Selfie Competition - Bharat Ki Nari In Sari

Selfie Competition - Bharat Ki Nari In Sari
Start Date :
Jan 16, 2024
Last Date :
Jan 26, 2024
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
Submission Closed

“ANANTA SUTRA- the endless thread, ...

ANANTA SUTRA- the endless thread,
Unbroken threads, forging new beginnings….
Rainbow colours and myriad textures with countless patterns
Woven into the warp and weft, that frame the boundaries of our daily world.
Miles of fabric, flowing yards of unstructured cloth,
That gracefully wrap women as they gird up for work, nurturing the young and the family,
Working in fields,
At workplaces and schools in villages and cities, at births, weddings, festivities, prayers,
And requiems.
This billowing yardage connects each to the other,
Each day to the next.
Threads without end, resiliently weaving multi-fold stories.
The humans that drape this fabric, infinitely run the world. - Dr. Ratna Raman

The saree is a classic and timeless fashion piece gifted to the world by Bharat. This Republic Day, celebrate the saree with a lyrical textile installation at Kartavya Path. The installation features nearly 1900 sarees and drapes from all over Bharat. The sarees and drapes on display will showcase a variety of weaves, embroideries, prints, and tie-and-dye techniques. The central enclosure of the installation showcases exquisite embroideries from different parts of Bharat.

Come and celebrate the beauty of the saree and the artistry of our weavers and craftsmen.

The Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with MyGov, is hosting a contest, "Bharat Ki Nari in Sari," inviting women from every corner of the nation to showcase their grace, style, and individuality as they don the beautiful six yards of fabric that have been an integral part of our cultural heritage.

Participants are encouraged to submit high-resolution images along with a brief description of their chosen saree, its significance, and the inspiration behind their styling, along with their complete name, contact details, and state and district.

Participation Criteria:
The contest is open to women of all ages, backgrounds, and regions across Bharat. It's a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and the unifying beauty of the saree.

The best selfies will be showcased on the MyGov platform and AKAM social media handles.

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