Let's Thank Our Healthcare Workers

Let's Thank Our Healthcare Workers
Last Date Dec 31,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

What the world witnessed in the form of the COVID-19 crisis was beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. Though the world beheld chaos unfolds before its eyes in starting 2020, it also ...

What the world witnessed in the form of the COVID-19 crisis was beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. Though the world beheld chaos unfolds before its eyes in starting 2020, it also saw the unprecedented courage, service, and sacrifice of our doctors, nurses & frontline workers during these tough times.

As the second wave of COVID-19 once again tests India's strength & dedication in defeating this virus, we cannot thank our true COVID warriors enough for their spirit, fearlessness, and resolve.

Doctors, nurses & frontline workers have isolated themselves away from their families & have been working day and night to battle all the atrocities of the raging pandemic.

But are we doing enough for them?
The least we can do is make their jobs easier by following COVID Appropriate Behaviour& take out our time to say a heartfelt thank you. Let's make them feel valued. Let’s tell them that they are appreciated every day, but also especially during this unprecedented time, we are all facing together. Let’s hail the selfless work done by the medical professionals in India in dealing with the virus.

Though Thank you might sound like a small word against the momentous task they have undertaken, yet let’s make a small start. Join the Thank You Healthcare Workers Initiative & share your message to encourage them to move on to this difficult task of saving the lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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ABHISHEK GUPTA 3 minutes 40 sec ago

I want to tell the whole countrymen that they must get the vaccine of covid-19
Just as we all get vaccinated to avoid polio so that all of us can avoid polio infection, in the same way we must get vaccinated to avoid corona infection so that all of us can avoid corona infection and others. Also stay away from rumors get the vaccine done
Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who have always been in the service of all of us regardless of themselves and our families, I bow to them very much.

ABHISHEK GUPTA 6 minutes 54 sec ago

मैं पूरे देशवासियों से यह कहना चाहता हूं कि कोविड-19 का टीका अवश्य लगवाएं
जिस प्रकार हम सभी लोग पोलियो से बचने के लिए टीका लगवाते है जिससे हम सभी लोग पोलियो के संक्रमण से बच सकें ठीक उसी प्रकार हमें कोरोना संक्रमण से बचने के लिए हमें टीका जरूर लगवाना चाहिए जिससे हम सभी लोग कोरोना संक्रमण से बच सकें अफवाहों से दूर रहें वैक्सीन जरूर लगवाएं
उन सभी डाक्टरों और नर्सों के लिए धन्यवाद जो हमें अपनी और अपने परिवार की परवाह किए बिना हम सभी लोगों की सेवा में हमेशा तात्पर्य रहे.. 🙏🙏

PRATIK SHARMA 48 minutes 7 sec ago

It is really hard to bind them in words for the efforts & sacrifices that they have made for the nation.Many of them were affected whiling serving for the nation.Without thinking for their own health & family,They worked with limited support & facilities. they tried their best to save our life.
Their contribution in this pandemic phase will always be remember.
We whole heartly Salute our Healthcare Heros of the COVID Pandemic for serving more than 135crore family.

Randhir Singh 1 hour 56 minutes ago

We wish to convey our gratitude to Doctors, Nursing Staff, Laboratory assistants and all other supporting staff in Hospitals . Their timely efforts have saved many precious lives. Some of them have even worked day and night without any break.

We Salute you

jyoti 4 hours 10 minutes ago

doctor Bhagwan ka hi dusra Roop hote hain Modi ji doctoron ka Hosla Badhai aur Desh Mein jitne bhi doctor Hain unke Samman Mein Do Shabd Kahen Kyunki unhone Apni Jaan Ki Baji lagakar is Mushkil Samay Mein desh ki Raksha Ki Hai thank you doctors and thank you Modi👍👍👍👍

Vijayanti jain 5 hours 10 minutes ago

Thank you health workers for giving your valuable services in the time of pandemic . We salute you for your dedication and hard work.

Mayank Sodha 5 hours 45 minutes ago

With limited resources Healthcare worker have done immense contribution in Covid times. We can never forget their dedication, life everything they gave for people and country. Words fall short to write for them

NITHYANANDAN 6 hours 7 minutes ago

Health Workers are great In coivd 19 all who worked and many lost their life and their service to Man Kind is Gratest of Great wearing full covered Clothes... I Salute them a lot who worked as long as 12 to 16 hours in emergency days their remarkable work should be appreciated by the State and Central Government and Government should a Boost of monetary reward in long run.....congrats doctors your patience was great.

PayalPandey 6 hours 49 minutes ago

Thanks to all doctors and nurses who provide us a healthcare first of us without caring about themselves and their family they are humans but their works are more than a god's work