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APEDA introduce traceability system in India ...

APEDA introduce traceability system in India

APEDA has been undertaking a number of initiatives for market promotion and quality development for Indian agricultural and processed products exports in general. Some of the key issues that are constantly faced by Indian agricultural and processed food products in the penetration of major markets like European Union, USA, Japan, etc., have been the following:

• Increasing global focus on food safety, especially on residue monitoring, product standardization, Traceability, etc.

• Regular Crisis due to pesticide residue, aflatoxin, etc., in products exported from India.

• Use of the above as non-tariff barriers by developed markets.

To assure the importing countries that the quality requirements are being maintained at every level of supply chain, APEDA took initiatives to set up traceability mechanism in agricultural products.

Introduction of Hortinet Traceability Systems in India by APEDA

HORTINET – A single sign in traceability system for all horticulture produces. With the continuous success of the traceability systems developed and implemented so far, APEDA has taken up the challenge to cover all fruits and vegetables under the ambit of traceability system called as Hortinet. Hortinet is an integrated web enabled certification and Traceability system which starts from registration of farmers and act as a surveillance system to ensure that fruits and vegetables exported from India adheres to the International Standards for human consumption. Currently the Hortinet system consists of 14 vegetables (Curry Leaf, Okra, Ivy Gourd, Drum Stick, Flat Beans, Long Beans, French Beans, Cluster Beans, Bottle Gourd, Round Gourd, Green Chilly, Potato, Bitter Gourd and Egg Plant) and three fruits(Mango, Grapes, Pomegranate) and the following stakeholders are involved in the supply chain:

1. Farmers.
2. State Horticulture Departments for farm/farmer registration.
3. Laboratories for testing of Pesticides and other Contaminants.
4. Exporters for Consignment Creation.
5. Agmark for grading certificate for some of the Horticulture produce.
6. PSC Authorities for issuance of Phyto Sanitary Certificate.

In this regard APEDA, invites entries to design a logo with tag line for Hortinet Traceability System.

The Logo should depict farm to fork traceability of the various Horticulture produce covered under Hortinet Traceability system for export from India. The winning entry will be awarded an amount of Rs. 50,000 (Rupees Fifty Thousand only).

The last date of submission is 31st December, 2017, midnight.

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