Innovate for Digital India Challenge

Innovate for Digital India Challenge
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Digital India is initiated with a vision to drive technology revolution across the country. It aims at building a nation, where broadband is widely accessed; digital literacy is ...

Digital India is initiated with a vision to drive technology revolution across the country. It aims at building a nation, where broadband is widely accessed; digital literacy is prevalent, and solutions that are relevant for the diverse lifestyles, cultures, and values across India are easily available. This can be achieved by fostering local innovation to drive development of solutions that will help in increasing domestic technology adoption, addressing the real challenges faced by the nation and making access to education, healthcare, and services for every individual achievable.

Providing a platform to encourage innovators with immense entrepreneurship talent in the country to create a sustainable technology ecosystem that will develop solutions for the country is the `Intel & DST Innovate for Digital India Challenge’ supported by Department of Electronics and Information Technology and MyGov and anchored by IIM Ahmadabad’s Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship. It combines Intel’s history of game changing innovation and world-class technology with Digital India vision.

The two broad themes to induce the participants according to their potential are:

1. Innovation to create citizen’s device platform with features that are relevant and drive mass adoption of technology such as biometric sensing capabilities, peripherals using other sensors, intuitive user interface, gesture recognition, and multi-lingual & voice support.

2. Innovation to create apps that accelerate delivery of e-governance services through eKranti/MyGov apps on mobile platform.

The Challenge is open to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, innovators, academia, designers, engineers, and makers from diverse backgrounds. Participants will be provided mentoring by industry stalwarts and Intel experts, assistance in-terms of technical know-how, access to product kits and infrastructure, and commercialization opportunities. They will also be offered market linkages and access to funds at various stages to help make their innovative ideas a reality.

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Tarusha Mittal 4 years 3 weeks ago

We are going to make sure that the public schools are able to give their students the same technology driven and supported education at a fraction of a cost. We are MakeInIndia,as we have our own Data Centre and we work on all ingenious machines. This supports the Digital India vision as we are making the public schools go digital and come out of the rut that they have been stuck in by introducing Cloud,Interactive Boards and a horde of other features. We will make up-gradation costs redundan

Vijaya Krishnna C S 4 years 3 weeks ago

My idea will contribute to the Digital India, in a direct way by churning out more competent digital ready aspirants in the IT field. My start-up will promote digital literacy and will empower Indian students in the IT field using open-source technologies. My start-up will fall under the category of

Abhinav Kumar 4 years 3 weeks ago

This idea will help in self sufficiency in power sector. The population will directly gets benefited by the resources that are available in their region. After such ideas many young minds will definitely work on this project to improve it and they will take it to the next level.

This will encourage large sector power generation companies to invest in such technologies and the dependency on nuclear fuel will not be there and which will help in cutting government exchequer as well.

Sreejith Nair_1 4 years 3 weeks ago

Digitally connecting NGOs, Blood Banks, Donors and Receivers of Blood and Blood Products is the aim of our App. We aim at utilizing the best available technology and communication channels to provide the desired results to the beneficiaries.

KRISH_4 4 years 3 weeks ago

Our project is a smart solution for the problems in petroleum industries of India which can be expanded globally using the concept of IoT and e-governance which are the new trending digitized systems which will surely write our product contributing to make in india and digital india vision.

Nitish Gupta 4 years 3 weeks ago

Integrated health services are the basic amenity which is needed by the people. And by using the smart watch we will be able to micromanage the large population of India and it will be first of a kind service offered and supported by a government to its citizens. And since we will use the digital infrastructure, and thus resulting in proper Digitally enabled disaster management(DDM)

K.MUNI PRASAD 4 years 3 weeks ago


Sree Priya 4 years 3 weeks ago

To accelerate the delivery of e-governance services through eKranti/MyGov apps, we are proposing a customizable e-governance mobile app featured with a library of functions and a basic set of communication services.

it can be integrated with other apps
it can be provided to eKranti
it will use latest technological innovations
it will be easy to use
optimized for basic Android versions
available via App store

pakhi agarwal 4 years 3 weeks ago

This whole Idea and Product is Made in India. This product will help in Digital India Vision by making our Farming sector self dependent. This technology is very easy and handy for Farmers. They could adapt it very easily. This device digitally helps the Farmers to understand about agriculture and to practice farming without depending on climate and rain.
It may also be useful to other citizens for pollution check and studying our surroundings.