Youth power taking India ahead

Youth power taking India ahead
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Jan 01, 2015
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Jul 31, 2016
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How do you envision youth as the new age power that will propel India to greater heights?

How do you envision youth as the new age power that will propel India to greater heights?

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Ashish malhotra_4
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Ashish malhotra 6 years 4 months ago

For this kind of exploitation of Aircraft Mechanic how can #youth takes India ahead. We want to be participate for "MAKE IN INDIA". Please help Aircraft Maintenance Engineer/#AME. We struggle for 6-7 years for DGCA license but due to #exploitation we can't use our knowledge to our subjects and our talent becomes waste and this make lose to our country. We met dr mahesh sharma,smt smriti irani but no help yet.Trying to contact mr.Bandaru Dattatreya but no reply yet on tweet.

Ashish malhotra_4
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Ashish malhotra 6 years 4 months ago

Respected sir,i am very honoured that we have a prime minister like you.I believe that every thing will take time to change and we have to remain patience and stay positive.Sir i am an Aircraft mechanic.i am discussing here a very worst situation of civil aviation i.e.Exploitation of an Aircraft mechanic like working in 0 to 5000rs pm,paying money for apprentices in Air India,Go air,not getting medical facilities.
Youth wants to participate for MAKE IN INDIA but this exploitation break us.

Ishwarya Ramanathan
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Ishwarya Ramanathan 6 years 4 months ago

School Level
1.Students from 6th to 12th standards should do community service on weekly basis mandatory ,for which marks would be added.
2.Every schools should adopt a neighborhood and maintain its cleanliness by engaging the students in cleaning activities, which would be inspected by education department.
3.This would encourage their service attitude to nation.

Dinesh kumar_750
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Dinesh kumar 6 years 4 months ago

In few state our Indian railways has meter gauge trains which r not looking a proper way if we state this track to make meter gauge metro it will great future to Indian railway for local people's who move daily for work and it kindly work good think we r wasting so much for new ways and closing our meter gauge memory in train if we think we can make it better and best

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KAVERI LYNYA 6 years 4 months ago

Respected sir,
This is M.Kaveri doing my B.Tech in MIT. What I wish to share about the conditions of our country is all about the sanitary state of it.Even many steps like Swatch Bharat was taken ,l don't agree it has achieved its success. For example if we take Chennai being a urban city it scarce its living people with its ugly environment where we find all waste in roads and everywhere spitting of people. It creates a uncomfortable feel to the I request you to do the needful
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JAGDISH PATHAK 6 years 4 months ago

In respect rainfall & water management, I want to suggest that,every year, there are some states are affected with floods and overflow water / rainfall, while , some states are affected by scarcity of water due to less rainfall, if, short term plan to pass the overflow water by canal or pipeline project, it will be also helpful to the public upto some aspects to get relief from floods, proper water management is necessary for quick growth,some states issues may have problem, but,resolve,thanks

Bhavana Venkat
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Bhavana Venkat 6 years 4 months ago

Respected sir, Am an agricultural student. Now a days due to over usage of pesticides and fertilizers the soil and it is loosing its naturality,so please recommend to use only biological manures instead of chemicals for at least two years.So that the cultivation pollution can be reduced.Even though it is followed in little areas it must be done the same through out the that again the fertile soil will be back. And the production raises again as the agriculture plays a major role .

Rahul Singh_594
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Rahul Singh 6 years 4 months ago

Youth are assets of the country if they are utilized properly .Many country such as Libya,Syria are miss using it youth assets in the name of riligon.So in order to utilize youth power proper guidelines must be provided by the govt through newspapers, tv ,radio, school education.govt should also encourage youth to create new path of their life

Himanshu Dwivedi_11
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Himanshu Dwivedi 6 years 4 months ago

Namaste mr. Prime minister.
Sir as an student of engineering how can give my direct contribution in the development of INDIA. And now i am very much ambitious about to know that how can i give my service and time directly in the development of the nation.. without aspiring any kind of sallary or anything in return...... Please sir we the student and youth are very much ambitious to help our nation and government directly for the wellfare

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Jay Chan 6 years 4 months ago

All nations should keep in mind that there should not another world war.This time caused due to wants and greediness over control over natural resources and common territories of the world. India should condemn chinese involvement with pakistan which is a bad intention of seperating the neighbours-India and pakistan.India pre-partitioned is the most populous country.If not for Islamism,India would have been united. India needs to solve problem of Islamism in a peaceful way without discrimination