Celebrating Creativity in Science

Celebrating Creativity in Science
Start Date :
Dec 10, 2021
Last Date :
Mar 31, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

About IISF 2021 ...

About IISF 2021

India International Science Festival (IISF) is an initiative of Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Earth Science of Government of India in association with Vijnana Bharati which is a science movement with swadeshi spirit lead by eminent scientists of the country.

The main purpose of IISF is the celebration of science . Engagement of common people with science in a joyful and entertaining manner is essential for the healthy, prosperous and meaningful life. Through its creative programs and activities, IISF provides opportunities to people and scientific fraternity in the country and abroad to come together, work together and experience the joy of doing science for the wellbeing of India and humanity

IISF Vision

Promotion of Creativity in Science, Technology and Innovation for Prosperous India

Mission IISF

To engage creative and imaginative minds in India and across the globe to celebrate science through various programs and activities connected to the five pillars of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

To know more about IISF 2021 https://scienceindiafest.org/

The last date to share your ideas and suggestions is 31st March, 2022

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MD YASEEN KHAN 15 minutes 19 sec ago

Scientific creativity requaired motivation an access to a bodyof systematic knowledge an ability to correct ly formulated research problems and to define a comprehensive problem space. Creativity is a new idea.

AnushaChoppala 1 hour 16 minutes ago

we should have science lab if we have physics lab like libraries then kids or youth instead of playing in mobiles, systems they spend time in physics lab and gain knowledge.

AseemGupta 2 hours 3 minutes ago

This modern era of fast paced development is due to the engagement of innovative minds in the field of science which ultimately results in BIRTH OF TECHNOLOGY. In order to make common people to know more about science government can perform a crucial role. e.g.1By arranging trips of school going students to their nearby mills,factories, newspaper centre's,zoos etc this will educate them about how different machines work and they will be able to grasp new things easily.
2.By promoting TV channels or launching TV channels which are science oriented
3.Moreover, session on science can be done in every village once a week so that every citizen can ,now about new developments in the field of science.
4. Programs on space,galaxies etc are liked by youth because this makes them excited about the mysteries if thus universe which can be encouraged.
5.Sciencs Olympiads and science based competitions in schools should be encouraged.
6Every newspaper should have column about new discoveries.

kunal kishore 3 hours 53 minutes ago

Science means to search new thing and express in front of people with practical example related to human being.
1 Indian science is totally based on logic and scientific calculation.
2 our science is totally focused on enternal and spiritual power of human being.
3 Indian science should be based on system oriented activity.
4 It is easily available and without and money expense.

SantoshKumarSingh 4 hours 56 minutes ago

Science is an important boon for humans.
• We cannot imagine the development of life without science.
• We citizens of our country should turn our children towards science and teach them to do farming in a scientific way, explain the importance of science, explain why science is important to us.
• Make them aware that there is science in every part of life.
• If you want to fly high in life, then work in a scientific way.
• science is the key of every problem
Such as - satellite
singing device etc are examples of science.

Sunvee Koul 6 hours 30 minutes ago

Science retains its technological identity only when it has developed creativity. There should be a policy change while developing a National level curriculum. for senior secondary and above each science class should have 50% practical credits and more laboratory hours than the theory part. Science teachers should have a compulsory task of laboratory research and at least one publication in science during one academic year in which students shall be made part of these research projects and programmes. Intra school (inter house), interschool, inter zone etc. science project competition should be the essential requirement of every student to complete his/ her course. Research awards for teachers should be introduced as an motivational tool and encouragement on zonal basis. If such steps are taken we can develop young child scientists in each school and creative (the actual science) shall flourish in our country. our little scholars have great scientific ideas which need to be chanalized.