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Last Date Mar 15,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Recently, the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the webinar on effective implementation of the Union Budget provisions in the defence sector. During his ...

Recently, the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the webinar on effective implementation of the Union Budget provisions in the defence sector. During his address, the Prime Minister said that the webinar was of great significance as it focused on the important issue of making the country’s defence sector self-reliant.

The Prime Minister said that the defence corridors that are being built in the country today would also help local entrepreneurs and local manufacturing. That is, today, self-sufficiency in our defence sector has to be seen as the empowerment of these two fronts – “Jawan as well as Youth”.

The key announcements in the Union Budget related to Defence Sector are as follows and we seek ideas and suggestions from the public and other stakeholders on the same:
• Budgeted expenditure for capital outlay in defence increased by approx. 19%, highest in 15 years
• Disinvestment aimed in the sector to increase opportunities for private players
• Reduction in customs duty rates to nil for import of parts by public sector units (under Ministry of Defence) for manufacturing of aircrafts and parts

Last date of submission is 15th March 2021

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Gaganpal Singh 41 minutes 35 sec ago

The government in the defense sector should focus more on the supply of food and sufficient weapons so that they can face any difficult situation easily in a very straightforward way

Ashutosh anand 5 hours 26 minutes ago

the government more focus on technology and weapons for defence sector and government should contruct roads for an soldiers because sometimes they felt problem in petroling

Suresh Surendran 7 hours 16 minutes ago

In Kerala Lot of highly skilled professionals retiring from defense sector, ISRO, CDAC and DRDL etc.
From1980 professionals started migrating from Kerala, now they are coming back to India
India has to use their skill , they want to work somewhere , Kerala required
Industrial land , to start something,

palashjayendrasinhkhandel 8 hours 13 minutes ago

i think we have to grow plant of making weapons in india with the motto of "MAKE IN INDIA".we have to do MOU with other countries company and grow thier technology in india. we have to make own indian weapons to make our army powerful. and i think some low post army officer have some big monetry benefits to inspire the youth to became or join in indian armed forces.

mahesh biyani 8 hours 30 minutes ago

with remote controlled weapons , does India need forces in crores paid by Hindu $$ with OROP 4 life. what r hindus getting in return ? Love jihads, Riots regular encounters mewat, old hyderabad , owasis tablighi jamaat bengal/kerala wiping out hindus ? Is it worth it ? Look at israel & defence contribution to GD R&D , employment, export, security v/s spend . y can't Indian pensioners be a force multiplier, compulsory 2 hrs duty & 24*7 availability in all masjids riot & border areas .

chandan kumar singh 10 hours 9 minutes ago

मैं एक आम नागरिक बोल रहा हूं पहले से ही भारत में पेट्रोल के दाम बढ़ने से आम नागरिक परेशान है जिससे कि भारत में वस्तुओं की दाम बढ़ गया है तथा विभिन्न क्षेत्रों का निजीकरण करने से अन्य सेवाओं भी महंगी हो गई है जैसे कि रेलवे का प्लेटफार्म अब 50 में मिलता है बैंकिंग सेवाएं भी निजीकरण के कारण महंगी हो जाएंगी वैसे ही जीवन जीना मुश्किल था अब निजीकरण के कारण और महंगी हो जाएंगी कोरना काल में वैसे ही परेशानी अधिक है निजी करण के कारण शिक्षा स्वास्थ्य रेलवे तथा बैंकिंग सेवाएं महंगी जाएंगे, लोकतंत्र हित न

Alok Kamat 11 hours 37 minutes ago

I dislike nil customs duty for importing parts, why not support local manufacturing instead? It may require larger initial financial support, but is better in long term to develop local expertise.

At least push for technology transfer if currently the PSUs need to import parts, and convince Indian companies to work on indigenous production.

Alok Kamat 11 hours 41 minutes ago

We have even 4th gen+ fighter tech, HAL could do JV for small commercial aircraft with local companies to create a foundation for aeronautics mfg while adding a revenue stream. Crop dusters, geo mapping, traffic monitoring, air ambulance, aerial tourism are some use cases that also have an export market.

If any nuts & bolts, or other parts are common to Tejas, then commercial manufacturing scale could also bring down their cost considerably.

Chowkidar Nasset Chingmak Chang 11 hours 52 minutes ago

Earlier, we wrote to mygovindia the same. Today as well the same question arises. Why the Government of India fail to focus on road sector in border areas where our jawans convoy are facing problems during the summer.

This is the first most priority on defense sector.