Engagement with stakeholders for Implementation of NEP 2020

Start Date :
Sep 04, 2021
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Dec 31, 2021
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GUIDELINES For the Participants

1. This survey consists of 100 questions related to New Education Policy 2020 implementation divided into four areas- School Education, Early Childhood Care, and Education, Teacher Education, and Adult Education to seek responses from various stakeholders including teachers and teacher educators as per their area of interest or work.

2. The given questions are of two types- MULTI-select and SINGLE-select-Questions.

3. The Multi-select Questions, in which you can select more than one option aim at seeking multiple perspectives and initiatives with regard to the implementation of the recommendations and perspective of National Education Policy (NEP), 2020.

4. Whereas Single-select questions in which you have to select only one option aim at seeking focussed responses to an issue to understand the views and perspective of stakeholders.

5. Questions are divided into four areas making four sets so that you can choose your set as per your preference and liking for your area of work or interest and respond to questions given in the respective set. However, you are requested to give your valued responses to each and every question in all the areas as far as possible in all four sets. Your responses will provide us trends and contexts, which will help in drawing out a road map for quality School Education, Early Childhood Care and Education, Teacher Education, and Adult Education.

6. The responses received in the survey are to be used in aggregate form, not as an individual’s response.

Categories of Questions:
School Education- Q.No. 1-50
Early Childhood Care and Education- Q.No. 51-60
Teacher Education- Q. No. 61-90
Adult Education- Q. No. 91-100

The survey comprises 100 questions.
It is not mandatory to answer all the questions.
However, it is compulsory to click the submit button on the final page to record your responses.

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