Inviting suggestions on the draft National Electricity Policy (NEP) 2021

Last Date May 15,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Under Section 3 (3) of the Electricity Act, 2003, the Central Government may, from time to time, in consultation with the State Governments and the Central Electricity Authority, ...

Under Section 3 (3) of the Electricity Act, 2003, the Central Government may, from time to time, in consultation with the State Governments and the Central Electricity Authority, review or revise, the National Electricity Policy. In compliance of section 3 of the Electricity Act 2003, the Government of India had notified the National Electricity Policy on 12th February 2005.

2. According to Section 66 of the Electricity Act “the Appropriate Commission shall endeavor to promote the development of a market (including trading) in power in such manner as may be specified and shall be guided by the National Electricity Policy”.

3. The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) and State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERCs), in the discharge of their functions, shall be guided by the National Electricity Policy under Section 79 and Section 86 of the Electricity Act, respectively.

4. In this regard, it is informed that the Ministry of Power vide Order dated 12.04.2021 has constituted an Expert Committee under the chairmanship of Shri Gireesh Pradhan, Ex-Chairperson, CERC to prepare and recommend National Electricity Policy (NEP), 2021 (copy enclosed). The Expert Committee is required to submit its suggested draft NEP 2021 within two months.

5. The National Electricity Policy, 2021 needs to play an important role in deciding the future of the power sector with renewed reform measures for the economic growth of the country. The main focus is expected to be on decarbonization, power market development, distributed generation in view of rooftop solar and other reliable new technology, etc. The policy may be consumer centric i.e., giving choice to consumers, better services, reliable and quality power, etc. Security of supply, cybersecurity, resilience in the power sector in view of the disasters management, securing supply to all consumers but in particular, all the essential loads in the event of any crisis, etc. are others areas of importance.

6. The suggestions of the various stakeholders including State Governments, Financial Institutions, Industries, consumers, etc. are very important for the future of the power sector. It is requested to submit your brief suggestions along with the suggested specific formulations, which you feel that need to be incorporated in the NEP 2021, in around 1000 words on the MyGov portal.

Click Here to read the draft National Electricity Policy (NEP) 2021.

The last date for submission is 15th May 2021.

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janendra gupta 1 hour 4 minutes ago

माननीय मोदी जी से मेरा एक नम्र निवेदन है कि इस महामारी के दौरान जब पूरे देश में लॉक डाउन हैं तब सरकार को जनता को कुछ रियायत देनी चाहिए इसके लिए सरकार को विद्युत कंपनियों से कहना चाइए के वह आम जनता इस्पीरियड का आधा बिल लेना चाहिए धन्यवाद जय हिन्द

Dr Ratna Srivastava 1 hour 54 minutes ago

विद्युत की उपलब्धता से अधिक खर्च है।विद्युत कनेक्शन क्षमता में सुधार जरुरी है।सरकारी कार्यालयों में सोलर एनर्जी से बिजलीआपूर्ति की व्यवस्था हो एवं दुरुपयोग से बचाने के लिए कार्यालयों में विद्युत रक्षक की नियुक्ति की जाय।सड़कों के किनारे दिन में भी बिजली जलते रहते हैं।
सुझाव है कि जो सप्लाई करता है वैसे ही ऑफ भी करें।
पावर हाउस की क्षमतानुसार विद्युत कनेक्शन हो।
मोबाईल की तरह पोस्टपेडऔर प्रीपेड बिल पेमेंट की सुविधा हो।
ऐप के माध्यम से लाभुकअपने मीटर को जोड़ेऔर स्वयं भी रीडिंग चेक कर पेमेंट करे।

Basharat gul 4 hours 32 minutes ago

I want to say that
first we have to take pledge of saving electricity because by saving electricity we can save also water by this both serious crisis of electricity and water may be little lesser

nr hariharan 5 hours 43 minutes ago

The power generating cos and also power distribution companies are always facing financial problems and i fail to understand what logic it is to give free electricity to people when it costs the companies to generate power.
my suggestions is to have prepaid system of electricity ,and whichever govt wants to give free electricity ,should pre pay on behalf of consumers to the power distribution companies.

GURUSANKARAN L 6 hours 53 minutes ago

In new policy will provide a good head and co ordinator will must. This l policy will give to mor work to youngsters in this field.

Naman Gupta 7 hours 25 minutes ago

Namaskar Modi Ji , I have to give a suggestion on Electricity that a tagline is ' Save Electricity Save Water And To Save Earth ' .
It means that when we have to save electricity then water is also saved and then Our Earth And Our Lives Is also saved.

Pintu kumar yadav 7 hours 25 minutes ago

yah Narendra Modi se ham yah kahana chahte Hain ki solar plant ka jald se jald karvaye jisse sabhi state mein solar plant ka yaar kara karke solar se Bijli utpadan karke a sabhi Raja Ko solar plant se bijali punya ja sake aur is bijali ka yog Sahi mahine mein ho sake jiske liye ka upyog mahatvpurn ka ki aur se nibhaya ja sake kisi tarike se hamare jivan Mein bijali ka kam hoga se hamare Jeevan Ko ek Naya jeene ka rasta milega solar plant lagwane se aur usne berojgar Yuva ki naukari ki ja sake is

L Bhaskara Rao 7 hours 26 minutes ago

Any hardware or software not to be used in any electrical installations throught the country. The ministry may issue notification on this officially.
indigenous or alternative options to be initiated with immediate effect

Pintu kumar yadav 7 hours 27 minutes ago

pm Narendra Modi se hamen kahana hai ki jitna jald sambhav ho sake utna hamare Desh Mein sabhi rajya ko bijali ko ka fark karne kam karne ke liye solar plant ka ka taiyari kaarvayi jaaye vishay ki bijali ki khapat kam Kiya ja sake aur jivan Mein bijali ko ek mahatvpurn yogdan mil sake John ki hamare Jeevan mein aane wale bacchon ke liye billi ka bahut mahatvpurn yogdan hai aajkal log bijali bewajah ke Karan bijali khapat karti hai isliye 16 ka upyog kiya jaaye tabhi bijali bakhsh katega aur pila