Inviting Ideas on Innovation in Fertilizer Sector

Inviting Ideas on Innovation in Fertilizer Sector
Start Date :
Jan 15, 2023
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Feb 14, 2023
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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Nano Urea has been provisionally included in Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) 1985. In the preliminary trials, Nano-urea spray on different crops gave comparable yields to those ...

Nano Urea has been provisionally included in Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) 1985. In the preliminary trials, Nano-urea spray on different crops gave comparable yields to those obtained under fully recommended doses of fertilizers, with savings on top-dressed nitrogen.

Nano Fertilizers hold great promise for application in plant nutrition because of their size-dependent qualities, high surface-to-volume ratio, and unique optical properties. Nano Fertilizer releases plant nutrients in a controlled manner, contributing to higher nutrient use efficiency.

In this context, participate & send your ideas regarding innovations in the Fertilizer Sector, which can help increase farmers’ income.

Last date of submission is 14th February 2023.

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Mayur Narayan Pawar 9 months 3 weeks ago

खेतो मे रासायनिक खत का ज्यादा उपयोग करने से फसल नुकसान भी होता है|केमिकल युक्त दवाई का उपयोग कम करके सेद्रिय खत ज्यादा उपयोगी होना चाहिये ज्यादा युरिया से भी मिट्टी को नुकसान पोचता हैं|जमीन की पोत निकल जाती है|

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Akansha Sood 9 months 3 weeks ago

Natural Organic Eco Fertilizers Such As -
Mango Leaves
(Aam Ka Pata)
Tulsi Leaves
(Tulsi Mata Ka Pata)
Coffee Grounds
Banana Peels And Leaves
(kele Ka Pata Aur Kela)
Cow Dung
(Gau Mata Ka Gobar)

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AMBIKA DAS T 9 months 3 weeks ago

Using biological control in place of pesticides and insecticides and using vermi-composting , by segregation biodegradable waste and composting it properly and making use of it can reduce pollution and can increase humus content. Even tea leaves can be used for bringing about desirable chance in the flowering pattern shows that we can make use of the fertilizerd in required quantity will yield desired result. My Experiential Learning Epigenitics Experiment on Character building and Role of Environment) and ( 131.My Exptl Lrng : CHARACTER BUILDING -1Role of Environment in pl do COMMENT coZ we WANT to GROW)

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ASHUTOSH 9 months 3 weeks ago

नैनो यूरिया के प्रयोग से मिट्टी की उर्वरता क्षीण नहीं होती है। यह सीधे पौधों पर डाली जाती है जिससे पोषक तत्व पत्तों के द्वारा पौधों में सीधे पहुंच जाता है। यह सस्ता भी पड़ता है। कृषि विस्तार शिक्षा द्वारा किसानों के बीच इसके व्यापक प्रचार प्रसार की आवश्यकता है।

kunal kishore_11
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kunal kishore 9 months 3 weeks ago

Fertilizer sector is an important sector for growth of agriculture innovation is a need and demand of time.
1 waste material of green vegetable and fruits is a big source of is waste in our country.
2 Financial incentive given for develop new innovation in fertilizer sector.
3 Fertilizer innovation centre should be develop in different area according to their nature.
4 Gobar is a big source of fertilizer .more research should be on their best outcome.
5 Green fertilizer should be a big source of fertilizer to fulfill present demand.

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RUPESHSHETTY 9 months 3 weeks ago

Innovation in Fertilizer Section will be possible if we as a citizen of india take it religiously. Good Fertiliser Good Crops Good Thoughts

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JAWAHAR LAL MEHTA 9 months 3 weeks ago

1.With Post office Banking started- DBT the ßubsidy t5o farmers on holding.
2 The Cos. should go door to door & sell.
3.Above will reduce Wastage, Recycling,under/ Overrepprting

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Murali G B 9 months 3 weeks ago

In ECO system Decomposers role is inevitable because they have to digest dead producers, consumers and their excreta to recharge the ground with nutrients. In Hindu mythology shiva is the replica of decomposer. Since microbes can't be seen with naked eyes so also shiva don't have human face only brahma and Vishnu were given human face. Cattles are close to us, we consume their milk, humans should observe them to protect or safeguard themselves from diseases spreading out of digestion processes of microbes(watch Nandhi in front of shiva). Plastic petroleum products stuck in Shiva's throat see how nicely predicted & depicted isn't it? Increase in population has changed/minimised this natural cycle, invited fertilisers to meet the demands. We bypassed one step in between ie categorising of microbes helping the composting process and creating awareness. Individual farmers can't afford to do all microscopic tests, cooperativesocieties or government should help. Can we take up this issue?