Suggestions on the innovative ways of conducting a beach cleaning activity

Suggestions on the innovative ways of conducting a beach cleaning activity
Start Date :
Dec 30, 2021
Last Date :
Aug 15, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Namami Tate Is a campaign brought to you by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Government of India. This campaign is part of the Government of India’s 75 ...

Namami Tate Is a campaign brought to you by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Government of India. This campaign is part of the Government of India’s 75 week celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mohotsav. Through Namami Tate, we are targeting cleaning of some of the dirtiest beaches of India with the help of the Government as well as fellow citizens. Beaches play a fundamental role in maintaining the health of the oceans and also provide habitat to a number of marine species.

However, last year, a group of researchers from ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE) found that the north-east Arabian Sea, just off Mumbai, contained an estimated 379 MT of marine debris of which plastics contributed to 40.6% of the total by weight. A major portion of this debris washes up on the beaches creating health, environmental, economic as well as social hazards. The fast-paced growth of the tourism sector combined with the lack of awareness on the part of citizens about the damaging impact of pollution is one of the leading causes of the abysmal condition of our beaches. The Namami Tate campaign aims to clean these beaches and protect our precious marine biodiversity.

The Ministry of Earth Sciences invites suggestions from the citizens of India about the innovative ways in which we can conduct this beach cleaning activity. We value your suggestions which would be instrumental in implementing this campaign.

The best entries from the citizens will be identified by the Ministry and will be featured on the MyGov page.

The last date to receive suggestions is 15th August 2022.

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LEENA WALAWALKAR 2 hours 8 minutes ago

We like clean beaches to sit and see the sunrise and sunset, jog or run or walk. India has many beaches as its three sides are covered with oceans the Bay of Bengal in the East, the Arabian Sea in the West and the Indian ocean to the South. We can make many tourist attractions on the beaches if they are clean. There should be awareness of cleanliness made , people should be strictly punished and fined for putting waste on the beach or making it dirty. There should be no pollution of land on the beach and in water. Garbage should be put in dustbins and cleaned every eight hours by concerned authorities. There may be poster regarding cleanliness after every half km. There must be police and CC TV cameras (Closed Circuit TV ). People should be made aware of their responsibilities regarding keeping the beach clean and its benefits to them.

SantoshKumarSingh 5 hours 20 minutes ago

Three steps should be taken to keep the beach clean.
First, the citizens of the country should be given the message of keeping cleanliness through propaganda, through big screen .
The government should take strict action or fine against the other who is making the beach dirty.
To keep the beach clean, awareness should be spread among the people.

Naveen Kumar saxena 5 hours 54 minutes ago

as we al know sea beaches have been an attractions for everybody. people like to visit there and enjoy so these places should be clean also and it is the duty of all who visit there to keep them clean . daily visitors have bigger responsibility than others . signboards should be placed on sea beaches which must depict what a person has to do and what not to do. hawkers must be trained and be prepared as a guide so that they may guide the visitors about what not to do.

LalhmangaihsangaTochhawng 6 hours 47 minutes ago


Respective Prime Minister
Narendra Modi

I would like to share my opinion on the topic of 'Clean India,Green India'.India is a very joyful country and the country itself is peaceful and joyful as well,the people also live in peace and equally,but certain things can be fixed to make india a better place which i will discuss below
A hygienic body creates a higiene mind and fresh mind,that helps us concentrating in our education , slum areas and slum people should be well lokked over and the people should also be given education so that poverty doesnt overtook our country
Regarding resources,careless use of our resources like tress cutting and clearing forests should be well managed as this resources are limited,we should provide awareness to prevent wastage use of this resources for the use of our next generation .
Department regarding cleanliness should take proper measures to prevent our city from getting called 'A dirty country'

Priyasha 10 hours 22 minutes ago

Beach cleaning or clean-up is the process of removing solid litter, dense chemicals, and organic debris deposited on a beach or coastline by the tide, local visitors, or tourists. Humans pollute beaches with materials such as plastic bottles and bags, plastic straws, fishing gear, cigarette filters, Six pack rings, Surgical mask and many other items that often lead to environmental degradation.[1] Every year hundreds of thousands of volunteers comb beaches and coastlines around the world to clean this debris. These materials are also called “marine debris” or "marine pollution" and their quantity has been increasing due to anthropocentric activities.[2]

A dirty beach in Bombay, India

Showing a Mechanical Beach Cleaning with tractor at

sushma singh 12 hours 56 minutes ago

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