entries by the Selection Committee may be published on the Digital India portal. The top 10 entries may be rewarded with a cash prize.

1st prize (One entry)- Rs.10,000/-
2nd Prize (Three entries) - Rs.5000/-
3rd Prize (Six entries) – Rs.3000/-

Guidelines for Video contests
The contestants are requested to provide the following information. It will help MyGov portal to give the due credit/acknowledgment to the owner in case of use by government in any creative’s/advertisement /social media etc.

1. Introduction- Name, Age, Occupation, Location
2. Which Service/s Availed under the Digital India Program?
3. How did he/she hear about the service?
4. Overall experience in availing service
a. Service channel accessibility- Ease of accessing service (Sitting at home, office, CSC, any other comfortable environment)
b. Time taken to access service (actual transaction time, lesser travel time or no travel time)
c. Money spent
5. Talk about transformational aspect that has come about due to Digital India, talk about how it has helped him/her in daily life, recommendation to others
6. Your assessment on Digital India Program and
7. End the sound bite on a happy smile, if you are

To view some of the testimonial example, please visit the link given below:

Production values
1. Person should look straight at the camera lens and speak; should not look here and there; no shifty eyed look please
2. Person should speak loudly and clearly, in the language they are comfortable in
3. Pace of speech should be moderate- neither too fast nor too slow
4. Person should not sway or move in front of camera (that will make anyone sea sick); basically the person needs to stand still, and may use hands to emphasize
5. Person should treat the camera as a friend
6. Sound bite should not exceed 2 minutes

Others Terms of Engagement
1. All designs shortlisted by the Committee will be final and after eliminating unsuitable entries, would be published on the portal.
2. All entries shall become properties of Deity/NeGD/MyGov and copy Wright/IPR will be the property of DeitY/NeGD
3. Entries /testimonies should be original. Individuals submitting copied/plagiarized entries would not be considered valid for this contest and future contests.
4. Disclaimer: All efforts will be made by the Standing Committee to check for originality of the submissions, however MyGov and E-Greetings portal will not be held accountable for any submission identified as a copy.
5. Last date for sending the entries is 6th May, 2016 midnight. Entries received after the closing date will not be entertained.

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