Logo and Punchline Creation Contest by IRSDC

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Jan 24, 2018
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Mar 27, 2018
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1. Background ...

1. Background

Indian Railways’ (IR), Asia’s oldest, the world’s second largest under one management and the world’s fourth largest (after USA, Russia and China) under any form of management, second only to that of China. IR harbours about 8500 stations, runs nearly 21000 trains, serves around 2.3 crore passengers and transports 30 lakh tons of freight per day. Operations of the Indian Railways (IR) are overseen by Ministry of Railways (MoR), Government of India (GoI) and 16 Zonal Railways headed by General Managers.

IR seeks to transform the design, functionality, operation and maintenance of railway stations to create modern, integrated, seamless transportation hubs and lively urban spaces. IR has entrusted Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC), a deemed govt. company under its purview, with this mammoth task.

2. About the logo and punchline creation contest

Indian Railways is seeking to replace IRSDC’s current logo (participants may visit www.irsdc.com to see the current logo of IRSDC shown in the top-left corner of the 'Home' page) with a new logo and punchline.
The logo and the punchline shall be required to be attractive and catchy, respectively, while depicting the ‘identity’ of IRSDC, as captured in the “Vision and Mission” and IRSDC’s 7 ‘C’s in section 3 and 4 respectively.

3. Vision and Mission

3.1. Vision
To be a leading organization in the field of development, redevelopment, operation and maintenance of railway stations with passenger amenities of international standards.

3.2. Mission
To develop self-sustainable railway stations in the country with high standards of safety, comfort, user friendly passenger amenities, value added services and efficiency by adopting the best technological practices, sound financial strategy and optimum utilization of resources.

4. IRSDC guiding principles of logo design and punchline creation are the 7 ‘C’s:

1. City center
2. Convergence
3. Convenience
4. Communication
5. Congestion free
6. Conservation
7. Cleanliness

4.1. Prize money
1. INR 75,000/- each for the winning entry in both the categories (viz., the logo design and the punchline creation) and Certificates of commendation.
2. Certificates of commendation for the other finalists.

4.2. Last date
26th March 2018

5. Instructions to the Participants

1. IRSDC’s logo and punchline creation contest would have two categories:
a. Logo design
b. Punchline creation
2. Participants may participate in either the logo design contest or the punchline creation contest or both.
3. Participants can send more than one entries.
4. The logo and the punchline should be easy to see and understand. The punchline, additionally, would preferably be short and written in simple English, Hindi (the official language of the Government of India) or Sanskrit.
5. The entries should be accompanied by a brief explanation of the logo design and how it best justifies the brand identity statement of IRSDC as stated in Section 4 above. The punchline should not be accompanied by any explanation – it should be self-explanatory.

6. Contact

www.facebook.com/IRSDC, www.twitter.com/irsdcinfo

7. Selection Process

1. Five entries shall be shortlisted for final selection.
2. The shortlisted participants would be required to make a presentation to the Jury.
3. One winner each would be chosen for the logo and the punchline.
4. A participant is eligible for winning the prize in both the categories.
5. The date, time and venue of the presentation shall be communicated separately to the shortlisted participants.
6. Any legal proceedings arising out of the competition/ its entries/ winners shall be subject to local jurisdiction of the state of Delhi only.

8. Technical Parameters

1. Participants should upload the logo in JPEG or PNG or PDF format only. The punchline shall be submitted in text.
2. A specification sheet containing graphical construction of the logo in exact proportions in a bigger size, along with final design, theme synopsis and concept is required to be submitted. All technical details, including file formats, can be structured in the sheet itself.
3. The size of the final logo may vary from 4 cms X 4 cms to 60 X 60 cms or more. It is to be submitted along with minimum FIVE different proportionally smaller sizes up to 4 points font size of the text matter.
4. The file size of each entry should not be more than 1 MB.
5. The logo should be in high resolution with minimum 300 DPI.
6. The logo should be designed on a digital platform.
7. The logo should be usable on the website/social media such as Twitter/Facebook and on printed material such as black and white press releases, stationery and signage.
8. Participants should not imprint or watermark logo design.
9. The logo should be designed in colour.
10. The winner of the logo design contest shall have to be submit a ‘vector graphics’ version of the logo design in an EPS/SVG format as an editable file.
11. The winner of the logo design contest shall have to be submit the CMYK colour equivalents for all the colours used in the digital version presented to the jury. The CMYK colours shall be used in the printed versions of the logo.

Click here to read Terms and Conditions

For any contest-related queries, please message IRSDC on the the Twitter or Facebook page of IRSDC i.e. www.facebook.com/IRSDC or www.twitter.com/irsdcinfo respectively.

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Aayushi garg_3
Baas Image 1260
Aayushi garg 6 years 2 months ago

i) In logo,there are 7 stars which stands for 7 c's i.e.,
1.city center
5.congestion free
ii) There is picture at the center which represents the cleanliness of india.
iii)In name IRSDC,i represents the symbol of wi-fi connectivity,as according to government guidance,at stations wi-fi connection is also available.

Sudipto Mullick
Baas Image 9080
Sudipto Mullick 6 years 2 months ago

Sudipto Mullick

Suggested slogans:
1. Chalte Chalte Barho
Bartey Bartey Chalo

2. Sooch jahan sunder aur sacch
Vikas jahan adhunik aur suraksh

3. Fikar na Karo
Chalo chal Paro

Baas Image 103160
TAUSEEF AHMAD 6 years 2 months ago

हमारा संकल्प यात्री सुविधाओं की गति
स्मार्ट रेलवे स्टेशन भारत की प्रगति

Baas Image 21500
SUMIT V RAJAPURE 6 years 2 months ago

sumit rajapure



Sudipto Mullick
Baas Image 9080
Sudipto Mullick 6 years 2 months ago

Sudipto Mullick
0 sec ago
Suggested slogans:
1. Chalte Chalte Barho; Bartey Bartey Chalo
2. Sooch jahan sunder aur search
Vikas jahan adhunik aur suraksh
3. Fikar na Karo
Chalo chal Paro