PMO Mobile App Contest - FAQs

Who can take part in the contest?

Any citizen of India, aged 18 years and above, can participate in the contest. All shortlisted candidates will have to submit required documentation in support as proof of age.

For wireframe and app development, prior experience or knowledge in app design and development is recommended.

How many phases are there in the contest?

The contest will be organized in three phases.

Phase 1 is the Idea Submission phase, Phase 2 is the Wireframe Development phase and Phase 3 is App Development and Mentorship phase.

How can I submit an idea?

To submit an idea, please register/ login to MyGov and submit your idea on the Contest page. Please ensure that your idea contains the appropriate hashtag under any of the three categories defined on the Contest page in MyGov. This will enable MyGov to sort the ideas in the appropriate categories and also help you vote on ideas you like.

I do not have an idea to submit, how can I contribute to the contest? Can I vote on submitted ideas?

Yes. Please register/ login at MyGov and vote for any idea under any of the three categories defined in MyGov.

What are the categories for idea submission?

The ideas should be hash-tagged and submitted under any one or more of the 3 categories:

  • Information

  • Broadcast

  • Interaction

How many ideas can I submit?

You can submit any number of ideas. If an idea similar to your idea has already been submitted by another contributor, then you can vote for the idea.

How will ideas be shortlisted?

The ideas with the most votes and shares, as well as those shortlisted by the MyGov team on the basis of relevance to the context will be included in the blueprint and will be a part of the final app. The shortlisting will be done by a Screening Committee constituted by MyGov.

What is App blueprint?

Based on the ideas selected, MyGov will prepare a blueprint of the ideas that will be part of the Mobile app. The blueprint will serve as a guide for those submitting wireframes for the app.

Where will the blueprint be published?

The blueprint will be published on MyGov. The MyGov contest page will also have resources for Android that will help in the wireframe phase.

Can I participate in the wireframe phase individually?

No. For the wireframe phase you can register only as a team. An ideal team will consist of 3 - 6 people. For the wireframe phase, separate team registration for the contest is necessary including individual user registrations by all team members on MyGov.

In what format can the Wireframes be submitted?

The wireframes must be submitted in .pdf format only and in the prescribed format.

How will the wireframes be shortlisted?

The wireframes will be shortlisted based on the blueprint, design guidelines and API usages. The top 10 wireframes will be chosen by a screening committee constituted by MyGov.

How many teams will Google mentor?

The top 10 wireframes will be shortlisted. These teams will get an opportunity to come and present their wireframes before a jury set up by MyGov. Out of these 10 teams, the 5 selected teams will be mentored by Google to build the App.

How will the final app be chosen?

Once the apps are developed, the MyGov jury will select one app which will be declared the Winning Mobile App.

Who will own the rights to the app?

The Government of India will hold all intellectual property rights to the final mobile app. The developers will be required to hand over the entire code for the winning App to MyGov.

What are the prizes for the contest?

  • Idea Phase (Phase-I): Ideas selected by the jury will win an Android One device from Google and a Certificate of Appreciation from MyGov.

  • Wireframe development phase (Phase-II): Top 5 shortlisted teams will get Certificate of Appreciation from MyGov and an opportunity to be mentored by Google to build the mobile app.

  • App Development phase (Phase-III): The winning team will get asponsored trip to the United States of America to meet a team of Google Developers (subject to Terms and Conditions) along with a Certificate of Appreciation by MyGov.

Who will be responsible for maintenance of the winning App?

The development team will be responsible for maintenance of the winning App for a period of One Year from the date of launch.

Where will the app be hosted?

The winning App will be hosted on Government of India's App Store and will also be available for download from Google Play.

Are there any financial considerations for idea submission or app development?

There are no financial considerations for idea submission or app development. The Government of India will not make any payment towards any costs incurred by the contributors/ contestants towards the development or submission of the idea, wireframe or the App.