Tune in to 102nd Episode of Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 18th June 2023

Tune in to 102nd Episode of Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 18th June 2023

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NirmalyaChakravorty 3 months 2 weeks ago

Dear honourable Prime Minister, I am Nirmalya Chakravorty from Bangalore.
I want to suggest that the old parliament building planned for converting to a museum should showcase our 5000+ year old civilisation SL achievements such as great Indian oil paintings which are no less than those in Louvre or Tate gallery, reconnect with Indian temple sculpture, mathematician Boudhayana who lived in 800 B.C. and calculated what is known today as Pythagoras’ theorem some 200 years later, zero invented by Brahmagupta, value of Pi calculated by Aryabhatta, India gave the world the decimal system, binary system developed by Acharya Pingala in second century AD, Aryabhatta proposed the heliocentric solar system, the earth is round and rotates around its axis and revolves around the sun, calculated diameter of the earth and the moon 1000 years before Kopernicus, Sushruta, Lothal civilisation and many many more. India was the cradle of science, mathematics, astronomy, art and sculpture.

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NischalNarenderPrashad 3 months 2 weeks ago

State and Central Govt should work on bringing good changes in work ethics and balanced lifestyle. There are lot of opportunities can be created, just by building big offices with people watching youtube will bring any change? No, right you all know the answers but still, if any escalation happens Community, cast, religion, what not comes into place. We all have to be one and oneness will be achieved as being Human being first and understanding the way to fit into people who are facing challenges in life. G.O's and on any updates released is not calibrated on your websites, There should be one liner for general public to be written in lay man language so that by just reading few lines in all major languages spoken in particular state should be able to convey the message. There are still lot more to bring good changes. Appreciate to those who are putting effort to bring better changes in the Country. Thank you for your service.

Pranavshankar S
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Pranavshankar S 3 months 2 weeks ago

I am a NEET aspirant from Kerala, General category. I completed XII CBSE 2021 with 97.6%.In 2022 I wrote NEET and was able to get MBBS admission in self financing colleges.As my financial background is not so good I couldn't take admission as fees is near 50 lakhs excl. hostel and others.Then as a ray of hope the NMC announced that 50% MBBS seats of self financing colleges to be received with GOV fees for those in merit list.But the management filed case in Kerala HC and court stated that no fees regulation be made last year as it was late.But I had hope that it may become true in 2023 so i wrote again this year scoring 615 marks, which is nearer to the GOV MBBS cut off in Kerala. and hence chance is less.So even the person just below the MBBScut off must pay over 50 lakhs to take self financing MBBS seat. I came to know that case is in the SC but no updates .Kindly take any quick action to save the dreams of many students like me! Please save our dreams Modiji!!! Help us!!!

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SHARIF SHAIKH 3 months 2 weeks ago

प्रधानमंत्री जी शिक्षा और स्वास्थ्य अहम मुद्दा हो, बच्चों की प्राथमिक शिक्षा और उपचार सरकार हर किसी को सरकारी स्कूल और अस्पताल मे अनिवार्य कर दे। आम जनता, सरपंच, नगरसेवक से मंत्री और ग्रामसेवक, तहसीलदार,जिलाधिकारी सभी के बच्चे सरकारी स्कूल और सरकारी अस्पताल मे उपचार ले। जो प्राइवेट स्कूल से शिक्षा ले उन्हें सरकारी नौकरी, सरकारी पद इत्यादि सुविधाएं ना मिले ऐसा कानून बने। आम जनता, अधिकारी और राजनीतिक लोगों के बच्चे एक साथ शिक्षा ग्रहण करे, न जाने कब कलेक्टर, कमिशनर, बच्चे को लेने, छोड़ने आजाए? डर बना रहेगा तो सुधार होना ही है। प्रधानमंत्री जी ही ऐसी पहल कर सकते हैं।

Ritu Bhattacharya
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Ritu Bhattacharya 3 months 2 weeks ago

I came to Kasar Devi Almora few days back and I found most of the stones here on the hills are metallic rocks. I am sending you a pick I clicked. I stayed in Moonlight homestay and here on the stairs I noticed most of the rocks are shinny and they maybe alloy.
Thanks and Regards

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SHARIF SHAIKH 3 months 2 weeks ago

प्रधानमंत्री जी साधारण गाड़ियों में जनरल डिब्बे कम किये जा रहे है, ट्रेन में 25% डिब्बे अगर जनरल ना हो साधारण ट्रेन कैसी समझ से परे है। मेंटेनेंस के नाम पर DRM साधारण ट्रेन बंद कर देते है विकल्प भी नही होता, आप AC ट्रेन, तेजस, हमसफ़र, वंदे भारत या बुलेट ट्रेन गाड़ियां लाए तो पैसे वालो को सुविधा हो रही है, अच्छी बात है मगर यदि आप 300 से 500 किलो मीटर दूरी की AC ट्रेन "बुलंद भारत यान" सिर्फ चेयर कार (बैठने) के लिए वाजिब किराए में शरू करे तो कुछ खास बात होगी, जो आम जनता की ज़रूरत नही मगर सुविधा के नाम पर अच्छे व्यवसाय का साधन उपकार या उपहार होगा।

Preetha Panicker
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Preetha Panicker 3 months 2 weeks ago

Namaste, I would like our PM to take encourage lesser use of fertilisers to grow crops as today many are being detected with various types of Cancers. Cancer treatment is very expensive. Moreover if PM can highlight the importance of washing vegetables and fruits thoroughly and avoid eating raw. Encourage proper storage of perishable goods are equally important in warehouses. We hear that chemicals are placed between perishable vegetable sacks to store longer. This only harms further when people consume them. If somebody is infected with cancer then they cannot apply for fresh insurance. Please highlight farmers and warehouses which contribute to Organic farming. Many can be saved from Cancer. Thank You.

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NischalNarenderPrashad 3 months 2 weeks ago

Hello Team,
Hope this message reaches to all higher authorities to is trying the best way to build better India on governance and as well as its management services. I would like to share my view. I'm basically a cloud engineer and what I see on all your websites are security issues and non maintenance leading to terminate those non useful. It's been couple of years since Aadhaar issued and we still find huge block holes understanding the Finances of Individuals, companies, on Good Tax payers and Bad tax payers. And Worst part is we do have volunteers who can work on simple tasks on daily bases and complete the tasks. I see in Govt office most people are non productive and watching YouTube in business working hr, not only them where ever I see they are watching some sensible and non sense issues broadcasting. And as citizen my scope of supporting people who really need help is limited and still people ask for bribe, we still couldn't control such acts. When will be change?

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SHARIF SHAIKH 3 months 2 weeks ago

प्रधानमंत्री जी हज के खर्च मे कमी की चर्चा बहुत हुई मगर नतीजा शून्य रहा, वास्तविकता य़ह है कि केंद्र सरकार के अधीन अल्पसंख्यक मंत्रालय या हज कमिटी द्वारा प्रति हाजी दो लाख रुपये ज़्यादा लिये जा रहे हैं य़ह कमिशन खोरी या फिर एक प्रकार से लूट हो रही है। साधारण सी बात है कि साल भर 15 दिन उमरा को जाने वाले 80 हजार रुपये मे सभी इंतजाम सहित आसानी से जाकर आते हैं, इस हिसाब से हज का खर्च दुगना या ढाई गुना भी समझ लो तो 2 लाख होता है फिर हाजियों से 4 लाख रुपये लिये जा रहे हैं और उमरा जैसा इंतजाम कमिटी नही देती, इसका मतलब हज़ारो करोड़ की हेरा फेरी सामने आ सकती है यदि आप स्वयं दखल दे तो।

Deepali Hingne
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Deepali Hingne 3 months 2 weeks ago

स्व हित , स्व स्वास्थ्य, स्व देशी , स्व संस्कृती , स्व संस्कार
स्व मत , स्व धर्म
productivity will come by self Activity 4 Nationality
it's always strange 2 me ..how can people go against
& Indian cultural it says _ भारत माता
& woman having right freedom
she is known as warrior equal 2 male
equal r limited word she treat as
individual human being
without her or both male/ female won't work

then why such tendencies r so rigid that won't cahge even after verious bad incident happen
& how take situation again so lightly
how can forget ...so much difficult 2 self change
how people (hindu) sudden forget everything
not rise voice how egar 4 freebies
how such tendencies come from ok,no problem
but why not change after experience
it's better engage 2 fight 4 self honour, why such greedy & fear people
change will come when he wanna it but if he didn't want how can it let understand in few ways even digital r source 2 et understand still..