Inviting suggestions on the draft Bluebook on Mentoring

Inviting suggestions on the draft Bluebook on Mentoring
Start Date :
Nov 12, 2021
Last Date :
Dec 03, 2021
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

A National Mission on Mentoring (NMM) offers individuals to engage in the processes of learning under an experienced professional. To accomplish this goal a large pool of senior/ ...

A National Mission on Mentoring (NMM) offers individuals to engage in the processes of learning under an experienced professional. To accomplish this goal a large pool of senior/ retired faculty can be selected as potential mentors for mentees. The selected mentors would be utilized for the specific purpose of mentoring students, teachers and school leaders. This would provide an opportunity to network with experts, engage in forums to exchange 'earnings, best practices and disseminate findings across various domains.

A structure of mentoring, therefore, offers a solution to address the existing gaps in decentralized manner. To regulate the functioning of NMM at each level of education structure, different stakeholders/ actors interact with each other to achieve a common goal towards improving the acquisition and transfer of knowledge, skills and mindsets. The main objective is to improve school education system through enhanced leadership in education. This can be achieved through the incorporation of large scale, decentralized technology assisted mentoring structure at different level of education system.

In this regard, a draft document on NMM titled as "Bluebook on Mentoring" has been placed in public domain on 03.11.2021, as a set of guidelines towards creation of a document and platform for National Mission for Mentoring.

NCTE invites inputs, suggestions and feedback on the draft document "Bluebook on Mentoring" from all stakeholders.

Click here to read "Bluebook on Mentoring"

The last date to receive suggestions/inputs is 03/12/2021

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Hansa patidar 1 hour 7 minutes ago

डिजिटल इंडिया...
ब्लू बुक मे टीचर को सबसे पहले स्थान मिलना चाहिए जो शिक्षक योग्य हो... नवाचारी हो..
उनकी प्रतिभा को ऊर्जा प्रदान कर उनका हौसला बढ़ाया जाना चाहिए।
ताकी और शिक्षक को भी प्रेरणा मिले...

Susanta Kumar Pattnaik 4 hours 1 min ago

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ABHAY KUMAR 5 hours 29 minutes ago

When MyGov app staff work so carelessly what can we expect from the government. I keep writing on this app and am now categorized as Change maker5. I received a call first from a lady Vishakha +91 83830 37281 to confirm my seminar participation on 4-12-2021 at India habitat centre, New Delhi, then I got call from Mr.Verma +91 97178 07072 to confirm and then they gave me number of Mr.Abhinav +91 99719 72101 who later told me that my name is dropped. God save our country

Kailas Rohidas Pawar 6 hours 41 minutes ago

our country is Ancient Agriculture country and Innovation and researcher country but this sector we are not aware about how much boost of our economy ?? It fill unemployment and any more thing ,it having highest agro base business to export whole word but it serious need to research any one and innovation and their qualification ,of degree etc.the overal pg degree research who having researching whole life in research give respect and salary ,company,word supplier of agri product

SUTHAHAR P 10 hours 49 minutes ago

As the focus of mentorship is to develop the whole person, the techniques used are broad and require wisdom to be appropriately used. A 1995 study of mentoring techniques most commonly used in business found that the five most commonly used techniques among mentors were:


SUTHAHAR P 10 hours 51 minutes ago

Successful mentoring relationships go through four phases: preparation, negotiating, enabling growth, and closure. These sequential phases build on each other and vary in length. In each phase, there are specific steps and strategies that lead to mentoring excellence.

SUTHAHAR P 10 hours 51 minutes ago

Mentorship is the influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor. In an organizational setting, a mentor influences the personal and professional growth of a mentee. Most traditional mentorships involve having senior employees mentor more junior employees, but mentors do not necessarily have to be more senior than the people they mentor. What matters is that mentors have experience that others can learn from.

Vipin Chandra 12 hours 16 minutes ago

To become a father of children is too easy but not to become a good daddy as the same apply in mentoring as well. We have to build the next generation of the land in a manner that they could learn how to accept the defeat and realise the meaning of defeat at tender age.Today we are lacking with two major steps to accommodate a dignified future with self, which never fails. Sporting activities are vanishing day after day and sprawling campuses were not able to attract the majority of teen ages.

harpreet singh Anand 23 hours 39 minutes ago

suggestions on Draft blue book on mentoring by national mission on mentoring is nice initiative for growth of country..Growth of country depends upon its work and how it operates throughout its entire community. suggestions is very important aspects for growth of any business and we should contribute our best suggestions for betterment of people of country. mentoring is very important for aatmanirbhar bharat abhiyaan and other activities that have good implications for betterment of people of In