Reorienting Employment Exchanges

The aim of this task is to receive quality inputs on how to revolutionize employment exchanges across India in terms of offering better opportunities to youngsters. The policy ...

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Reorienting Employment Exchanges

The aim of this task is to receive quality inputs on how to revolutionize employment exchanges across India in terms of offering better opportunities to youngsters. The policy inputs can cover each and every aspect associated with employment exchanges and enhancing job creation.

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km shubham chauhan's picture

km shubham chauhan 3 years 11 months ago

Sabse pahle hame(1) women ke suraksha par kam karna hoga(2)company mai anushashan banae rakhna hoga.(3)fresher ho ya experienced hame kabiyalat par selection karna hoga kam karne ka pasion hona chaiye,(4)company mai men or women ko equal samjhna hoga(5)women ko importence dene hoge.

Ramakanth Rao Pogaku's picture

Ramakanth Rao Pogaku 3 years 11 months ago

Zero-Umemployment is possible with a unique smart Job card.

Here every individual skills shall be recorded with a test center.

The data of every skilled labour and professional shall be recorded location wise.

The data can be made avialable to all india with smart card.
The skill or services can be paid through job recorder and offerer - a swiping machine where every individual skill shall be get paid through the bank account, instantly.
With this process the youth is read..

Tirumala Vedavathi Cheekaramelli's picture

Tirumala Vedavathi Cheekaramelli 3 years 11 months ago

1. Awareness should be created among the youth about exchanges
2. Reforms should be brought in the selection procedures
3. Strict acts should be brought to eradicated illegal employment through brokers and mediators
4. Proper records of the students and their skill sets should be maintained
5. Registration in the employment exchanges should be made compulsory.
6. An integrated exchange and a database should maintained at the national level
7. Officials should work more dedicated.

Balakrishna Bhat's picture

Balakrishna Bhat 3 years 11 months ago

To rid it of corruption make fully automatic which will also make it a quick response system.Make the recruitment process also based on weighted normalised marks.scrap entrance tests and interviews

ns's picture

ns 3 years 11 months ago

The entire country populace needs2bvisualized like a tree, once given water&feed etc,d benefits reach each&every branch/leaf&gives fruit&all kind of benefits2d living beings.A demographic study&data base of d eligible job seekers need2b created& realistically equated with all kind of job providers:private/public/govt.Remaining2b engaged in developmental work&given some task&opportunity for some means of livelihood.d database2b created as per skills/education&all2b givena job enrollment time card

Aseem Visal's picture

Aseem Visal 3 years 11 months ago

1. Delocalisation of employment exchanges as per university. Uni. result sheet to have Emp. Exchg. application form attached right from 1st year results.
2. Mandatory for colleges to have subscription of Emp. Exchg. in their placement cells.
3. Research organisations to cooperate with universities & their ad hoc Emp. Exchg. for decentralisation of research work/ opportunities (along the lines of Centres of Excellence).

Dr Anand Bandi's picture

Dr Anand Bandi 3 years 11 months ago

Integrated National Talent Pool (INTP) be created. Every employment aspired candidate be asked to register themselves online. System should generate unique registration number for each candidate. The Employers both public and private be asked to post their requisition with detail job profile to the registry to match the profile of the candidates. Such filtered profiles be routed to the company concern for further processes of appointments. Both Candidate and Employer to report to registry updat

Neha Kumar's picture

Neha Kumar 3 years 11 months ago

1 Experienced must be promoted, fresher must be accepted
2 Disparity between permanent and temporary staff in government sector prevails, temporary staff must be uplifted as they are not treated fair
3 Recruitment of experienced temporary staff without following any specific recruitment criteria in place of those who get retired as those seats remain vacant whilst providing age relaxation also to them
4 Regular checks on Govt. autonomous bodies who take undue advantages of not being checked

wilson chacko's picture

wilson chacko 3 years 11 months ago

the deptt. should be act as youth mitra department.
Unemployment is a dragon who sucks the young brain & soul at the peak of life.
Govt. should properly & steadily focus on unemployment as in india we offer lot of courses and education but there is no job,employment in proportion of the turnout youth. Govt.should generate the jobs,work according to master plan of city,town village , development and utilize the youth power for nation building.